If you’ve been a Bumfuzzler for long enough, you’ll have noticed people sometimes have tags next to their names like [Archer] or [Assassin] or [Lumberjack]. These titles mean that those people have topped the leader boards (access the leader boards using /pc) in some area of game play. Well up until now, being on top didn’t get you anything. Now it does!

I’ve added a kit for each of the following leader board categories to reward those who excel at being a Bumfuzzlering Bumfuzzler! Simply type /kit and choose the associated kit from the list!

Here are the categories.

  • Players killed [Murderer]
  • PVP Kill distance [Sniper]
  • Blade kills [Swordsman]
  • Melee kills [Fighter]
  • Revolver kills [Gunslinger]
  • PVE Kill distance [Deadshot]
  • Bow kills [Archer]
  • Headshots [Assassin]
  • Rockets fired [Rocketeer]
  • Structures repaired [Handyman]
  • Structures built [Architect]
  • Wood gathered [Lumberjack]
  • Plants Gathered [Farmer]
  • Ore gathered [Miner]
  • Weapons crafted [Gunsmith]
  • Animal kills [Hunter]
  • Clothes crafted [Tailor]
  • Explosives thrown [Bomb-tech]
  • Players healed [Medic]

If you’re leading in any of those categories, type /kit and collect your reward! Enjoy the goodies! 🙂

Keep in mind, the player challenges reset each wipe!