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Warp Master – Bumfuzzlertopia

Warp Master

Warp Master


Don’t like limits? Warp Master is for you! Beam back and forth all day with new teleport abilities!

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Some Bumfuzzlers don’t like to have any limits on the way they get around and for them, we have the Teleport Master package! Beam back and forth all day and gain new teleport abilities others won’t have!

Here are all the features in this package:

  • Set up to 8 (+5) homes locations!
  • Wait only 30 seconds between teleports!
  • Wait only 3 seconds for teleport countdown!
  • Use ‘/tpb’ to teleport back to your previous location immediately!
  • Teleport to any grid of the map ‘/grt b4’, limit 3 daily

Perfect time to buy is just before a wipe!

As always refunds will not be given unless stated otherwise.

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