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We appreciate that Bumfuzzler’s passion to make us #1 in the Rust Server rankings and we want to reward you for it! Simply vote and then type /claim in chat any of the servers. You’ll be rewarded with loot! You can only vote once per day, but as you vote more and more you get more and more!

Loot increases after voting 25 times, 50 times, and 100 times!

You’ll make Bumfuzzler servers the #1 Rust Servers on and get goodies too!

““I’ve never played on a server like this one.

I <3 Bumfuzzler ” – ironGrandy

Unique Rust Server Experience

Bumfuzzler servers have an extremely unique feature set that you won’t find on any other Rust Server! Thoughtful features like Raid Sympathy help you up after you’ve been raided, while Super Skins give you boosts in damage, help you dodge life-threatening attacks, and allow you to put together equipment combos for extra bonuses! Bumfuzzler servers provide a smooth, amazingly, deep, feature-rich experience that is unlike any other server out there. Check out some of our unique features that will make you play with us every wipe.

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Why we’re your #1 Rust Server

  • Earn access to powerful abilities via 30 Prestige Level Unlocks gained for playtime

  • Grab up valuable loot from firework displays blooming over monuments

  • Receive monument kits by finding and conquering special events

  • Receive damage multipliers and dodge attacks with Superskin charged items

  • Collect quest items from zombie hordes roaming the island looking for tasty flesh

  • Quickly get on your feet after a raid with sympathy resources for what’s destroyed

  • So many more features, really must see for yourself

“This server has the be the best server in the history

of Rust servers. And trust me, I know Rust servers”   

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Thank you for making Bumfuzzlertopia your favorite Rust Server. This awesome community is so appreciated. Your feedback and support is a continued inspiration for what drives Bumfuzzlertopia to be at it’s best. Keep being awesome Bumfuzzlers!