Bumfuzzlernilla provides a new, unique experience that extends the game of Rust while maintaining that vanilla feel. Carefully with crafted custom modifications, Bumfuzzlernilla uses an approach that will ensure you’ll enjoy your play time to the max!

“I’ve never played on a server like this one, and the community welcomed me!” – ironGrandy

Very original server configuration with a Vanilla feel
ϟ Unique custom mods like Raid Sympathy & Fireworks add flavor ϟ
Instant favorite, playing elsewhere becomes impossible 
Playing here will make you happy! Be Happy! Join and fun!

Firework Displays Raid Sympathy Elevators  Death Notes Gather Leveling  Buried Treasure  Meteor Showers SuperHeli  Crafting Auto-Skins  And so much more you wouldn’t believe!

Starter (Automatic Access)

From the first time you join, you’ll have access to all of these plugins automatically.

  • Santa spawns presents and fills stockings for all the good Bumfuzzlers.
  • Kill messages announce to the server your kill, weapon used and distance
  • Fireworks displays at night drop various loot at random monuments
  • Fuel up & go on a road trip with up to three friends (/flipcar)
  • Build elevators for fast access to all your floors, even give floors permissions (/newlift)
  • Increase your gathering skills with a graphical gather ranking interface (/stats)
  • Receive sympathy when you’re raided and get back some resources (/sympathy)
  • Treasure maps lead to buried treasure, gold coins are used in the store (/trasurehelp)

VIP (Paid Access) – Coming Soon

For an extremely small fee, you can get access to all of the features below. Click here for more information.

  • Spruce up your base with your own style by adding any image onto your signs (/sil)
  • Never worry if the door was closed behind you again with timers for doors so they close automatically (/ad 5)
  • Signing off and wondering if you left your doors open is a thing of the past. Closes doors automatically on sign off (/ofd)
  • Swinging door frustration is real, change them into sliding doors and quickly maneuver around your base (/sdoor)
  • Style yourself by changing the skins for weapons, clothes, doors and more without buying them (/skinbox)
  • Automatically split resources into equal stacks when placing in furnaces for faster burning
  • Save your code so locks can be placed automatically without fuss and save tons of time  (/codelock)
  • No more waiting in queue, connect and automatically bypass the join queue