The Rust Server Packages you Need

The shop is where you can get everything you need to enhance your gaming experience and support your favoriate Rust server. You won’t find any over powered pay-to-win kits here, but they will give you a slight advantage and so definite swag! Browse through the products and pick up some goods!

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    Frequent Flyer

    If you like to fly, this package certainly won't disappoint. Here are all the features in this package:
    • Spawn your own minicopter (/mini)
    • Call your minicopter to your location (/fmini)
    • Unlimited minicopter fuel
    • Minicopter does not decay
  • Loyalty Points

    Loyalty points earn you higher levels resulting in valuable perks! Earn them on the server with game time or purchase permanent points!
  • Server Donation

    Every little bit helps! Rust servers take money and time to run! We truly appreciate any support you can provide us!
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    Christmas Cheer

    In the Christmas spirit? This kit has all you need to welcome Santa into your chimney! Here are all the features in this package:
    • A Christmas Outfit
    • A lot of Stockings
    • Everything to decorate your base
    • Trees and ornaments
    • Lots of presents
    • Max Uses per wipe: 3, Cooldown: 48 hours

    About Christmas

    Christmas (or Feast of the Nativity) is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, observed primarily on December 25 as a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world, but with the Christmas Cheer package, it's all about hoarding goodies and making your base look like Christmas all year round. Hear the sound of jingle bells, run outside and look for a gift, bash your Christmas presents with a bone club, find Santa hats and reindeer antlers, lick a candy cane club, and two types of stockings. If you hang a stocking inside your base when the jingle bells ring the stocking will fill up with loot. With this package you'll get all of the different Christmas items so you can set your base up for as a winter wonderland all ready for Santa and his elves to come visit!
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    Electrical Dream

    Want to experiment with electricity? This is for you! Electrocute yourself over and over! Here are all the features in this package:
    • 2 kits stocked full of electrical components
    • Generators providing unlimited electricity
    • Tesla Coils no longer take damage when used
    • Igniters no longer take damage when used
    • Max Uses per wipe: 3, Cooldown: 48 hours

    About Electricity

    Electricity is now a reality in Rust! With it comes a whole slew of new options for base defense, lighting, quality of life, and more. What ties electric items together, the Wire Tool is the Rust electrician's best friend. You craft the Wire Tool with High Quality Metal to facilitate the flow of electricity through various pieces of equipment. To work with wire, equip it and then left-click on an in or out port of one of the devices you’d like to connect (looks like an off white box). From there you can left-click on the wall to pin the wire and guide the wire to the other item you’d like to connect. Simply walk around to the other side of a wall and the wire will go straight through. Each run of wire is limited to a certain distance and connection points. The wire tool itself has a certain amount of wire available. First gather some power with Solar Panels, Wind Turbines or a generator. Once you have power, store it. That’s where batteries come into play. Next, use switches pressure pads, laser detectors or timers to toggle this electricity on and off. Mount them and hook up a wire to the input and output. After you have a power source, switch, and some wire, incorporate some logic by using an array of items such as a AND / OR / XOR Switches, Blockers, Counters, and Memory Cells. These combinations allow you to setup lighting, traps, tracking of players, and more. You can get as complicated or simple as you want. You can even use a wide range of radio frequency (or RF) devices you are covered. Radio frequency devices operate on a broadband of frequencies (1 to 9,999) set by you. Keep your frequency a secret though. Anyone can broadcast on any frequency. The wireless signals travel across the map, with no limit on range or number of devices such as RF Receivers, RF Transmitters, RF Broadcasters, and RF Pagers. Those are just some of the possibilities with the electrical system in Rust. Your ability to create circuits is endless! Make sure to check out other packages in the store and support your favorite Rust gaming server!  
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    Gallop King

    Like old school ground pound Rust with a horse? The Bumfuzzlertopia Gallop King package is for you! Spawn a horse complete with full armor and saddlebags! Here are all the features in this package:
    • 1 High-Quality Horse Shoes
    • 2 Saddlebags
    • 1 Roadsign Horse Armor
    • 1 Hitch & Trough
    • 25 corn
    • Spawn your own horse (/horse)
    • Max Uses per wipe: 3, Cooldown: 48 hours
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    Halloween Fear

    Feeling spooky? Scare your neighbors with this kit and maybe they won't raid you! Here are all the features in this package:
    • Halloween Outfit
    • Halloween Bags
    • Various Halloween Items
    • Halloween weapons
    • Max Uses per wipe: 3, Cooldown: 48 hours
    Make sure to check out other packages in the store and support your favorite Rust gaming server!
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    Warp Master

    Don't like limits? Warp Master is for you! Beam back and forth all day with new teleport abilities!
    • Set up to 8 (+5) homes locations!
    • Wait only 30 seconds between teleports!
    • Wait only 3 seconds for the teleport countdown!
    • Use '/tpb' to teleport back to your previous location immediately!