Hi Bumfuzzlers! I know I just posted, but I wanted to get another post out now due to Father’s Day. There’s a couple of other topics here too, but I didn’t want to miss the holiday! Other topics are teleports on Bumfuzzlerbuild, the current state of Bumfuzzlernilla, and fixes to the Subscription feature. Read on brother Bumfuzzlers!

Thanks to Fathers

To all you Bumfuzzlers out there who are Fathers…

I wish you a very happy Father’s Day and hope you recognize how important you are. Today’s society doesn’t necessary make Fatherhood a big deal, but it really should. Your importance has grown to be devastatingly underrated and ignored in favor of the convenient narrative that anyone can fill your role. This is complete garbage.

The world has gone from shows like ‘Father knows Best’ to making fools out of Dads in shows and commercials. Single women on talk shows suggest they are both a Mother and Father as if they’d have even a remote clue of what a Father is. The laws, of at least the United States, suggest Mothers are dramatically more important without considering that maybe at least they are equally important.

Without Fathers in a child’s life the likelihood of so many negatives goes up. Greater risk of poverty, infant mortality, children growing up to commit crime and go to prison, become pregnant as a teen, face abuse and neglect, abuse drugs and alcohol, suffer obesity, drop out of school and more – and the stats back that up.

So, if no one else appreciates what you do, understand that I, Bumfuzzler, the Father of many, recognize all you do and I salute you! Keep it up!

Build Teleports

Previously on Bumfuzzlerbuild, you couldn’t teleport for certain reasons.


For instance, if you were cold, bleeding, etc.

This makes sense on PVP servers, but on Bumfuzzlerbuild which is a PVE server, it doesn’t make much sense.

So, now certain conditions will no longer prevent teleporting.

Thanks to Gidion76 for the feedback.

Subscription Process

It appears there was a couple of bugs in the subscription process.

Website Design Subscribe

For one, the subscribe page gave an error on submission and then once complete, the kit wasn’t delivered!

Now that should all work well.

Thanks to Gidion76 for the feedback.

Bumfuzzlernilla Vanilla

I love the Vanilla, and I know a few of you do as well.

Vanilla Ice Cream

However, it’s not just a low pop server. It’s an almost non-existent pop server. Since March 25th, which is 85 days ago, there have been 30 people who joined.

Given the fact that I run all the servers on one box, this means Bumfuzzlernilla uses resources that might otherwise go to the others. Now, I’m not sure they need the resources cause it’s a fairly beefy box, but there are certainly times when each server affects the others such as restarts and heavy traffic.

For now, I am going to bring down Bumfuzzlernilla. It makes no point for me to manage it if no one is playing on it and for it to use resources the other servers would otherwise leverage. I urge those who play on Bumfuzzlernilla to give Bumfuzzlertopia or Bumfuzzlernation a try. They certainly aren’t vanilla feel, but they do have a Bumfuzzler feel.


Here’s the wipe schedule for the near future.


  • Today – I’ll be wiping Bumfuzzlerbuild as I realize now it was meant to wipe last Sunday.
  • Thursday July 6th – All servers will wipe due to Facepunch dropping it’s typical patch.

Have fun out there and as usual, please know I deeply appreciate the loyalty you all show to the servers all these years.

Here’s some of what’s ongoing in the Rust community: