A bit of a light Thursday patch Bumfuzzlers, but it’s a patch nonetheless! There’s certainly some polishing going on and it’s probably light in preparation for next week’s wipe patch. 

With this patch we’ve got outlines around items. Much easier to find the goodies in the grass for sure!

Riding horses and driving cars should be a lot smoother as you can see in this video clip.

The admire animations are getting closer to completion!

And apparently there will be a new Quarry monument coming our way soon among a few other goodies.

The world outlines are certainly a great add. I can’t remember how many times I’ve lost items in the grass! Grenade mechanics were changed too, but it seems like a bit of a lazy change. I personally enjoy cooking ‘nades 🙁

Devblog 188 November 30 2017

  • NEW Add ignite and extinguish sounds to campfire and furnace
  • NEW Add turn on and turn off sounds to the ceiling light
  • NEW Added worldmodel outlines
  • UPDATED Lots of misc sound tweaks and polish
  • UPDATED EAC SDK update
  • UPDATED Stricter dropbox placement
  • UPDATED Python is now skinnable
  • UPDATED Reduced aim sway on semi auto weapons
  • UPDATED Finalized recoil design for semi auto weapons
  • UPDATED Grenades pinpull and throw happens much faster
  • UPDATED Stance recoil only active when moving or after first shot
  • UPDATED Grenades always throw at max velocity (farther)
  • FIXED Fix dark sign painting UI
  • FIXED Fixed reflections on hair shader
  • FIXED Fixed tree minigame X appearing too low
  • FIXED Fixed thompson having too much aimcone
  • FIXED Fixed delay/jitter of mounted objects
  • FIXED Fixed weird satchel behavior