Builder Paradise of Bumfuzzler Proportions

Bumfuzzlerbuild ( is for the builder who wants the perfect Rust paradise to create the bases of their dreams. Relax by smacking a couple of rocks after a long day of work while keeping it interesting with challenging zombies, bosses, NPCs, and purchasable raids.  

builder Rust Bumfuzzlerbuild
  • Purchase Raidable Bases

  • Reduced Decay

  • 30 Loyalty Level Unlocks

  • Dig up Buried Treasure Chests

  • Epic Plane Crash Event

  • Persistent Player Statistics

  • Super Bradley Challenge

  • Aimbot & Hack Protection

  • Warp to Monuments

Join the server now! There are so many more exciting features! 

”I LOVE this Bumfuzzler server.

Thank you America.” – Haunted