Hey Bumfuzzlers! I hope you’re having an awesome time! We’ve got some great things in store for you on both Bumfuzzlertopia and Bumfuzzlernilla. Planting trees, enhanced generator fuel limits, raid block changes, SuperSkin Rocket Launcher modifications, splitting and smelting changes, loot adjustments, Earl comes to nilla along with raid alerts and a wipe is imminent!

Read on and note, I’ve broken down the sections of the post for each server to make it easier to find what applies to you. In the end, I address the upcoming wipe.


Arborists Unite

It’s about time the server rewarded nature lovers properly!

For a price, in Reward Points (RP) – see how many RP you have in the store /s – you can now buy and plant Birch Trees, Snowy Pines, Small Pines, Large Pines, Oak Trees, Short Palms, and a Palm Tree. A great option for trying to hide that ugly base of yours from prying eyes!

Once you hit Level 12 (/loyalty) you’ll be able to type /tree for more information.

Fuel your Generators

Unfortunately, there was an issue where dropping a bunch of fuel into a small generator would cause you to lose some of the fuel.

Now you can stack up to 10,000 low-grade fuel into the small generators so I don’t expect that’ll be a problem any longer.

Thanks ATaXiA for reporting that.

Murphy’s Law Wins

Where things can go wrong, they will right? Luckily, faithful Bumfuzzlers help spot issues and we can all work together to get things going again.

Discordomics: In Discord, there’s an event that allows you to earn cash that you can use in the store. It’s fairly simple. You get a code in-game, enter it in Discord and wallah, you’ve got greenbacks. Unfortunately, for some reason, this wasn’t working, but now it is! Go on and make yourselves wealthy! Thanks to Matt for the feedback.

Personal Recycler: For some reason, the ability to create your very own recycler (/rec) crapped out as well. Now it’s fixed so you can convert goodies to components in the comfort of your own base again. Thanks AxelsAntagonist for the feedback.

Barrel Money: Same as the others, there were issues with earning cash for breaking barrels. Now that’s all resolved so you can get various Rust trinkets and also some cash to use in the store. Thanks AxelsAntagonist for the feedback.

Stacks of Items

There were a few items added that I didn’t get a chance to stack properly.

Now all of the following items stack to 256:

  • Crate Costume
  • Mummy Suit
  • Surgeon Suit
  • Scarecrow Suit
  • Halloween Candy
  • Halloween Small Loot Bag
  • Halloween Medium Loot Bag
  • Halloween Large Loot Bag
  • Small Fuel Generator
  • Medium Rechargeable Battery
  • Skull Door Knocker

Hopefully, this will give you more space in your boxes!

P.S. – Not all these items are out in the world, but they may be soon.

Blocking During Raids

It appears there were some misconfigurations for raid blocking either because of reverted changes or mistakes. Not sure which.

So, I went in and made a few adjustments to the way it works. I’m curious if my changes will be controversial. Please tell me what you think.

Here’s how it now works.

  • The following items are blocked for raiders, owners, and anyone within a 150-meter scream from the raid:
    • Teleport (/tp)
    • Trade (/trade)
    • Shop (/s)
    • Building Grades (/bgrade)
    • Vending Machines
    • Kits (/kit)
    • Assigning beds to others
    • mailboxes (not even sure why lol)
    • Home (/home)
  • The following items are not blocked:
    • Removal Tool (/remove)
    • Recycling (/rec)
    • Building
    • Repairing
    • Upgrading
    • Crafting

The thought process is this:

  1. Restrict access to anything that is outside the scope of the base itself. For instance, kits and the store are something players get from ‘outside’
  2. Give base owners the ability to do what it would be reasonable to do. Why wouldn’t a base owner be able to build or repair their base when under attack?
  3. I’d like to encourage base owners to want to be online when they’re raided because if they are, they could save their base. This in conjunction with raid alerts (!raidalert) may spur people to get online quicker to save their spoils.

I wish I had the ability to adjust raiders and owners differently, but unfortunately, I don’t right now. Maybe this is OP for owners, maybe not. I’ll let you decide and tell me. I will adjust based on what we find.

Thanks to Matt and AxelsAntagonist for letting me know there was an issue with Building Grades being enabled during a raid block.

Special Zone Remnants

It appears from wipe to wipe, the zones surrounding special areas weren’t removed properly.

I remove those existing zones that shouldn’t have been there and ensured it shouldn’t happen again. It just so happened an update to the plugin moved the data files and I didn’t realize.

Thanks to Tatra813 for the feedback.

Rocket SuperSkins

I could swear I addressed the OP rocket launchers weeks ago, but I guess I didn’t.

Unfortunately, the Shadow Blast and Steam Punk SuperSkins that offered 1.5x and 2.x damage had to get nerfed. They’re just too damn powerful and make raiding far too easy.  Now all three SuperSkin versions of the rocket launcher will be 1.25x damage which will still provide some advantage without creating too much of an imbalance.


Smelting Spilts

Made a few changes to furnaces and smelting to ensure the quality of life.

Here are the changes I made:

  • Now placing resources in furnaces and similar items will split stacks automatically for faster burning
  • Furnaces and similar items now smelt at a rate of 1.5x

Thanks to ATaXiA for the feedback

What’s in the Box

The loot was surely redundant. How many SAM sites and butcher knives could you have?

Now I’ve adjusted the loot so that it’s a bit more random and useful

  • Loot was made, with exception to quantity, to mimic Bumfuzzlertopia
  • Christmas presents and stocking loot was also adjusted

Hopefully, now it’s a bit more exciting to crack a barrel or open a box.

Thanks ATaXiA for the feedback.

Earl & Chat

It’s about time Earl came to the nilla server along with a couple of other features.

The following features have been added to the server and will affect the chat:

  • Every so often, Tips from Earl (Announcements) will show in the chat to inform players on various features
  • EARL, the resident bot, will now answer common questions and have some general fun with players.
    • Ask Earl questions, he’ll try to answer you
    • Type in keywords like !raidalert and you’ll get info
    • Ask him for a joke, or say hello to him
  • The language will be filtered in chat and replaced with the word “Bumfuzzler”. As some of you know I do this for a few reasons.
    • It’s annoying for most reasonable players to be around cursing every 5 seconds
    • This might help neanderthals improve their 3rd-grade vocabulary
    • It’s somewhat funny to see people say “You’re a real Bumfuzzler Bumfuzzler you Bumfuzzler Bumfuzzler”
    • It’s hard to stay angry when you’re so angrily sounding so silly
    • It promotes the server name in a unique way

Hopefully, this enables players to have fun and explore the features of the server.

You’re being Raided

When you’re sleeping in that cozy base of yours, it’s unfortunate you won’t know if you’re raided.

Well, now you’ll know because you can get raid alerts in Discord and your mobile device.

  1. In Rust, type /pbreg “YourDiscordUsername#7389”
  2. You’ll receive a code
  3. In Discord, PoundBot will send you a private message
  4. Confirm the code there and you’re set

From now on you’ll receive notifications in Discord when your base is attacked!

Default Skins, meh

It can get rather boring seeing the default skins on every item. Sometimes you want to spruce up your base a bit.

Now when you craft items, they’ll automatically be given a random skin.

What an awesome way to make your base habitable.


Wipe Incoming

The first Thursday of the month is coming and that means Facepunch releases a patch and the servers wipe.

Both Bumfuzzlertopia and Bumfuzzler nilla will wipe their maps and blueprints. Bumfuzzlertopia will also wipe economies but will retain Loyalty, ZLevel Gathering Rates will remain for both.

Here’s some information on the upcoming changes in Rust that may come in the December 5th patch!

I wish all of you a wonderful and prosperous new wipe! Please continue the feedback coming so that the servers can operate at maximum fun-ness 🙂 I appreciate all you Bumfuzzlers.