Warp Master

Warp Master


Don’t like limits? Warp Master is for you! Beam back and forth all day with new teleport abilities!

  • Set up to 8 (+5) homes locations!
  • Wait only 30 seconds between teleports!
  • Wait only 3 seconds for the teleport countdown!
  • Use ‘/tpb’ to teleport back to your previous location immediately!
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Warp Master

Some Bumfuzzlers don’t like to have any limits on the way they get around and for them, we have the Teleport Master package! Beam back and forth all day and gain new teleport abilities others won’t have!

Here are all the features in this package:

  • Set up to 8 (+5) homes locations!
  • Wait only 30 seconds between teleports!
  • Wait only 3 seconds for the teleport countdown!
  • Use ‘/tpb’ to teleport back to your previous location immediately!

Perfect time to buy is just before a wipe!
Only available on Bumfuzzlertopia, not Bumfuzzlernilla

As always refunds will not be given unless stated otherwise.

About Teleporting

In the real world, teleportation is the hypothetical transfer of matter or energy from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them. It is a common subject in science fiction literature, film, video games, and television. However, teleportation has not yet been implemented in the real world because there is no known physical mechanism that would allow this. Frequently appearing scientific papers and media articles with the term teleportation typically report on so-called “quantum teleportation”, a scheme for information transfer.

In Rust, the teleport feature transfers a player’s character from one location to a specified destination. You can teleport to a home you set in a base that you own or you can teleport to an individual player with their permission.

Some practical reasons for using the Rust teleport command:

  • Instantly travel across the game map to help teammates
  • Teleport home after foraging for loot when far away
  • Help players quickly get to each other in the game
  • Teleport to a special entity difficult to find on the game map
  • Teleport to a specific location to call in helicopters and airdrops

The teleporting commands are as follows:

– /tp – opens the tp GUI
– /tpr {player} – sends a tp request to {player}
– /tpa – accepts the incoming tp request
– /tpd – denies the incoming tp request
– /tpc – cancels the teleport
– /tpb – teleports you back
– /tprhere – teleports someone to you

The home commands are as follows:

– /home – Opens the homes GUI
– /home {home} – Teleports you to the home
– /sethome {home} – Creates a new home at your position
– /delhome {home} – Deletes the home
– /listhomes – Lists all your homes

The Warp Master package gives you 5 additional homes. This allows you to safely create multiple homes across the map and teleport to that area when it suits you.  Typically teleport homes maybe 1 x 1 buildings with only a Tool Cupboard in it so that you have enough permission to teleport to it, but not much else. This ensures other players likely won’t raid it as it would be a waste of their resources.

The added /tpb or teleport back command makes things easy to move around the map as the place you teleported from may not be your base, but instead an area you’d like to return to. This can save you steps and prevent you from having to use multiple teleports.

Don’t forget to immediately set home in your base, but make sure you don’t set home in the wrong place when at the start of a build. If you set a home on a building block and then later build honeycomb, for instance, you will find yourself trapped when teleporting to home as you will be inside the honeycomb.

Make sure to check out other packages in the store and support your favorite Rust gaming server!

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