Vanilla feel with Nachos and Extra Cheese

Bumfuzzlernilla ( is for the pure Rust player at heart who just wants a little bit more than Rust provides. There are a few chocolate sprinkles in the default vanilla to give that extra zing.  

vanilla rust Bumfuzzlernilla
  • Purchase Raidable Bases

  • Reduced Decay

  • 30 Loyalty Level Unlocks

  • Dig up Buried Treasure Chests

  • Epic Plane Crash Event

  • Persistent Player Statistics

  • Super Bradley Challenge

  • Aimbot & Hack Protection

Join the server now! There are so many more exciting features! 

”I LOVE this Bumfuzzler server.

Thank you America.” – Haunted

Starter (Automatic Access)

From the first time you join, you’ll have access to all of these plugins automatically.

  • Treasure maps lead to buried treasure, gold coins are used in the store (!treasure)
  • Furnace splitting allows you to auto-split resources in furnaces for faster smelting
  • Receive subscriber packages for subscribing to the website (/kit)
  • Earn points for game time, unlocking new levels and perks (/prestige)
  • Receive sympathy when you’re raided and get back some resources (/sympathy)

Level 0 (Newborn – 1 loyalty point)

Level 1 (Inhabitant – 5 loyalty points)

Level 5 (Native – 30 loyalty points)

Level 7 (Seasoned – 60 loyalty points)

Level 8 (Recognized – 100 loyalty points)

Level 14 (Warhorse – 1,500 loyalty points)

Level 15 (Veteran – 2,000 loyalty points)