Skullcrush, Pills, Moolah

What's up Bumfuzzlers! I've got some server updates for you! We've got barrels of money, radiation pill boosting and skull crushing humiliation! Read on for more info! Money Barrels (Modtopia) A while back players had [...]

Improved NPC, Cheer, Prestige

There's been lots of changes over the past week or two with the configuration of the server so I wanted to get a post out there to make sure all you Bumfuzzlers were aware! Monument [...]

Animals, Autokits, Forums

Before the upcoming wipe on Thursday, I've got a few updates for you Bumfuzzlers. Mostly they're just tweaks and adjustments, but important to recognize nonetheless! Here we go! Bumfuzzler Forums I've made a few updates [...]

Sort, Skin Perks, Research

As always Bumfuzzlers, we have lots of goodies for you! Absolute Sorter If you've got OCD or just like to have your loot in order, you're going to love this plugin. You can specify what [...]

Rafts, Decay, Turret Locks

Bumfuzzler! Got some really awesome toys for all of you! Rafts Yeah you heard me :) Rafts. Ahoy yee Bumfuzzlers! :) Make your own house boat and sail around the world like the Bumfuzzler you [...]

Crash, Santa, Nerfs

I've made a few changes to the server in recent days and wanted to keep you up to date! Check it out Bumfuzzlers! North Pole Thanks to soundklown, one of our resident Bumfuzzler VIPs, some [...]

More Skin, Turret Info

I've got some more goodies Bumfuzzlers! VIP levels have a new plugin to see AutoTurret activity and we have a bunch more skins to discover in the world full of damage, dodge and gather perks! [...]

Auto, Code Lock, Plugin

We've got a new plugin that will no doubt make all of you Bumfuzzlers grin from ear to ear with glee! It saves so much time when placing doors I can't even begin to tell [...]

Subscribe Kit, Turbo, Spawns

I've been Bumfuzzlering again Bumfuzzlers and because of that, you've got some new awesome game play goodies coming your way! Here's the low down! RANDOM SPAWN POINTS Added Random Spawns plugin! Now up to 1,250 [...]

Autodoors, RaidNotes & Bots

Been working on a few things here and there and listening to feedback! Please give me all you got! I'll do my best. Autodoors - by default it's off, but if you type /ad [time] [...]

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