Flares, Lights, Action

Woo! It must be Christmas cause there's lots of goodies! Flares, Flashlights, Garland and now you can admire your new Skin Perk Weapons! As always see my favorite changes highlighted below. Devblog 191 December [...]

Fireplaces, Frosty, Xmas Lights

The Thursday patch proves to be a merry one focusing on getting all of you Bumfuzzlers in the Christmas spirit! Get a load of all the new Christmas goodies!     Here's a patch overview [...]

Building, Junk, Cupboard

Woohoo Bumfuzzlers! It's a wipe! and a giant update that will surely be game changing! We've got building 3.0! The Junkyard monument is in and hopefully spawned on the new map I chose for the wipe. [...]

Outlines, Nades, Sounds

A bit of a light Thursday patch Bumfuzzlers, but it's a patch nonetheless! There's certainly some polishing going on and it's probably light in preparation for next week's wipe patch.  With this patch we've got [...]

Bulletproof, Panels, Minigame

Thanksgiving is no exception Bumfuzzlers! The patches must flow and flow they have :) That post image is from the upcoming monument called The Junkyard. It looks pretty awesome and a great idea. Seems like [...]

Research, Hairy, Sounds

Thursday has come around and it's patch time Bumfuzzlers! And we have some goodies like new sounds, new looks and cheaper researching! Here's a list of all the updates including. My favorites are highlighted, but [...]

Nailgun, Icebergs, Biomes

New patch and new forced wipe! Blueprints stayed in place due to a glitch so enjoy those you veteran Bumfuzzlers! This week packs some goodies for sure! We've got icebergs, a new biome layout for [...]

Garage, Spooky, Perform

Thursday's patch is here and there's a couple of goodies in there, but mostly performance updates which can never go wrong. The Garage Door gets my vote as the best feature of the week, but [...]

BBQ, New Faces, Hair

Howdy Bumfuzzlers! It's Thursday which means patch! It's the second week of the month which means wipe! (Don't worry, I didn't wipe the blueprints. I'll do that on the first wipe of the month only) [...]

Coords, Elite Drop, Stone Spear

As always, Thursday brings updates and while there's not anything major, here are several smaller updates that may add up to something good. I'm interested to see the new Map Coordinate feature for instance. Also [...]

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