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Garbage, Deathmark, Challenge

Garbage, Deathmark, Challenge

For both Modtopia and Vanillatopia we had wipes last week! Along with that I have some updates and additions for you Bumfuzzlers to nibble on! Here’s a run down of what’s going on with the servers.

Raid Sympathy (Modtopia)

For those who don’t know, Raid Sympathy, is a custom plugin for Modtopia that gives people who were raidedd back a portion of the resources for destroyed items!

An issue was found where incorrect messages were being sent to players acting as if they were raided and had items to claim, but there were no items. That…was…a…bug! lol Now it’s fixed! Now you’ll only get messages if you were actually raided because we are boohooing with you and want to make you feel better 🙂

For some reason I don’t have notes on who reported that to me, but thank you!!

In-Game Store (Modtopia)

There were so many store icons that were missing. Most of them were related to the Skin Perks for some reason. I think originally the plugin would go out to the Steam workshop and get them, but then stopped? I dunno. Either way, I painfully made the images and uploaded them to my host, linked them and vwalaha! You have nice images to gander at!

Pickaxe Axe? (Modtopia)

For some reason (probably my mistake) there was a Stone Pickaxe that would spawn out in the world from time to time, with the skin of an axe! But it wasn’t an axe! It was a Stone Pickaxe! This caused some confusion since hitting a tree would cause the supposed axe to be destroyed in a matter of minutes.

I’ve since fixed this and now the Stone PickAxe will look and act like a Stone Pickaxe! Thanks soundklown for catching this!

NPC Challenge (Modtopia)

We’ve had a kit for the NPC Kill challenge (/pc) for some time, but unfortunately, there was no way to get it because it wasn’t working. Now when you type /pc, you’ll see it there and whoever kills the most zambies, gets the kit!

Thanks to soundklown for reminding me about it!

DeathMarker (Modtopia)

I’ve added a new plugin to the mix that will hopefully be easier to use than the /where command when you need to find your Bumfuzzlered corpse. Now all you have to do is launch your map using G and look for the yellow dot. There lies your mutilated body!

For some reason it doesn’t say ‘You died here’ like the picture above. I’ll try to figure out why at some point. For now just look for the yellow dot. It should stand out.

Rust Performance

A few of you have been having issues with Rust and it appears everyone is, but people with more monstrous computers are typically immune to them since their hardware can absorb it a bit better. It appears the issue has to do with GC or Garbage Collection.

Rust loads items into memory and really should release those items from memory at some point when they’re unneeded. Unfortunately Rust is like a clingy x-girlfriend who never lets go. This causes your computer to be overloaded with ‘Garbage’ until it chokes because it has no more memory available. Chances are at that point you’ll be kicked.

Fear not! There are a few things you can do to help the issue.

  • Press F8 to monitor your memory usage
    • Take note what the memory is at when you crash or get kicked

Go into the console (F1) and do the following:

  • Bind the global.free console command to a key by simply typing bind ‘key’ global.free
    • Just replace ‘key’ with the key of your choice like k or j or l
    • Use this new key to free up garbage before the memory gets to the level where you get kicked
    • Note that when you using global.free stuttering will occur so don’t do it during a squabble with a chicken.

I hope that helps! Thanks to soundklown for the testing on this. I’m hoping this will help those of you with challenged computers!

Zambie Increase (Modtopia)

A little birdy told me they couldn’t find zambies so I increased them ever so slightly. Now they will spawn in groups of 4 instead of 3, but the groups won’t grow every 30 seconds. Instead they’ll grow every 60. I’m thinking this might cut down any performance issues they could cause.

As always, thanks for playing on the servers and giving me feedback. I always appreciate it! Have fun out there Bumfuzzlers!


Skin Perks, Stacks, Loot

Skin Perks, Stacks, Loot

I’ve been dying to share this one with you Bumfuzzlers 🙂  We’ve got skins, super powers, new stacking abilities and loot adjustments! Let’s not waste any time 🙂

Skin Perks

There are skins, that will present themselves to you through normal loot, that have special powers. Yes, I said special powers 🙂 Some items will give you more damage to players, animals or buildings, others will give you more gathering rate, some will reduce the amount of resources you need to upgrade and they’ll even given you dodging ability. AND!!! they are cumulative meaning if you have more than one item, it will give you even more advantage!

Here are some of the Skin Perks:

American Sniper: Bolty with 2x damage to animals and players
Apache: Hatchet with 2x gather rate
Golden Claw: Pickaxe with 2x gather rate
Hellraiser: Assault Rifle with 2x damage to animals and players
Joker: Metal Facemask with 25% chance of dodging damage
Kryss: Longsword with 2x damage to animals and players
Scorched: Boots with 25% chance of dodging damage
Shark: Rocket Launcher with 2x damage to players, animals and buildings
Supreme: Hammer reducing resources required to upgrade by 50%

Get a good gander at how they look below. When you equip any of these items, it will let you know with a message.

I’ll be adding more, but this system is in testing so please let me know if you have any issues, have lag or anything else. Also, right now the chance you’ll get these is high. This may be adjusted as testing concludes. We’ll see!


Btw, we are the only server to have this setup because I’m working with the plugin author to test the way the items spawn in the world.

Stacks Extended

Thanks to the very generous donation from MattieMajestic, I was able to extend the stacking ability on the server.

  • Items that wouldn’t stack before like doors and corn, now do.
  • They’ll stack in higher numbers
  • Integrity of skins is observed. For instance, if you have multiple skins for doors, you won’t be able to stack them and in turn lose your unique skins.
  • You will save tons and tons of box and inventory space! 🙂

Loot Adjustments

As usual the loot is a major task and takes tweaking, but I made some progress due to some time I found from who knows where lol

  • SuperHeli, SuperBradley, Barrels and Boxes have much more improved, more unique items, better quality items and higher quantity.
  • There is more variance now so sometimes you’ll find 2 items in a barrel, sometimes 3. Same with other items.
  • I still have more work to do on this, but at least it’s now much better.

Thanks to all you Bumfuzzlers who patronize the server on a regular basis. I hope you’re having a blast and enjoy the new features I’m adding.

Please also check out our store and recognize that profits are going directly back into the server for improvements!