The Latest Rust Server News

Here you can find all the latest news about Rust Server changes on Bumfuzzlertopia and Bumfuzzlernilla. Knowing the background on configuration and plugin modifications will give you a clear advantage for playing through the wipe cycle.

  • Z Levels

Z Levels, Cooldowns, Raidable Bases

Z Levels reduced, charcoal production changes, a Night Lantern fix, removing respawn cooldowns, Raidable Base stability, loot weighting, and 10 new bases, recycler fixes at Dome, and more.

  • Social Media

Raid Shield, Social, Discord

Raid Shield tweaks, Discord announcements, Zombie increases, social media push, world size changes, Super Heli despawn changes and an upcoming wipe!

  • Moderator

Moderator, Sexy Kits, Tools

Raid Shield clarifications, balancing high-end tools, kit interface redesign, in-game store modifications, and a moderator joining the family. Read on!

  • Discord

Shield, Discord, Super Heli

Raid Shield fixes and version 3, Super Heli perks are alive, Raidable Base fixes, more security, Discord emojis, welcome screens, verification, and more!

  • Raid Shield

Raid Shield, Block, Storage

We've got some massive updates to Raid Shield, Raid Block updates, Storage Monitor expansions, and the wipe! Read on for all the good stuff!

  • Shield

Raid Shield, Walking, Monuments

Hey Bumfuzzlers, new one-of-a-kind custom feature called Raid Shield, the walking dead rise, Super Skin and Sliding Door fixes, zombie-free zones, noob protection extensions, raid base changes, expansion of monument zones, teleportation changes, upcoming wipe news, and more! Read on!

  • Storage

Storage, Boosted Bosses, Backpacks

Hey Bumfuzzlers! Got some pre-wipe updates for you. Nilla Info Screens, Raidable Base tweaks, Offline Sliding Doors, Backpack button, Dodge reductions, Boss improvements, Blocking commands, Storage Monitor expansion, and more! Read on!

  • Raiding

New Year, Raid, Authorization

Decay increases, building limit removal, safe zone hostility reduction, Jason and Freddy tweaks, raidable base improvements, raid block blocks, changes to weapon evolution, super skin combos, authorization, corpse time, the wipe and so much more! Read on!