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Bumfuzzlertopia Experience Rust Differently. Re-imagined. Tue, 17 Sep 2019 12:00:13 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Bumfuzzlertopia 32 32 Flight, Light, Power Tue, 17 Sep 2019 12:00:13 +0000 Hey Bumfuzzlers! This week’s installment brings Earl improvements, air superiority balancing, skull-crushing goodness, changes to Zombie AI, wounded SuperHeli loot, the in-game store SuperHeli kill changes, electricity generation increases, Tesla coil traps, wiring improvements, crafting menu upgrades, and an upcoming wipe! Read on!

Prestige Howling

Well, I thought it was cool, but people seemed to complain about it. Especially new players who believe they’re getting attacked by a wolf.

I’ve disabled the howling sound effect when earning new levels of Prestige (/loyalty)

Earl Talks

As we’ll see in the coming years, bots are not always perfect lol

Sometimes Earl says the unexpected or doesn’t respond when you need him.

I’ve tinkered with his floseywhatsis and his jinkerboard so I think he’ll be better behaved now, but I can’t promise anything. He think he’s a real person sometimes.

I’ve added some general responses to help point vague questioners into the right direction and hopefully the odd unexpected and unrelated responses are reduced.

For instance, type !raid and it will help you find a more specific topic. As you ask questions, he’ll improve.

Air Superiority

The mini-copters are fairly powerful. For the most part, they allow for complete dominance over all aspects of the world.

IMO, this is a major issue with game balance and that became worse after SAM Sites started requiring electricity.

The last update, I made SAM Sites and its ammo available in loot and I also lowered the rarity so it’s more available. This time around I’m making a few other tweaks.

SAM Loot

  • You’ll now find SAM Sites one at a time, instead of in bunches of 1 to 3.
  • You’ll now find SAM Site rockets in bunches of 1 to 15 instead of 1 to 5.

This should make the amount of SAM Sites a bit more reasonable while ensuring they won’t run out of ammo too quick.


I added SAM Sites to the following monuments to ensure mini-copter pilots aren’t flying their way around certain challenges – like climbing the Dome.

  • Dome
  • Large Oil Rig
  • Small Oil Rig
  • Powerplant
  • Trainyard
  • Water Treatment

Cupboard Protection

Facepunch is sometimes strange. They think it’s ok for you to get shot down by your own SAM Site. I don’t.ย Now, if you’re authorized on the building where the SAM Site is kept, you will no longer get shot down by your own defense systems.

The balance of land vs. air will be something that goes on for a while, but hopefully, this brings things more in line.

Electric Boogaloo

It’s about time I started fiddling with electricity – now that you need it for so many things, especially base defenses.

I’ve made a couple of changes:

  • I’ve upped the Max Output for Solar Panels, Batteries, Small Generator and Windmill by 50%.
  • I’ve upped the Max Capacity for Batteries by 50%

This should give you a lot more bang for your buck when it comes to pimping out your base and it’ll set you up for what’s to come in upcoming updates.

Skull ‘Modification’

Crushing the occasional skull is a cartload of humiliating fun, but can we improve the experience? I think so.

Now, you should see random messages when crushing other players skulls which should make the ritual a bit more satisfying! It may also draw out the process where crushers don’t just run through all their skulls in one mega-click. Now, the process will be savored like a fine wine.

Thanks to Matt and Doge for pointing out the uncrushable skull issue.

Scarecrow Zambies

Facepunch uses two different types of NPC AI – the Murderer and the Scarecrow.

The Scarecrow is the one they rolled out last for Halloween that threw grenades and sometimes wielded a chainsaw. It had much better navigation in the world, could follow players better and was a bit scarier to deal with.

I’ve switched the zambies over to Scarecrow AI from Murderer in hopes they’ll be more formidable. This only affects the way they move so they should mostly act the same. I’m hoping in the future to mix and match zambies so that some do toss grenades and wield chainsaws while others simply roam.

Thanks Matt for the feedback on the zambies walking backward.

Wounded SuperHeli

Every once in a while, the SuperHeli blows a gasket and crashes into the ground like a sack of potatoes to leave behind its faithful pilot lying in agony awaiting some valiant player to take his belongings.

After a review, I noticed the pilot’s loot, for some odd reason, included both an LR-300 Assault Rifle and an MP5A4. This was not expected!

I’ve now reduced the loot, but that doesn’t mean he won’t use an LR to greet you ๐Ÿ™‚

SuperHeli Kill

If the SuperHeli is annoying and you have the cash, you can summon the Rust gods to strike the chopper out of the sky.

Thing is, it appears that doing this simply despawned the SuperHeli which feels weird and isn’t quite as satisfying.

Now the SuperHheli should actually crash.

Thanks Matt, Howdy, and Kate for the feedback.

New Light

There’s a light, called the simple light, that surprisingly never made it into the loot for some reason.

I’ve now added it into the general loot and also added several into the Electricity Dream Package you can purchase in the Shop to support the server.

You can find them in the same places as Ceiling Lights and they’re just as common.

Go forth and decorate your base with soft lighting and soothing colors!

Thanks for the feedback Country Chawbacon and Doc

Rust Impending

There are a few items coming to Rust, potentially in the next patch on October 3rd that you may want to know about. We’ll be getting Tesla coil traps, lots of upgrades to electrical wires, crafting menu quality of life improvements, stack split upgrades, and more!

Check out the video to learn more.

Wipe Cometh

Thursday, September 19th is the next wipe. As usual, the second wipe of the month will be the map only so blueprints and the economy will stay. Due to it not relating to a Facepunch patch, I can be more flexible in when it happens. I would expect we’ll wipe between 3 PM and 5 PM EST. It really depends on how the day shapes up for me.

As always thanks to all you Bumfuzzlers for the feedback. Keep it coming and have fun out there!



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Sam, Ban, Maam Wed, 04 Sep 2019 13:10:03 +0000 Hey Bumfuzzlers! Got some news for ya! We’ve got an extension of raid block, generator rarity changes, a respawn cooldown fix, night & resource changes, rarity reductions for everything base defense, SAM stuff joins the loot, changes in riding animals, gather rates see a slight modification, thoughts on banning players, and Thursday’s wipe comes as a new patch drops with all sorts of goodies! Read on!

Combat Block

If you’ve raided anyone lately, you know you’re going to be automatically be blocked from using certain abilities like teleporting, trading, crafting, etc. for a certain amount of time. This only related to raiding.

Now, I’m extending this idea to PVP. This means if you are damaged by any of the following situations, you’ll be blocked for a few minutes:

  • Bullet
  • Arrow
  • Blunt
  • Stab
  • Slash
  • Explosion
  • Heat
  • Electric Shock

Be careful about those gunfights! It’ll be far more dangerous now to take damage. You won’t be able to get away so easily!

Promotional Quotes

If you have something good to say about the server, please feel free!

I’ve been working on the website and I could always use nice words from players! You can see I’ve done quite a bit of work on the Testimonials page and some of you may have already been immortalized there, but I’ll probably be adding quotes on other pages as I go.

Send me whatever you have to say via Steam, Discord or even in-game! I love comments about me, but I love comments about the server even better! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks in advance!

Generator Rarity

Now with the new fuel-based generator coming to the game this wipe, I’m going to make the electric generator rarer. After all, it gives you unlimited electricity so it’s a big deal.

I’ve raised it to the highest rarity.

Don’t forget, you can get it as part of the Electricity Package in the store if you’d like to support the server and get goodies at the same time!

Respawn Cooldowns

Once a player reaches Level 26 (/loyalty), they no longer have to wait to respawn because the cooldowns are removed.

Unfortunately, up until the other day, there was an issue with this as it didn’t work for Levels 27, 28, 29 and 30. Now that’s fixed!

Thanks to AxelsAntagonist for the feedback.

Yellow Rocks

Between Z levels and Night Bonuses and the new Excavator, Sulfur has been plentiful. So I’ve decided to make some changes.
Now, the sulfur ore nodes are reduced by 25%. You’ll still get the same amount from them, but they’ll be slightly harder to find.
I’ll continue to monitor the quantifies of sulfur and see if more reduction is needed, but please let me know what you find. I’m trying to find that balance.

Raising Defenses

Given some of the changes upcoming, like auto-turrets requiring electricity, I think it’s time we made a few changes to give base owners a better chance at defending. As is, raiders already have the edge and FacePunch just keep balancing the game like they’re drunk.
I’m changing up the rarity of different base defense systems like flame turrets, auto-turrets and so on. This should help out base defenses a bit and make it slightly harder for raiders.
  • Blueprint availability
    • Auto-turret: less rare by one level
    • Flameturret: less rare by one level
    • Shotgun Trap: less rare by one level
    • SAM Rockets: now found in loot, as rare as Shotgun Traps and Flameturrets
  • Item availability
    • Auto-turret: less rare by one level
    • Shotgun Trap: less rare by one level
    • Flameturret: same rarity as Shotgun Traps
    • SAM Site: now found in loot, same rarity as Shotgun Traps and Flameturrets
    • SAM Rockets: now found in loot, same rarity as Shotgun Traps and Flameturrets

I’m expecting I may modify some of these rarities after this next wipe, but let’s see how it goes. Give me feedback.

Riding Non-Horse

A potential situation was brought to my attention about riding animals so I’ve disabled this for now. This doesn’t include horses.
This means bear, boar, and other non-horse animals won’t be rideable until I do some testing.
Thanks AxelsAntagonist for the feedback.

Gather Multipliers

Resources are certainly not something people are short of these days so I decided to make some very slight tweaks.
I’ve made very very slight tweaks to the following:
  • Slightly lowered Z Level points per hit at night
  • Slightly lowered Z Level gather multiplier at night
  • Slightly lowered the Z Level gather multiplier overall

I doubt you’ll notice the effects so much as they will probably only be seen across the entire wipe. I’m trying to find the sweet spot.

Thursday’s Update

There are a few big updates in this week’s patch like auto-turrets needing electricity and a new generator. Check out this video to keep up on what’s coming!

Banning Players

I took a poll in Discord to see how players would like to treat those who are either toxic or borderline-toxic personalities and I’m happy to report the majority of players would like to let it play out.

Up until now, I’ve only banned players who have tried to steal population for their own servers, who have tried to convince the populace to play somewhere else for their own benefit or have tried to use exploits. I’ve never banned anyone for the way they play the game.

Since I’ve run this server, I’ve seen many, many repeating cycles. The population starts low, I put in a massive effort to raise it up,ย toxic or borderline-toxic personalities show up and drive the population away – including the most loyal veteran players who tell me they’ll be back when the personalities leave. Then the cycle starts all over again and all the work I’ve done has to be re-invested.

I love the openness of Rust in that the world is determined by its players and I’d rather Rust play itself out in every situation just like the poll in Discord suggested. I think it’s important to have players you dislike since it provides that nemesis balance to the game. Unfortunately, there’s probably a line where a nemesis becomes something else.

I’ll do my very best to leave the Rust environment alone as I always have. However, if I feel someone is taking things too far, I see players leaving while suggesting that person is the reason, I hear multiple complaints about a person from multiple unrelated sources, or people say they would rather not play due to that person – I’ll warn that person and ask them to tone it down. If it continues, I’ll have no choice but to ban the person because it will directly hurt the server and its population.

I’ll probably use the following baseline to form my judgment:

  • I’m witnessing questionable over to top behavior OR
  • 2-3 unrelated players complain to me about a person and I see questionable behavior OR
  • 2-3 unrelated players have commented that they won’t play until the person leaves and I see questionable behavior

My job is not only to ensure the server runs properly and that no one is hacking or using exploits. It’s also to make sure players want to play here. I have to determine when things go too far while honoring my obligation to the game of Rust which you all want to be genuine.

I would strongly advise you all to find the balance between toxic and thin skin so I don’t have to get involved. It’s the last thing I want to do.

Upcoming Wipe

This Thursday 9/5 is a map, blueprint, currency wipe. Everyone goes back to basics and it’s a level playing ground for the next two weeks! I hope they drop the patch at a reasonable time, otherwise, I won’t be able to wipe until 8 PM EST’ish. They drop the patch typically between 3 PM and 7 PM EST. I’ll keep you all posted in Discord during the day as I can.
I wish all you Bumfuzzlers a great start and hope you have loads of fun!
Please continue to provide me with feedback so I can continue to adjust the server for the better!
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Skintopia, Gestures, Flames Wed, 28 Aug 2019 14:08:03 +0000 Hey Bumfuzzlers! We’ve got some sweet updates for ya and also upcoming Rust news that seems very interesting! We’ve got new kits for dueling, the ability to wave your hands in the air like you don’t care,ย  changes at the skin shop, craft auto-skinning is back, skinning on command, a wipe poll, horse armor, and a new helicopter! Read on!

Duel, to Death

Dueling is really amazing and if you haven’t tried it yet, you really need to. It gives you all the danger and excitement of PVP without the risk of losing your hard-earned stuff. You can join the queue and then be transported to an arena where you get a kit and go a few rounds with another player. Then you go safely back to where you were when it’s over and get your inventory back!

I made some changes to kits which should be exciting!

  • Added a Flamethrower kit
  • Fixed lack of ammo for nail gun and other kits

Thanks for feedback Doge, ExVeemon and Safe From Clintons

P.S. – At the moment it appears ExVeemon is leading the ladder with 61 wins! Nice work!

No Mic? Gesture

Facepunch added gestures and you can technically use them with console commands, but that’s no fun.

Now you can use the /gestures command to bring up the gesture wheel and play charades with your friends! ๐Ÿ™‚ You won’t see them in 1st person, but others will when they look at you.

To maximize their use, I recommend binding a key. Press F1 and in console type:

bind f “chat.say /gestures”

Thanks to CannonFodder for helping me test them out.

The Skin Barn

You can buy skins from the /skin shop and also choose default skins when crafting. It’s really sweet because it saves you time styling your stuff. What’s really nice is at higher Prestige levels (/loyalty) it gets even better.

At Level 21 (/loyalty) you earn the ability to buy skins from the skin shop for no cost. Great little perk.

Unfortunately, it was discovered that you could also sell skins in the skin shop which meant you had a cash machine exploit of epic proportions!

I’ve since disabled the ability to sell skins in the /skin shop which seems reasonable anyway. Now, it’s a one-way shop!

Thanks for the feedback Safe From Clintons

Crafting Skins

A while back, when crafting items you’d get a random skin. I didn’t realize this wasn’t working! Doh!

Now, when you craft items that support skins, you should get a random skin to ensure your base doesn’t look too plain.

Reskin Anytime

There are so many ways to skin a cat on Bumfuzzlertopia. You can use /skin shop to set default skins, you can use /skinbox to choose your skin, and you also get randomized skins on crafting. Now, you’ll have a new way!

Starting at Level 7 (/loyalty) players will have the ability to reskin the item they have selected in their hotbar or reskin the item they’re looking at by using the /reskin command. For instance, if you’re holding an AK and you type /reskin it will randomly change skins. If you look at your furnace, and type /reskin, it will randomly change skins.

I highly recommend binding a key to the command by going to the console and typing the following:

bind y “chat.say /reskin”

Change y to what key you want to use of course.

Enjoy your skinning freedom!

To Wipe or not?

Due to the 5-Thursday month and the fact that we normally wipe in 2-week intervals on the 1st and 3rd Thursday, I put up a poll in Discord to see if anyone wanted to wipe sooner for a quick 1-week cycle.

The poll clearly showed most of you wanted to extend the wipe another week and wipe on 9/5 when the next patch comes out.

However, I decided to make another poll to revote since I believe it will cause the last week to be dead which won’t benefit anyone. So I posted another poll and it seemed to go the other way.

I think it’s wise to wipe for the last week. The server is made for 2-week wipe cycles and anything longer seems a bit stale. Also, the Rust browser shows the last wipe date and players look for more freshly wiped servers to join. New player counts will fall off during this last week of the month.

Given that, we’ll do a map wipe on Thursday 8/29 if the poll numbers hold up. I’ll try my best to do it during the afternoon, but if I get busy, it’ll have to be later at night. I’ll keep everyone posted in Discord.

Coming Soon

It appears there are two major items coming to Rust in the near future that are intriguing. Horse armor and a new larger helicopter that can be flown by players?? Apparently, the helicopter will be in the next patch, but unsure about the horse armor.

As always thanks to all you Bumfuzzlers for the feedback!ย Please have fun out there and keep being awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Dodge, Arcade, Excavate Thu, 15 Aug 2019 06:18:13 +0000 Hey Bumfuzzlers! Got some great stuff for you in this installment! We’ve got changes to how airdrops get to you, a new game arcade monument, super skin dodging adjustments, no more crappy left behind loot in boxes, duelist gets incendiary, the website store goes secure, stacking gets tweaks, building size limits increase, the excavator multipliers get a changeup and the middle-month wipe cometh! Let’s get started! ๐Ÿ™‚

Duelist (Bumfuzzlertopia)

What’s great about duelist (/duel) is that you can get PVP practice without losing your life or your inventory.

Thanks to ExVeemon for asking me to add an MP5 with incendiary ammo loadout. I said heck yeah ๐Ÿ™‚

For some reason the Waterpipe Nail Gun combo ExVeemon asked me previously didn’t add properly, but that should be fixed now.

I’m always up for adding new and interesting kits for Bumfuzzlers to duel with. If you have any ideas, throw them my way!

Building Size (Bumfuzzlertopia)

We’ve long restricted building sizes to keep things sane. However,…

I’ve gone and raised the potential for building size by 33%. Enjoy creating monstrosities!

Secure Store

I finally got around to addressing the website store’s security.

I’ve enabled SSL so buying kits, packages and loyalty are now more secure than ever!

Currently, there’s a sale, which will end on September 1st, on loyalty and the warp master package!

Loyalty points are forever and unlock tons of abilities. Warp Master is a temporary buff that gives you more homes, ability to teleport to grids and a quick teleport back command! Your purchase goes directly to supporting the server and is much appreciated.

You can access the store here!

Web Design

Slowly, but surely I’m working on new web design for

My goal is to make it pretty, faster and more findable on Google, but also just change it up a bit. It’ll take some tinkering, but it’ll get there!

If something doesn’t work, or if it’s missing, let me know.

P.S. – The right sidebar is now a collapsible slide-out menu. The links for Livemap, Discord and such are still there.

Airdrops (Bumfuzzlertopia)

Gotta love airdrops! The nacho delivery is real! I made a couple of interesting changes.

Here’s what I changed:

  • I’ve lowered the airdrop crate air resistance by 20% so airdrops fall a little faster.
  • I’ve lowered plane speed by13% so it takes a little more time for the plane to drop.

This is an intriguing change since it will allow players to more easily follow a plane to its drop off, but then it will allow players to get the drops faster. Curious the outcome!

Thanks for the suggestion to change the drop speed AfricanBoogaloo.

Dodging (Bumfuzzlertopia)

I put up a poll to see what others think about the dodging element of special clothes. The setup created the possibility of players obtaining nearly 50% dodge if they play their cards right.

The poll results seem fairly wise, suggesting dodge should be lowered just a little somewhere in between 25% and where it is now and with that,ย I’ve settled on 35%. To get that 35% you’ll have to find 7 super rare clothing items and that may be challenging to do.

Thanks to ExVeemon and Howdy for the suggestion to create a poll to get opinions.

Stacking (Bumfuzzlertopia)

Unfortunately, I had to mess with stacking a bit this go around to fend off an exploit.

I changed the following:

  • Nearly all items with health bars will no longer stack.
  • Any items that have special skin perks will no longer stack.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but I have no other way to stop the exploit. I’ll be looking into it and I’m sure something will come up.ย Thanks to CannonFodder for passing along the info.

I was also able to head off another weird issue where crafting items would stack and potentially give you a fraction of what you crafted. For instance, crafting 6 AKs would give you 4 AKs. All good now.ย  Thanks to Alexandrio CrazyEyes NoC for reporting the issue.

Loot (Bumfuzzlertopia)

I’ve gone ahead and made a few changes to the loot tables.

Here’s what I changed:

  • I’ve removed items like melee weapons from elite crates to increase chances of better items
  • I’ve replaced ladder blueprint with the ladder item in all areas
  • Ladders, as items, now exist in regular crates, military crates, and underwater advanced crates
  • Added ladder hatch to advanced underwater
  • Added the Barrel Costume so you can hide in plain sight. Just duck! ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Added the Glow Eyes so you can look like a zambie
  • Loot will now refresh if someone leaves items in crates and barrels

This last one should be nice. Too many times players will leave lesser items in barrels and crates that they don’t want. Now after a bit of time, those loot containers will refresh so you don’t waste your time on what they left behind.

Thanks ExVeemon and Kirito for feedback

Excavator (Bumfuzzlertopia)

Originally I boosted the Excavator and added diesel fuel, to be available quite frequently, to the oil barrels. I’ve gone ahead and changed direction on that after I saw the resources coming out of that thing.

I’ve now lowered the Excavator multiplier from 3 to 1 during the day and then at upped it to 1.25 during the night.

I’ve left the diesel fuel in the oil barrels but upped the rarity. A much more reliable source will likely be the Junkyard, Oil rigs and at the top of the Dome. In the future, I may add the ability to trade low-grade fuel for Diesel at the outpost and up the availability in oil barrels, but we’ll see.

Either way, none of that matters much this wipe since the damn thing kept running as something was wrong with the thing’s fuel tank. I’m sure the next wipe will solve that.

Game Arcade (Bumfuzzlertopia)

For a little fun, I’ve added a new monument!

The Game Arcade is a safe zone where all you Bumfuzzlers can go to compete for the highest Chippy score!

Just look on your map (press G) for the shop indicator for it!

Great idea by ExVeemon! Thanks!


Many of you Bumfuzzlers are passionate about the server and that’s appreciated.ย  You frequently ask me what you can do to help bring people to the server.

Here’s a couple of very easy ways you can help:

Just in case you ever lose these links, I’ve created a Discord channel called Promotion where items like this will be posted for reference.

I’m also going to be working on a referral program where each wipe players get rewards for referring other players.

Wipe (Bumfuzzlertopia)

The day approaches where all you Bumfuzzlers have a fresh start!

This Thursday, the 15th, the map will be wiping. Economy and Blueprints will stay as is customary for the second wipe of the month. I’ll try to do the deed sometime in the afternoon, but if it gets busy at work, I won’t be able to do it until 7:30 – 8 pm EST. I’ll try my best!

As always I’m glad to see all you Bumfuzzlers having fun and enjoying your time on the server. Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. I truly appreciate it. Game on!

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Private, Buffs, Ranks Thu, 01 Aug 2019 02:07:59 +0000 Hey Bumfuzzlers! We’ve got some SuperHeli buffs, home setting expansion, quest corrections, loot changes, night skipping adjustments, an upcoming wipe, private message tweaks and more! Read on!

Loot Updates

I’ve made a couple of loot changes that I thought I’d give the heads up about.


  • Removed the Satchel Charge blueprint from the Underwater Basic Crate


  • Added the following items to the loot
    • Party hat
    • Frog boots
    • Five-year cake
    • Clatter helmet
    • Dragon mask
    • Chinese lantern
    • Arcade machine
    • Sickle
    • Pitchfork
    • Small electric generator
    • Mining quarry
    • Survey charge
  • Santa delivers Christmas presents and fills stockings full of goodies for special Bumfuzzlers.

Thanks for the feedback TheFireChef.

Stacking (Bumfuzzlernilla)

To make things a little simpler I made some stack changes on Bumfuzzlernilla.

Anything that would stack is now stacked 2x higher. Items that never stacked were left alone.

Private Messaging (Bumfuzzlertopia)

PMs are nice, but I’ve added a couple of extra features to enhance them a bit.

Now you’ll get an audible alert when someone private messages you and you can check the history of private messages you’ve had with another player.

Send a private message: /pm <playername> <message>
Quick reply to private message: /r <message>
Get history: /pmhistory <playername>

You’re sure to notice PMs now!

Crafting Quests (Bumfuzzlertopia)

I added a bunch of Quests (/q) related to crafting a month or two ago and then enabled instacraft shortly after. Seems they don’t go well together.

Due to instacraft, the crafting quests don’t register properly. It appears the batch crafting is what causes the issue as quests don’t have the opportunity to register the craft. That makes these quests kinda useless until I figure out a workaround.

For now, I’ve disabled the crafting quests and I’ll revisit them in the near future.

Thanks to CannonFodder for the feedback.

Authorization (Bumfuzzlertopia)

Be careful to recognize who your friends are (/fmenu) as friends may automatically have access to your code locks, cupboards, turrets and so on (/autoauth).

I’m seeing lots of players with one-sided friendships which is either due to players not realizing how this works or people are trying to get around the clan limits.

I may wipe the auto authorization data to ensure players aren’t being taken advantage of. You may have to use /autoauth after the wipe to configure the settings the way you want it.

Building Restrictions (Bumfuzzlertopia)

For a while now restrictions were in place to ensure bases didn’t get out of control. This was for a few reasons. I’ve decided to extend them slightly.

I’ve raised the limit for building items by 20%. This is not related to ‘entities’ like campfires and boxes. This is strictly related to walls, foundations, etc.

I’ll monitor performance and other situations. If all goes well I’ll continue to raise the limits over the next couple wipes.

Thanks Bungie for the feedback.

Monuments (Bumfuzzlertopia)

Due to being on vacation, I had to perform the last wipe and set up from a hotel with really crappy wireless. Some things didn’t go so well even though I had thought they did lol

I fixed both the Flag Memorial and Southern Border monuments this past Saturday when I returned. They should be working properly.

This month we see a new monument. The Flag Day Memorial has run its course. I will leave the fireworks in place all year round though.

Thanks to CannonFodder for the feedback.

Homes (Bumfuzzlertopia)

Setting homes (/home) has been somewhat limiting, but after a suggestion, I considered opening the ability up a bit.

Now, in addition to foundations, you can set a home (/sethome) on floors. This gives a little more flexibility for builders as they attempt to battle raiders!

Thanks to CannonFodder for the suggestion.

Skipping Night (Bumfuzzlertopia)

Each night you get the option to skip night (/voteday) and with it, gather rates increase, firework displays drop loot, and quarry boosts, etc. All that will stay the same, but…

There was a tiny bug in the configuration causing some weird overlap in times when the vote was successful.

Because of that, the night will now skip to 7 am instead of 9 am. If you buy day time from the store (/s), it will also change to 7 am.

Thanks to CannonFodder for the feedback.

Stat Rankings

Stats are fun right? Right. So why not have more? I’ve added stats that will stick around regardless of the wipe (or at least that’s the plan right now)

Here’s a full list of all the stats that’ll be tracked:

  • PVP Kills
  • PVP Distance
  • PVE Kills
  • PVE Distance
  • NPC Kills
  • NPC Distance
  • Sleepers Killed
  • Head Shots
  • Deaths
  • Suicides
  • KDR
  • SDR
  • Skulls Crushed
  • Times Wounded
  • Times Healed
  • SuperHeli Hits
  • SuperHeli Kills
  • APC Hits
  • APC Kills
  • Barrels Destroyed
  • Explosives Thrown
  • Arrows Fired
  • Bullets Fired
  • Rockets Launched
  • Traps Destroyed
  • Drops Looted
  • Structures Built
  • Structures Demolished
  • Items Deployed
  • Items Crafted
  • Entities Repaired
  • Resources Gathered
  • Structures Upgraded

These stats will be shown on both Bumfuzzlertopia and Bumfuzzlernilla. You can check your personal stats or the leaderboards using /pr. Also from time to time, you’ll be given information on the top 5 of any given category in the server chat.

Thanks to TheFireChef for feedback.

SuperHeli Buffs

Players were farming the SuperHeli a little too much so I made some changes.

Here’s what I changed on both Bumfuzzlernilla and Bumfuzzlertopia:

  • Slightly increased
    • Speed
    • Damage dealt
    • Explosion radius
    • Bullet Accuracy
    • Bullet Damage
    • Bullet Speed
    • Turret Burst Time
  • Slightly reduced
    • Time between rockets
    • Time between turret bursts

On Bumfuzzlertopia:

  • I’ve increased the SuperHeli’s rotor health by 2 times.
    • Main Rotor health doubled
    • Tail Rotor health doubled
  • Calling the SuperHeli via the store (/s) now costs 500 instead of 300

On Bumfuzzlernilla:

  • Health reduced to 25% of SuperHeli on Bumfuzzlertopia

Let’s see how this goes. I’ll adjust it based on results.

Clan Limits (Bumfuzzlertopia)

There seems to be some confusion about the clan limits so I thought I’d throw some more info out there.

If you’re going to be in a clan wearing a clan tag and such, be in a clan. In that case, I don’t expect to see the [SUPER] clan, raiding, gathering, building or sleeping with people who aren’t in the [SUPER] clan. If you’re not in a clan, then I expect you to play with people who are your friends, but if you’re raiding, gathering, building or sleeping with more than 3 players, I’m going to assume you are breaking the group limit rule.

Additionally, if you rotate clan members every other day over the course of a wipe cycle I will be suspicions. This is especially true if I see PLAYER1 leave the clan and then return a few days later. You can’t keep cycling people in and out based on who’s online.

Take this conversation.

  • [07/24/2019 16:36:56] PLAYER1 said: where does PLAYER2 fit in then
  • [07/24/2019 16:36:57] PLAYER3 said: PLAYER2 is running the clan tag for location purposes
  • [07/24/2019 16:36:58] PLAYER4 said: hmmm
  • [07/24/2019 16:37:05] PLAYER3 said: I already talked to Bumfuzzler
  • [07/24/2019 16:37:20] PLAYER1 said: hmmm
  • [07/24/2019 16:37:26] PLAYER3 said: Go ahead and complain
  • [07/24/2019 16:37:31] PLAYER4 said: I’m still a solo player
  • [07/24/2019 16:37:33] PLAYER1 said: still in a clan, not allowed to help each other tho
  • [07/24/2019 16:37:34] PLAYER3 said: Sure
  • [07/24/2019 16:37:50] PLAYER1 said: so why would you need his loco
  • [07/24/2019 16:37:53] PLAYER3 said: hmmm… We are not sharing Resources or Bases
  • [07/24/2019 16:38:05] PLAYER3 said: You can play with non-clan members PLAYER1
  • [07/24/2019 16:38:10] PLAYER3 said: Read the website Bumfuzzler
  • [07/24/2019 16:38:11] PLAYER1 said: then why do you need to know where he is
  • [07/24/2019 16:38:18] PLAYER1 said: i have read the website
  • [07/24/2019 16:38:21] PLAYER3 said: We are playing together RN

No one has talked to me to get any type of exception to this rule. You can have people in your clan for whatever reason you want. You can have people as friends for whatever reason you want. However, you are limited to working in groups no more than 3. If I see players continuously violating the solo/duo/trio limit you can expect a temp ban.

If you have any questions, please ask. I will be slowly getting harder and harder on this. We have lots of solo players on the server and it’s not fair for players to gang up.


This Thursday, August 1st, both Bumfuzzlertopia and Bumfuzzlernilla will be wiping. That includes the maps, economy, and blueprints where apply. As always the time will depend on the release of the patch which is up to Facepunch, but this is typically between 3 pm and 7 pm EST. I’ll keep you all up to date in Discord on what’s going on.

Here’s some info about what’s coming in the patch! I’ll have to remember to add diesel fuel to the compound and possibly the loot table! Maybe I’ll make it spawn in the fuel barrels sometimes.

Have fun out there Bumfuzzlers and keep the feedback flowing! I appreciate the comments and will continue to make adjustments to extend your gaming experience!

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Vanilla, Earl, Charmin Wed, 17 Jul 2019 13:12:05 +0000 Hey Bumfuzzlers! Got some updates for you! We’ve got the emergence of Bumfuzzlernilla, Earl takes his spot as the officially named Bumfuzzler Bot and the wipe approaches giving all the wonderful people of Bumfuzzlertopia a fresh start on Rust life! Read on for full info! ๐Ÿ™‚


This last week I worked on the vanilla-based server that I aptly renamed to shorten it – Bumfuzzlernilla. This is the old Vanillatopia, but it’s been revamped and redesigned.

The server is 3x Gather 2x Loot and it has a few plugins, but not any that will compromise that vanilla feeling.

It’s been getting some good traffic and is a nice change of pace from the fast building action on Bumfuzzlertopia. Give it a shot!

You can find the server @ or search for Bumfuzzlernilla.


Well, the poll in Discord overwhelmingly selected Earl as the name for the bot!

You’ll find the tips that show up on the server now are called Earl tips and his name should be incorporated into the responses he gives.

The second-place runner up was Trump Jr. and since I chose Earl and snatched the win from Trump Jr., I’ll give the choice of reward to TheFireChef who chose Trump Jr – either the Christmas, Halloween or Electricity Kit for a month!

I haven’t added tips or Earl to the Bumfuzzlernilla server, but eventually, I will.

Mid-Month Wipe

Indeed we’ll be wiping the map (not economy or blueprints) on Thursday, July 18th!

I am traveling abroad Wednesday night so hopefully, everything goes well with my arrival and internet connections and such.ย  I’m going to shoot for wiping somewhere between 3 and 5pm EST., but if I’m jetlagged bad, it could be later!

Thanks as always Bumfuzzlers! I appreciate your patronage and loyalty to the server! Your feedback is always much appreciated!

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SuperHeli, Darkness, Troops Tue, 09 Jul 2019 13:19:04 +0000 Hey Bumfuzzlers! Lots of gameplay tweaks to all sorts of topics like skipping a night, Jason Voorhees, the SuperHeli, in-game store commands, power tools,ย  clans & groups, how the bot’s name voting is going, and more! Get feasting on the words below! ๐Ÿ™‚

Skip Night

I made a couple of tweaks to the way the Skip Night works to hopefully improve the usability.

Here’s what I changed:

  • The vote now stays open 90 seconds instead of 240.
    • Why have it on the screen for 4 minutes?
    • It raises the chance of a night
  • On a successful vote, it changes the time to 9:00 instead of 8:00.
    • I found the jolt of going from 18:00 to 8:00 to be jarring. 18:00 is mostly light, but 8:00 is slightly dark.
  • Now you should only be asked once to vote instead of 3 times throughout the night.

Hopefully, this makes the feature a bit more seamless.

Jason Voorhees

I’ve been meaning to make a few changes to Jason. Honestly, he’s not killing enough people!

Here’s what I changed:

  • Health slightly increased
  • Spawning radius increased
    • Now it’s harder to know where he might be
  • Accuracy was slightly increased
  • Damage was slightly increased
  • Respawn time was doubled
  • De-aggression range was increased
    • He’ll now follow you further
  • Metal Chest Plate removed in favor of road sign armor

Thanks to Doc for the feedback.

Clans & Groups

The server is a solo/duo/trio server. This means that groups of 1, 2 and 3 are acceptable while any group above 3 is not. It’s in the server title and description and it’s common terminology for Rust that most people understand.

This limitation is put in place because groups larger than 3 would easily dominate a group of two and surely a solo player. Smaller groups make up the majority of most Rust servers and they need to feel ‘reasonably’ comfortable about their chances of survival. From the server’s perspective, a group of 6 joins the server, they raid the smaller groups at will, those smaller groups leave, the large group has no one to raid, they themselves move on and leave the server without players. Thus, they ruin the experience for everyone.

Given that I recently saw behavior that violated this limitation, I posted about it in Discord and now am writing this to make sure everyone is on the same page because, afterward, it appeared some of you expressed confusion. So let me clarify further and explain some changes I made:

  1. Groups of more than 3, working together, are not allowed.
    • Working together is defined as, on multiple occasions – raiding, sharing resources, sharing bases, being friends to give access to cupboards and doors, friendly-fire, etc.
    • Trading is encouraged for anyone, clan to clan, solo to a clan, etc. Obviously trading C4 for 1 wood to share resources isn’t.
    • Sharing items and resources with new players to get them on their feet is a noble practice and is allowed.
  2. I’ve disabled the clan alliance feature in clans (/clan) to discourage groups working together.
  3. I’ve limited friends to 3 (/fmenu).

So here’s a little FAQ for those who are still confused:

Q: If two people raid who aren’t part of the same clan is that ok?
A: Sure. It’s only two people. However, if either of those people, at some other time, work together with larger groups of 3, that’s a no-no because it will equal 4 or 5 players technically. The two people may want to form a clan if they work together often (/clan) and work as a duo.

Q: I raided with one player last week, then a different player today, and tomorrow I’m raiding with someone else. Is that ok?
A: It’s not a direct violation, but I would suggest not giving off the impression that you’re part of a larger group. It would seem as though you’re in a group with 4 people.

Q: I’m in a clan with two members. Can I raid or take down the SuperHeli with a solo player?
A: Sure. That’s only 3 players. I would however strongly suggest you make them part of your clan and don’t change out that 3rd person every other day. It’s like the previous situation.

Q: What if I was part of a clan, then I left and now I’m still friends with one of them? They have 3 members and I’m playing solo now.
A: You need to unfriend them (/fmenu). Otherwise, you’re still sharing resources because you’ll have access to each other’s locations, doors, cupboards, friendly-fire, etc.

Q: Is giving a player items a violation of this rule?
A: No, it’s not, but there’s a difference between giving a new player or a recently raided solo player an item or two out of kindness and giving another group items in an effort to work together somehow. The intention here is important.

You get the idea I think. You is all smarwt poeple. The idea is to ensure you don’t leverage the strength of a group larger than 3 people because it would be considered ‘ganging up’. If players believe they’ll be steamrolled, it’s doubtful they’ll want to play.

I’ll do my best to be fair about this, investigate and ask questions, but if you screw with me and you’re dishonest, I’ll know. Please be reasonable and fair with me and you’ll get that same fairness in return. For this wipe and for first-time offenders, I’ll be giving warnings. After warnings, I’ll be giving out temporary bans of longer and longer duration.

Super Heli

There were a couple of things that needed changing so I did a little review of the SuperHeli settings.

Here’s what I changed:

  • I modified the way the SuperHeli is purchased from the store (/s) so now it’s more reliable than /callheli
  • Napalm is disabled for now. It causes too much lag. This, unfortunately, disables fires at the crash site. It’s a temporary fix.
  • I’ve raised the SuperHeli’s health slightly.
  • I’ve given the SuperHeli more rockets so it doesn’t run out.
  • The SuperHeli will now stick around for 10 minutes instead of 7. /callheli however may not abide by this.
  • The /callheli cooldowns have been adjusted:
    • Level 17 (/loyalty): 6-hour cooldown
    • Level 23 (/loyalty): 3-hour cooldown
    • Level 27 (/loyalty): 1.5-hour cooldown

Keep in mind buying the SuperHeli from the store is far more reliable than using the /callheli command, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. In testing, I’ve never had it fail to come, but some players suggested that does happen. This happens far more with the /callheli command, but that of course is free.

Be careful not to call the helicopter when another one is present. There’s a limit of 1 SuperHeli in the world and exceeding that will ensure your called /callheli will go bye-bye automatically.

Thanks to Doc and Fakiee for the feedback.

In-Game Store

For a while, there’s been some less than desirable behavior from the store when purchasing commands. For one, calling the SuperHeli was spotty at best. Secondly, some commands like buying night and day left players completely confused since day just switched to night without warning.

Here’s what I’ve changed:

  • As mentioned, the SuperHeli on call is more reliable.
  • Every command you buy, with the exception of Turbo Boost, will send a message to the server letting them know you purchased it.
  • The SuperHeli purchase was raised from $250 to $300
  • The Meteor Shower was lowered from $500 to $450

Thanks to Doc for the feedback.

Power Tools

The Jackhammer and Chainsaw may have been a little too easy to find so I’ve done a little tweaking to it.

Here’s what I changed:

  • The chainsaw is slightly rarer
  • You can only find the Chainsaw and Jackhammer in the following places
    • Code Locked Crate
    • Military Crate
    • Advanced Underwater Crate
  • I’ve removed the blueprints for chainsaw and jackhammer from the store (/s)

Now that these work with Z-levels, they should be more important and accordingly no one should get 8 of them at the start of a wipe.

Thanks for the feedback TheFireChef and DFGSlimJim.

Various Issues & Fixes

After this recent patch, we had a few issues and there are still some outstanding, but I’m working on them. Here’s a quick listing.


  • Recycler (/rec) wouldn’t craft – Thanks for feedback Naraskgrim
  • /up command doesn’t work – Thanks for feedback Doc


  • Duel (/duel) kit isn’t available when being in top 3 spots – Thanks for feedback Naraskgrim
  • /fireworks command doesn’t work – Thanks for feedback Howdy
  • Leaderboard (/pc) tags aren’t working – Thanks for feedback Doc & TheFireChef

I’m sure there’s more issues waiting to be found, but this is what I know or remember right now. Let me know if you find anything else and I’ll work on them.

Server Promotion

I’ve had a couple of you ask how you can help promote the server and I’m extremely humbled and grateful you would do that.

Here are a couple of ways to promote:

  • Vote daily
    • Click Vote in the website menu at the top
    • This ranks the server at
    • This gives you daily signals and a few economy bucks in the game.
    • Did you know the more you vote the more you get? There are tiers of 50, 100 and 250 for voting counts. If you vote 250 times you get 5 signals each time.
  • Upvote Steam Group Posts
    • When I post on the website, I post in the Steam Group
    • Give the posts a thumbs up so it shows in your Steam feed
    • Leave a comment and/or subscribe to the thread
  • Use elsewhere on the net
    • If you make posts or drop links, it helps boost the ranking among search engines for the website
  • Reddit posts
    • I make posts on Reddit to promote the server
    • Upvoting these posts creates tremendous visibility, most posts get 1 upvote at most so even two help a lot
  • Stream playing on the server
    • Stream yourself playing on the server
    • If you have a Twitch account and you regularly steam, send it by. I’ll promote you too.
  • Tell your friends
    • Word of mouth is probably the best way to promote
    • Gift Rust, it’s just $8 until July 9th with the Summer Sale

Be creative! I just ask that you don’t romote Bumfuzzlertopia on other servers or in any way disparage other server admins or servers in order to promote. That’s not cool and I wouldn’t like it if someone else did that the other way around.

Ore Population

A couple of people complained that ores were hard to come by. Most likely that was due to them being in the snow or desert because, after a review, it appears they were low in those biomes. The grassy areas had a good amount already.

I’ve gone ahead and raised the density of ores:

  • Raised ores in snow biome 166%
  • Raised ores in desert biome 201%

This should make ore a lot easier to find.

Naming the Bot

We’ve had the poll up for a few days now and we have some clear front-runners! I’m going to let it run until the next wipe I think.

Here’s what we have for the top 3:

  1. Earl
  2. Trump Jr.
  3. Donald, Donald Jr., Otis (tied for 3rd)

If you haven’t voted, don’t miss out! I’ve put a new poll up that only includes these 5 values for the final run!

The feedback has been flowing mightily and for that, I am truly appreciative. I can’t stress how important it is that I receive your thoughts. I can’t stress enough how important it is that you know I am always open to hearing what you think and I’ll strongly consider all suggestions. I try my best to carefully listen. Keep it flowing and we’ll constantly adjust the server for the better.

All you Bumfuzzlers have fun out there!

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Boobies, Blocks, Duel Wed, 03 Jul 2019 14:17:42 +0000 Hey Bumfuzzlers! Sink your teeth into some of these tasty updates! We’ve got an arcade game addition to loot,ย  enhanced booby traps, a contest for naming the bot,ย  raid material stacking changes, foundation health changes, a new feature for raiders, fixes to crafting, raid alerts and more! Read on for more information!

Booby Traps

I’m happy to say we’ve got some great improvements with booby traps that will ensure they become a true defensive ability.

Here are some of the changes:

  • Traps are no longer triggered by the owner
  • Traps are no longer triggered by friends of the owner
  • Traps are no longer triggered by clan mates of the owner
  • Depending on your level you can booby trap using:
    • Level 16: Elements (Fire, Shock, Radiation)
      • Fire: Requires 100 lowgrade fuel
      • Shock: Requires 1 Fuse
      • Radiation: Requires 5 Radiation Pills
    • Level 22: Deployable (Landmines, Bear Traps)
      • Bear Traps: Requires 3 Bear Traps
      • Landmines: Requires 3 Land Mines
    • Level 29: Explosives (Beancan, F1Grenade, C4)
      • Beancan Grenade: Requires 1 Beancan Grenade
      • F1 Grenade: Requires 1 F1 Grenade
      • C4: Requires 1 C4

These traps are meant to make things difficult for raiders either by killing them or by delaying them enough for you to defend. For instance, the fire trap can make a large area unusable because it takes a while until the flames go out. Whether booby-trapped boxes and doors are opened or destroyed, the trap is triggered either way. Set a fire trap on your front door and it will immediately delay raiders for a couple of minutes or at least force them to take a different course.

Also, in case you’re curious, the landmine and beartrap traps will scatter those items around the affected area. This is great for boxes since the moment someone opens a box, they are surrounded by traps and they may not realize one is behind them. Best not to set this near boxes you care about though since someone stepping on one may destroy the others.

Happy trapping!

Chippy Arcade Game

You may have noticed the Chippy Arcade Game was placed into the loot. Maybe you even got it already!

You should find it easily out there in crates! Play a few games while you wait for those metal frags to cook! It appears to keep high scores too!

Raid Alerts

There was an issue with raid alerts, you know – the feature that allows you to get Discord and mobile alerts when someone is raiding you? Yeah, that one.

Now when you’re sleeping in your base,ย  while you’re at work bringing home the bacon, you’ll know when someone is taking your Pookie Bears!

In the game, type /pbreg “Your Username#xxxx”, you’ll get a message from PoundBot in Discord on how to complete the setup. The #xxxx is a four-digit number you’ll find is attached to your Discord account.

Thanks to Viper and TheFireChef for the feedback.

Hammer Crafting

For some reason, hammers were crafting slowly while everything else was instant crafting.

Now it’s resolved so you can craft hammers in the blink of an eye.

Thanks to Doge for the feedback.

Also, it appears there is some conflict with the crafting Quests (/q) and instantly crafting. It appears at best, that Quests will count 10 crafted bandages as 1, but that may not even work. I’m not sure how to resolve this yet, but I’ll do more testing when I have more time.

Thanks to Lieutenant Rum, Thot Police for the feedback.


Welp, I realized I had a setting turned on that I didn’t want on.

You can no longer teleport to another player who is in a building blocked zone. This should help make raiding slightly more challenging. Whoops!

Thanks for feedback TheFireChef.

Naming Bot

So I’m thinking the bot needs a name. I know he’s just a bot, but ‘bot’ is a little boring and I can’t imagine he likes that very much.

Get me over what you think would be the best name, I’ll take which ones I think are best and put them in a Discord poll. If yours wins, I’ll give you either the Christmas, Halloween or Electricity package from the shop for 2 weeks! I’ll also build in a couple of sayings for the bot that include your name ๐Ÿ™‚ For instance, “How did you get your name <BotName>?

Couple guidelines thought:

  1. Be unique. It should be a name that players wouldn’t say naturally. For instance, his name wouldn’t be Gear.
  2. Something easy to remember and spell. For instance, Earl.
  3. If possible, it might fit with the server theme. This is challenging!
  4. Submit as many as you want!

I found this site that generates potential robot names that might help. Scroll down and click Get Robot Names in the white box.

Raid Materials

It might be a little much to allow raiders to have multiple stacks of 256 rockets. Think?

I’ve lowered the stacking size of the following items from 256 to 16:

  • Basic Rockets
  • Fire Rockets
  • High-Velocity Rockets
  • Satchel Charges
  • C4 Explosives

Given that we have backpacks, this change shouldn’t have a huge effect, but at the least, it’ll prevent raiders from having tons of inventory space to haul stuff away. Maybe base owners will have the opportunity to keep some of their stuff.

Let’s see how things go. Give me feedback on this.

Raid Blocking

Since the beginning of Rust, I’ve believed that raiders have, at least, a slight advantage. It takes far less time to destroy a base than it does to build and maintain one even when you consider farming for charcoal and such. Due to this, I’m tinkering with something new.

If you destroy someone’s stuff, you’ll be automatically blocked from using certain abilities for 3 minutes.

  • Remove Tool (/remove)
  • Teleport (/tp or /home)
  • Trade (/trade)
  • Shop (/s)
  • Kit (/kit)

This block will affect the raider immediately, but also anyone within the general area and those who enter the general area who are friends or clanmates of the raider and also anyone who is authorized on any cupboard the raider owns. The owner of the building will not be blocked.

The raid block will end:

  • After 3 minutes
  • On the blocked person’s death
  • On the blocked person’s respawn

The raid block will restart at 3 minutes if the raid continues.

Hopefully, this can give base owners a little more time to defend and/or sign on after being alerted by the Raid Alert. If you’re going to raid, you’re going to have to make sure you planned it well!

Foundation Wipes

A while back I raised the health of foundations to prevent the demoralizing “foundation wipe”. When it happens to someone it’s really discouraging and many times they leave the server – sometimes to never return or at least they typically won’t return until next wipe cycle. This current wipe cycle, it seems to have happened at least once.

The ability to wipe a foundation defeats the purpose of base defenses and all the effort put in by a builder to protect their stuff. Why bother with turrets and shotgun traps if you can just disregard it all from a rocket’s length away? It even makes the new and improved booby traps a waste of time.

I’ve raised the health of foundations another 50%. This should make it a little less lucrative to spend rockets on making someone’s day miserable.

Bot Tips

Over the last week, I’ve made a concerted effort to expand the random messages that pop up in the chat but also to use them to highlight some of the lesser-known features.
So, I’ve expanded the number of messages, tried to make them more informative, cover more topics, renamed them to be Bumfuzzler Bot Tips (soon to be replaced with the name of the bot), and I made the message more prominent so they stand out. Hopefully, players will better know the benefits of all the features we have.


Some of you have been discovering how much fun the duels are. For those of you who haven’t partaken, I highly recommend it! It’ll help you polish those PVP skills without the fear of losing gear, items or resources.
I decided to mix things up a bit and add some new features to it.
  • Added 2 new loadouts to the mix
    • Mace Loadout: Gives that melee battle opportunity
    • Rocket Launcher, Pistol, and Build Loadout: Spawns players with enough resources to build structures, but also destroy them
  • Top 3 Duelists will now have access to the Duelist kit (/kit)

You can type !duel for more information about getting involved in duels!

If you have any weapon combination ideas, please let me know! I’ll add them!

Event Messages

There are certain events that get lost in chat and that’s unfortunate because that will likely cause you to miss out on things. So, just like the Bot Tips, I’ve tried to highlight these events better in chat.

Hopefully, messages for events will now grab your attention as they have bold colors and larger font.

I’m hoping that this increases the usability of certain features and improves communication. It’s been annoying for some time that it’s possible to miss teleport requests for instance. No more!

Fuel Requirements

It appears that the Level 26 (/loyalty) perk to not require fuel in certain items like candle hat, lanterns, miners hat, searchlight, and tuna light hasn’t been working as expected which meant fuel was required even when it shouldn’t have been.

It appears some permissions that were there before, were missing!?! Weird. Anyhow, I added them back.

Mind you, this one I was unable to find time to test. I assume the permissions were the issue. Please let me know if it doesn’t work as expected.

Thanks to Lieutenant Rum, Thot Police for the feedback

Text Symbols

You might notice we have exclamation marks next to a lot of text. They used to be nice symbols. Facepunch screwed that up with a patch or two ago so now symbols don’t work. I’m going through now and removing all my hard work which sucks, but what can you do?
If you have a minute, please upvote my suggestion at Facepunch to fix this so we can have purty symbols again!


Our next wipe is Thursday, July 4th, unless Facepunch delays it due to Independence Day – which I doubt since they’re Brits! ๐Ÿ™‚ You can expect the map, blueprints, and economy to wipe, but of course, all other things like Z levels and Loyalty will remain – they never reset.ย Usually, Facepunch drops the patch between 3 pm and 7 pm EST so there’s a large window there. Unfortunately, I can’t promise time exactly.
I’m excited for July as it brings Independence Day! The server will celebrate by keeping the Flag Memorial monument, but I have something special planned that I hope will work out. It’s a completely custom plugin for Bumfuzzlertopia! Never before seen and awesomely American! ๐Ÿ™‚ Think fireworks!

Thanks as always for all your feedback. It’s really helpful. With these changes, I’ll need more of it to ensure we’re going in the right direction of achieving balance while maintaining fun! Until next time Bumfuzzlers! Enjoy yourselves out there!

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Instacraft, AutoSkin, Quests Thu, 20 Jun 2019 03:20:10 +0000 Hey Bumfuzzlers! I’ve got a couple of changes to tell about before Thursday’s map wipe! News on randomized skins, crafting instantly, scuba gear availability, quests and more! All that and info on tomorrow’s wipe, plus another mandatory Facepunch patch on Friday? /crosses fingers lol Give a read to find out more!

Diving Gear

I reviewed the diving gear availability and it seemed a little low. Also, it was spawning in the underwater loot which seemed weird lol

I changed the following:

  • removed from underwater crates
  • increased availability slightly

Thanks for the feedback Non-Existant


We had instacraft a while back and then adjusted it to require some crafting time. It feels like it’s time to go back to instacraft and apparently the majority of you agree.


We had a poll in Discord and while the nays valiantly voted, the yes sirs had double them. Now Instacraft is enabled so there won’t be any more waiting to craft individual items or bulk items.

Let’s see how it turns out.

Skin Randomizer

Skins have been messy lately and the last major patch broke some stuff. For instance, you probably noticed that skins no longer randomized on crafting.

Well, I just fixed it this morning. Now every time you craft, you’ll get a randomized skin on items that support skins. Glad this is working again. I love the varied look of bases!


It’s time for new quests! After all, you’re on an adventure ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s a list of the new Quests I added:

  • Lighthouse Collector – Gather 25 Blue Rustige Eggs
  • Dome Collector – Gather 25 Red Rustige Eggs
  • Easter Morning – Gather 25 Easter Baskets
  • Radioactive Personality – Gather 25 Geiger Counters
  • Happy Birthday – Gather 25 Five Year Cakes
  • Up in Flames – Destroy 3 Flame Turrets
  • Shotty Defenses – Destroy 3 Shotgun Traps
  • Air Offence – Destroy 1 SAM Site
  • Run with Scissors – Craft 100 Bandages
  • Grand Injection – Craft 50 Medical Syringes
  • First Aid Kit – Craft 25 Large Medical Kits
  • The Machine – Craft 25 Gears
  • Snappy Dresser – Craft 25 Snap Traps
  • Spikey Proposition – Craft 10 Wooden Floor Spikes
  • All Mines – Craft 10 Land Mines
  • Laser Red – Craft 1 Auto-Turret
  • Fire in the Hole – Craft 3 Flame Turrets
  • Riding Shotgun – Craft 3 Shotgun Traps

I expect to create more of them in the future so that each quest page is full!

Wipe Info

Thursday 6/20, Bumfuzzlertopia will be wiping the map. Blueprints and economy will stay in place as they only wipe on the first of the month. For those who don’t know, we wipe twice a month.

  • Wipe #1: First Thursday of the month – wipes map, economy, and blueprints
  • Wipe #2: Third Thursday of the month – wipes map only

I considered wiping economy on this 3rd Thursday, which is why I started that Discord poll, but players are broken down the middle and truth is I tend to think it’s a reward for playing the entire month instead of just a 2-week wipe cycle. Also, it doesn’t matter because the economy is only really good for buying blueprints which players will have at the start of the second monthly wipe cycle anyway.

I’m hoping to wipe around 4 pm EST at the latest and we’ll be going with this map if you’d like to get a head start planning your base!

As always Bumfuzzlers, please have fun and keep the feedback pouring in! It really helps fix issues and also improve gameplay!

P.S. – Friday brings a mandatory Facepunch patch. I haven’t gotten the time yet. This means I’ll have to update the server for you to join after your clients auto-update. I’ll do my best to communicate the planned time. I’m waiting on them.

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Generator, Spooky, Gather Wed, 12 Jun 2019 14:25:49 +0000 Hey Bumfuzzlers! Seems we had a somewhat tumultuous patch this last Thursday as the powers at Facepunch were giving us some tough love! Despite that, the storm was weathered, and changes have been made! We’ve got loot modifications, gather rate changes, a new power source, new server listing description, stacking changes, server menu updates, a spooky mask and 2 discord polls begging your opinion and more!

Patch Overview

For those of you who would rather not read the list of changes in the last patch, here’s a solid overview of what we got.

Server Browser

Not sure why, but I’ve been contacted by a few people who say they can’t connect to the server, mainly due to not seeing it in the server list. Maybe this shouldn’t be surprising due to the recent changes to it.

If you find you have this issue, you can connect directly via the console.

  1. Press F1
  2. Go to the console
  3. Type connect

That’ll do it.

Also, I’ve been trying to make the server’s representation in the server list better. That means I’ve updated the server description and modified the title to include common keywords for searching. I’ve also changed the name to Bumfuzzlertopia in case you were looking for the old name. This was only to give me more room in the server title – saved 4 characters lol

Language Filter

Now when you curse, it will show the word Bumfuzzler in orange so at least others know you cursed and didn’t type Bumfuzzler intentionally. This also ensures I’m no longer confused as to whether you’re talking to me ๐Ÿ™‚ but then maybe you are talking to me saying nasty things? Yikes! I hope not lol

As the resident bot says, “It’s not a restriction. It’s meant to be funny and promote the server name. Why not expand your vocabulary? I know how to say 1,534,201 English words! You know about 4 :)”

Is it better without the color? It might be. Let me know.


There were a couple of items I forgot to set up for stacking earlier so now I’m swinging back to get them straight.

I changed the following items:

  • Grenade launcher Buckshot: changed from 24 to 256
  • Grenade launcher HE: changed from 12 to 256
  • Grenade launcher Smoke: changed from 12 to 256
  • Heavy Scientist Suit: changed from 1 to 256

Thanks Non-Existant for the heads up on an exploit regarding stacking.

Gathering ZLevels

I’ve been looking at the resource gathering because I’m trying to market the server better in the server list. Most servers advise what the gather multiplier is, like 3x or 5x, but the way the server was setup, it’s hard to do that.

If my math is correct, which it might not be lol, on joining, the server was almost a 3x gather rate when you’re at Level 0. As you work yourself closer to Level 50, that 3x grows slowly towards 6x. This seems a bit too close to an experimental server if you ask me. So, I set my sights on making the server a 5x server as I think that’s much more reasonable.

Here’s what I changed:

  • The initial multiplier of 2.8 was changed to 3.0
  • The percentage per level was changed from 0.75% to 0.40%

Theoretically, this means for new players they should have 3x gather rate, but over the course of 50 levels, it should be possible to get 5x gather rate.

If you find my math is wrong, please let me know :/ lol

Server Menu

It appears the menu you see as you join the server needed a bit of updating so I took a moment to do that. The hope is it’s now accurate, but also provides an improved overview of server features. Here are some snaps of what it’ll look like next time you join.

The main menu you see when joining (/ui) should now showcase a bit more of the features the server has.

The plugins tab had a few plugins we no longer used so I removed them and added a bunch more!

The sightings tab showed Trump Tower and Hillary House, but neglected to show the latest addition – The Southern Border!

Hopefully, this gives new players an understanding of the depth of features on the server and gives veteran players the ability to point unanswered questions to the menu in certain situations.

Loot Changes

I had a couple of comments on the loot so I jumped into it and tried my best to balance things out. It’s not an easy task and it’s an ongoing process so this requires constant feedback from you Bumfuzzlers.

Here’s what I changed:

  • Adjusted mine crates to have higher quality tools. Previously it had only the lower level hatchet and pickaxe.
  • Adjusted medical crates to give more medical items. It gave extremely low quantities and only 1 item.
  • Adjusted components specifically increasing gears and springs
  • Adjusted component spawning areas. Some items spawned in barrels that shouldn’t and the opposite in crates.
  • Decreased the amount of beancan grenades. They can only now be found in the better crates.
  • Removed scrap from food crate to ensure food always spawns there. Sometimes it spawns only 1 item.
  • Loot in the Elite, locked, and Underwater Advanced crates should be much better now.
  • Moved some better items like Large Furnaces out of barrels and into higher level crates.
  • The spooky Dragon Mask was added to the loot. You should find it in barrels.

Thanks for feedback Viper,ย Non-Existant and Kreeperlink

Color Fiasco

Facepunch changed the way text is displayed in the game and in turn they made changes to how text colors are displayed. This game used to accept red text to be coded simple as <color=red>RedText</color>, but now it has to use proper HTML like <color=#FF0000>RedText</color>. This meant, before the patch hit, I had to go through several hundred files and change every mention of color, which was typically written as red, green, blue, purpose, etc. to its hexadecimal value.

I’m just mentioning it because if I missed one, you’ll see <color=red>TheText</color> in chat instead of seeing TheText. If that happens, let me know what the text said and I’ll track it down.

Steam Workshop

Apparently, there were some changes in Rust and/or Steam as of late and this has caused some problems for various plugins. I expect it has to do with the new menu with the store integration we received in the last patch. Most likely something was changed there which borked everything else.

This means some plugins like Skinbox may not function properly or at all. I was able to fix a couple, but the changes could be far-reaching and not initially noticeable.

If you find something not to be working as expected, please let me know.

I appreciate all the feedback I received so far more notably AxelsAntagonist who went through much of the plugin list to test what was and was not working. Thanks!

Small Generator

We’ve had the small generator available for some time, but I didn’t add it because it’s a really powerful tool. After all, it’s unlimited power which can give some nice abilities.

The point was made that cave base designers can’t really take advantage of many electricity options so I finally caved.

Here’s the lowdown:

  • Unlimited power, great for caves
  • Can be found everywhere electrical components are found
  • Rarer than solar panels so slightly harder to find

This should be a great perk for everyone and it’s not something you’ll find on most servers.

Thanks for feedback Viper

Economy Wipe

I’m toying with the idea to wipe the economy at every wipe as I’m not sure if it’s fair to give some players to have such a large advantage. Starting off with a ton of RP, after you’ve found all the blueprints is maybe too much. Blueprints already give a large advantage.

To vote, join Discord and you’ll find the poll in the #polls channel. So far it’s tied!

The question for the poll is:

‘Should I wipe the economy at every wipe? I’m thinking someone starting at the 2nd wipe cycle has a disadvantage and that may not be fair’


Another poll on Discord is about Instacraft. We used to have instant crafting, but I modified it down to be slower because I felt it was way too easy to quickly amass a serious arsenal.

If the response strongly favors having it, I’ll likely be persuaded. Consider how it affects gameplay though. It’ll likely ensure early raids go up. Then again, so might early defenses.

The question for the poll is:

‘I believe instacraft is an important feature to have. I don’t like waiting for items to craft and think it should be immediate’

No Fuels

It turns out that the entire server was fueled up unintentionally.

Now it’s not until Level 26 (/loyalty) that players don’t require fuel for various lights and whatnot.

Thanks to AxelsAntagonist for catching it.

Flag Day Kit

Apparently, the kit for the Flag Day Monument wasn’t working. Thanks for the heads up AxelsAntagonist and for testing Non-Existant. It should be all good now.

This last patch wasn’t quite a disaster, but it certainly had its moments lol Today, I optionally patched the server which will hopefully alleviate some of the issues that have been going on, but tomorrow, Thursday 6/13, Facepunch is dropping a mandatory server and client patch. We won’t have to wipe as far as I know, but once your client is updated, you won’t be able to connect until I update the server. As long as I can keep on top of when it’s released, I’ll have it patched up in 10-15 minutes. The trick is, the patches drop whenever Facepunch feels the itch.

Have fun out there Bumfuzzlers and keep the feedback flowing!

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