Tastefully Balanced National Pride

Bumfuzzlernation [] is an extremely unique Rust experience you won’t find anywhere else. Custom plugins, painstakingly crafted configurations, a  loyal community, and active admins will become your new favorite. Keeps the core Rust gameplay intact, but simply layers logical extensions to Facepunch‘s originally intended design. 

tastefully balanced Bumfuzzlernation
  • 3 x Gather Rates, Build Quicker

  • Bi-weekly Thursday Wipe Schedule

  • Blueprints remain all month

  • Low Decay, twice as slow

  • Custom Monuments, Trump Tower

  • Super Skin Damage, Dodge & Gather

  • Weapon Evolution, kill upgrades

  • Super Heli & Super Bradley

  • Zombies Wander the Countryside

  • 3 x Loot, Craft & Gear up Quicker

  • 5 Team Member Max

  • Firework Display Resource Drops

  • Raid Sympathy Refunds Give Back

  • Bosses, Jason Voorhees, Freddy

  • Dig up Buried Treasure Chests

  • Leaderboard Driven Kits, Stats

  • Subscriber & Voter Rewards

So many more exciting features!

“I jumped on here for the hell of 

it, but now I absolutely 

LOVE this server.” – Osmosis Jones