Year, Flare Gun, Quest

Happy New Year Bumfuzzlers! I wish you, your friends and family the best possible 2018! To ring in the new year I have a bunch of server updates for you! Please enjoy! Flare Gun Now [...]

Refuel, Perk Kits, Run

Updates abound my good Bumfuzzlers! There are new skin perk kits, an exciting new SuperHeli event and Running Man changes! Read on! Skin Perk Kits A couple of you have been asking me to add [...]

Sort, Skin Perks, Research

As always Bumfuzzlers, we have lots of goodies for you! Absolute Sorter If you've got OCD or just like to have your loot in order, you're going to love this plugin. You can specify what [...]

Decay, Decay, Rarity

Howdy Bumfuzzlers! I have an update for you sooner than expected, but nonetheless chock-full-of-goodnesses. Building Decay I couldn't put off changing decay until the next wipe as planned due to some extraordinary building patterns I've [...]

Rafts, Decay, Turret Locks

Bumfuzzler! Got some really awesome toys for all of you! Rafts Yeah you heard me :) Rafts. Ahoy yee Bumfuzzlers! :) Make your own house boat and sail around the world like the Bumfuzzler you [...]

Perks, Plane Crash, Trump

We've got a couple of awesome updates for you Bumfuzzlers! Let's get to it! Plane Crash From time to time, a low flying cargo plane will spawn. If you can hit it with a rocket [...]

Clans, Reborn, UI

I've just added a major update for clans! If you have a clan or just create groups for your friends or want to have friends at some point in your life lol you'll like this! [...]

Friends, Perks, Elves

I've got some updates for you Bumfuzzlers! Here's a list of some recent additions to the server! Skin Perks I've added 6 more Skin Perks to the server and my hope is you'll find them [...]

Discord, Presents, Airdrop

Quick update for you Bumfuzzlers on some of the latest changes to the server! Christmas Santa is coming so you all better be good! He's keeping track! :) In the meantime, stockings were nerfed a [...]

More Skin, Turret Info

I've got some more goodies Bumfuzzlers! VIP levels have a new plugin to see AutoTurret activity and we have a bunch more skins to discover in the world full of damage, dodge and gather perks! [...]

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