Hey Bumfuzzlers! I have a bunch of updates for ya! We have new SuperSkins, Zlevel changes, teleportation and home improvements, Herb mixing speed unlocks, new shop functionality, building skins, flood changes, hosting moves, performance improvements, dank memer, loot protections, build purge changes, subscriber updates, more packages available on Bumfuzzlernilla, stacking changes and upcoming wipes and Rust news! Read on!

Shambels Soup

A while back, Mr. Fatman created a new skin for satchel charges.

Shambels Soup Super Skin

Now it’s a Super Skin!

You can find it out in the wild on all servers and it’ll do 1.5x damage.


Thanks Fatman for the skin. It’s very cool!


Auto Code Locking

It appears in some cases, auto code locks weren’t being placed. I figured out why.

Door Lock

A recent update to the plugin added a really nice user interface (/codelock), but it also made it so the options were turned off by default.

I’ve just set it (I hope) so the default is on if you have the permission, but just in case it doesn’t work, please type /codelock and check off the options you would like to use.

Hopefully this will fix the issue for you.

Thanks to Kreeperlink for the heads up about this not working.


Building Skins

You can now beautify your base by choosing your default structure skins.

Deck Wood Foundation

Once you reach Level 17 (/prestige) you’ll gain access to building skins (/bskins) which will allow you to set your default structure skins for stone and metal – adobe or shipping container respectively.

Admittedly it is a little confusing so I’ll explain – and I’ve asked the author of the plugin to change this.

Once you type /bskin you’ll get the following window.

It seems counter intuitive, and it’s most likely a bug, but you’ll want to change the ‘default skin’ from the adobe and shipping container skins to stone and sheet metal like I have it above. Once you do this, when you build/upgrade, it’ll be set to give you the skins ‘other’ than what you have selected there. Yeah, I know. Weird right?

Enjoy prettying up your bases!


Supply Signal Ownage

There’s been stories of people having air drops stolen on Bumfuzzlerbuild.

Airdrop Smoke Signal

Now if you toss the supply signal, you’re the owner. Only you can loot the drop now.

Thanks to [army]Shooky for the feedback


Monument Warping

With the latest update to Teleportation, it seems fitting Bumfuzzlerbuild would have warps to monuments.

Monument Paracuting

Now on Bumfuzzlerbuild you’ll have the ability to teleport directly to monuments.

Simply type /warp to bring up the warp menu.

Here’s the rundown on the Prestige levels for warp levels:

  • Everyone
    • Unlimited Warp Requests
    • 1 hour cooldown
    • 60 second countdown
  • Level 14 (Warhorse)
    • Unlimited Warp Requests
    • 30 minute cooldown
    • 30 second countdown
  • Level 21 (Loyalist)
    • Unlimited Warp Requests
    • 15 minute cooldown
    • 10 second countdown
  • Level 23 (Patriot)
    • Unlimited Warp Requests
    • 5 minute cooldown
    • 5 second countdown
  • Level 27 (Iconic)
    • Unlimited Warp Requests
    • 1 minute cooldown
    • 2 second countdown

To check your level and what you have access to, type /prestige.

Zlevel Changes

For a long time Zlevels have been a major part of Bumfuzzlertopia.

Wood Pile

Well, they still are, but I’m making a major change to the way they work.

Going forward, the levels will reset to 0 on the 1st Thursday of the month wipe – not the middle wipe that happens on the 3rd Thursday.

My reasoning is that these levels are a bit unfair for new players in that they may start at level 1 only to have multiple opponents at level 50. This is a serious disadvantage.

The other reason is that I think veterans may have lost the fun of Zlevels which is to level them up.

You can expect levels to go up much faster. My goal is to allow players to reach level 50 within 2 weeks of gameplay.


Bumfuzzlerbuild Building

The other day someone decided to take advantage of a hole in the PVE building server which I had to plug.

Chill Zone Meal

The player built twig all around a player’s base which prevented them from building any further. This is a feature of Rust to allow some raiding tools, but of course Bumfuzzlerbuild doesn’t allow raiding as it’s PVE so this is a major issue.

Well, it’s solved now.

Now players are unable to place ladders and twig structures inside another players TC zone.

Thanks to crz for pointing out this situation.


Teleportation & Homes

Teleportation and home management have gotten a facelift.


If you type /tp or /home it’ll bring you to a new interface that makes things a lot easier.

It makes it easy to send a teleport request or to accept as well as adding and managing homes.



Toxic Dragon Furnace

Someone mentioned they liked this furnace skin.

Snake Skin

So I added it to /skinbox so it’s now easily chosen.

Toxic Dragon Furnace

Thanks to C_Bill for the suggestion.


Server Restart Changes

I’ve changed up the times on the server restarts a little.

Messy Server Room

I’ve changed it so servers restarted once instead of twice and they all restart 3 hours apart throughout the morning.

Here are the times:

  • Bumfuzzlernilla at 2AM EST
  • Bumfuzzlernation at 5AM EST
  • Bumfuzzlertopia at 8AM EST
  • Bumfuzzlerbuild at 11AM EST

Don’t forget if you’re around for the restart, you’ll get rewarded with SuperSkins for rejoining just after!


Herb Mixing Speed

When you want your herb, you want your herb!

Now when you hit Level 18 (/prestige) your mixing time for herb will be decreased by 50%!

This perk is for all servers except Bumfuzzlernilla.

Thanks for the suggestion C_Bill!


Shop Check Out

Many of you have asked for better options in the Bumfuzzler.net shop specifically around payment methods and languages.


The only payment method that’s existed for quite some time is PayPal and I understand not everyone is a fan – including me.

Last month, I expanded the shop to provide a whole host of new features that I’m sure you’ll appreciate.

  • Localization support now provides over 30 languages
  • Provides roughly 50 different payment methods instead of just PayPal
    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • American Express
    • PayPal
    • Various gift cards
    • and many, many more!

Hopefully this makes using the shop more flexible. I know a lot of people weren’t thrilled with using PayPal.

Check out what we have available in the shop and support the server!

I truly appreciate all the support we receive!



Flood Joining

It can be a bit messy if you join while the world is flooding.


For one, you’re surprised you’re immediately drowning lol

Going forward, until the world has finished flooding, you’ll be put in the queue when joining.

Once the world is done flooding, you’ll be able to join. This way you’ll spawn on solid ground.

Also, when the world floods, you’ll receive a horsey inner tube 🙂 Enjoy.


Bumfuzzler Hosting

I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.


Ever since I created Bumfuzzlernation and started to move Bumfuzzerlnilla over to the new hosting, I’ve wanted to move Bumfuzzlertopia, but that’s the server that started it all so due to sensitivity I waited. I didn’t want to bother the faithful Bumfuzzlers who love the server.

Thing is, the hosting I was using made it hard to run the server the way I wanted to and was costing me $$$ a year. That expense doesn’t make sense when I can host all the servers on the one new host I put Bumfuzzlernation and Bumfuzzlerbuild onto.

The move went well, all settings were carried over and it been working like charm since.

I expect far higher uptime with the new host.

If you find any issues let me know.


Map Saves

The timing of map saves has changed over time, mostly due to the performance issues on the servers.

Globe Map

Issues with the old host forced me to save maps relatively frequently like every 3 minutes. Unfortunately, this isn’t good for performance.

Now that Bumfuzzlertopia and Bumfuzzlernilla have moved to the new host and all of the servers are there too, I’ve changed the map save timer to 15 minutes.

I’m confident the server will enjoy better uptime and crash less so I’m less worried about you losing your progress.

Of course, when things do crash, and with Rust, that is sure to happen at some point, you could lose up to 15 minutes of gameplay. Let’s hope that’s rare.

Thanks to C_Bill for the feedback.


Dank Memer

I thought I’d add a bit more fun to the Discord server.


Dank Memer allows you to easily post memes, either random or deliberate and it has a ton of features, games, etc.

Check out information on how to use this new bot or check out a list of commands or simply type /help in the new Dank Member channel. You can find it under Chat > Dank-Memer.



Loot Protection

For Bumfuzzlerbuild, being a PVE server, players shouldn’t really be able to loot each other, but sometimes they could.

Loot Treasure

I’ve added functionality that will prevent players from looting sleepers, corpses, or backpacks of other players.

This should protect quite a bit, but just a warning – protect your stuff with locks. If there’s an open door with an open box another player can and likely will take your things.

Enjoy out there!


Auto Purge

On Bumfuzzlerbuild, since bases can get large pushing entity counts high, there’s an auto-purge feature.

Deck Wood Foundation

Auto-purge originally would remove any base owned by a player inactive for 4 days.

I saw a few people surprised to find their base gone, so now I’ve changed from 4 to 7 days.

I expect players who care about their base to be active within a week’s time.



Shouldn’t it flood everywhere?


Now on Bumfuzzlernilla, every so often, a bad storm will roll in. Be careful in the valley!

You can expect to get fair warming, eventually hear an air horn, see messages, and then the world will flood! Not completely of course, just partially. You may want to rethink that coastal summer home.


Pirate Booty

Players on Bumfuzzlernilla want to be pirates too – even if ninjas are better.

Pirate Booty

I’ve extended the Pirate Booty package to players on Bumfuzzlernilla with slight differences.

Here’s what you’ll get.

Here are all the features in this package:
(Available on all Bumfuzzler servers)

  • Build water bases up to 400m from shore
  • Build water bases using up to 64 foundations
  • Rowboats, Rhibs, and Submarines have unlimited fuel
  • Rowboats, Rhibs, and Submarines no longer decay
  • Kayaks, Rowboats, Rhibs, and Submarines have 8 rows of storage (48 slots)
  • Kayaks and Duo Submarines have 2 additional stashes
  • Rhibs now have an additional 3 boxes
  • Solo Submarines now have 1 additional stash
  • Oxygen bar displays air levels when diving (/diving)
  • Ability to set oxygen level alerts for diving (/diving)
  • Claim ownership of submarines (/vclaim, /vunclaim)

Here are all the features in this package (/kit):
(Available on all Bumfuzzler servers)

  • Pirate Outfit
  • 4 skull door knockers
  • 4 large candle sets
  • 4 small candle sets
  • 8 cobwebs
  • 2 Skull trophies
  • 1 human enemy skull to crush

Here are the features in this package (/kit):
(Not available on Bumfuzzlernilla)

  • 4 large wooden Pirate boxes (style 1)
  • 4 large wooden Pirate boxes (style 2)
  • 4 small wooden Pirate boxes
  • 4 sheet metal Pirate doors (style 1)
  • 4 sheet metal Pirate doors (style 2)
  • 8 Pirate rugs
  • 4 Pirate bear rugs
  • 2 hobo barrels
  • 2 Coffin boxes

So in essence, I’m trying to ensure people purchasing packages have them available on all servers in case they want to jump around, but I don’t want to violate the ‘Vanilla-like’ feel.



Subscriber Redesign

Not a major change related to the servers, but hey, an improvement is an improvement!

Soldier Saluting the Flag

I’ve redesigned the subscriber page’s form, the e-mail that subscribers will receive afterward, and the e-mail that subscribers will receive when a new blog entry is posted.

If you haven’t subscribed, I highly recommend it as it gives you the subscriber kit – free airdrops!

If you haven’t already subscribed, and you want the subscriber kit, go get it! 🙂 Not only do you receive goodies on your favorite Bumfuzzler server, but you’ll stay up to date on all the latest happenings.


Stacking Items

I made some changes to stacks to support newer objects and change some older situations.

Brick Wall

Here’s a rundown of the new stacking for each server:


  • “bluedogtags”: 6000
  • “concretehatchet”: 6000
  • “concretepickaxe”: 6000
  • “hmlmg”: 6000
  • “locomotive”: 6000
  • “lumberjack.hatchet”: 6000
  • “lumberjack.pickaxe”: 6000
  • “mace.baseballbat”: 6000
  • “metal.facemask.hockey”: 6000
  • “reddogtags”: 6000
  • “skylantern”: 6000
  • “skylantern.skylantern.green”: 6000
  • “skylantern.skylantern.orange”: 6000
  • “skylantern.skylantern.purple”: 6000
  • “skylantern.skylantern.red”: 6000
  • “torch.torch.skull”: 6000
  • “trophy”: 6000
  • “wagon”: 6000
  • “chocolate”: 6000
  • “chair.icethrone”: 6000
  • “electric.furnace”: 6000
  • “gingerbreadsuit”: 6000
  • “hat.rabbitmask”: 6000
  • “hazmatsuit.lumberjack”: 6000
  • “industrial.combiner”: 6000
  • “industrial.conveyor”: 6000
  • “industrial.crafter”: 6000
  • “industrial.splitter”: 6000
  • “metal.facemask.icemask”: 6000
  • “metal.plate.torso.icevest”: 6000
  • “pipetool”: 6000
  • “pistol.prototype17”: 6000
  • “storageadaptor”: 6000
  • “weapon.mod.burstmodule”: 6000

Bumfuzzlertopia and Bumfuzzlernation

  • “skylantern”: 256
  • “skylantern.skylantern.green”: 256
  • “skylantern.skylantern.orange”: 256
  • “skylantern.skylantern.purple”: 256
  • “skylantern.skylantern.red”: 256
  • “chocolate”: 256
  • “chair.icethrone”: 256
  • “electric.furnace”: 256
  • “gingerbreadsuit”: 256
  • “hat.rabbitmask”: 256
  • “hazmatsuit.lumberjack”: 256
  • “industrial.combiner”: 256
  • “industrial.conveyor”: 256
  • “industrial.crafter”: 256
  • “industrial.splitter”: 256
  • “metal.facemask.icemask”: 256
  • “metal.plate.torso.icevest”: 256
  • “pipetool”: 256
  • “pistol.prototype17”: 256
  • “storageadaptor”: 256
  • “weapon.mod.burstmodule”: 256


  • “chocolate”: 20
  • “chair.icethrone”: default
  • “electric.furnace”: default
  • “gingerbreadsuit”: default
  • “hat.rabbitmask”: default
  • “hazmatsuit.lumberjack”: default
  • “industrial.combiner”: default
  • “industrial.conveyor”: default
  • “industrial.crafter”: default
  • “industrial.splitter”: default
  • “metal.facemask.icemask”: default
  • “metal.plate.torso.icevest”: default
  • “pipetool”: default
  • “pistol.prototype17”: default
  • “storageadaptor”: default
  • “weapon.mod.burstmodule”: default

I’ve also changed F1 Grenades to stack at whatever count Satchel Charges use on the respective server.

Thanks to C_Bill and others who have bought this up in the past.

Thanks SINDIKAT for pointing out new items didn’t stack.



Here’s the wipe schedule for the near future.


  • Bumfuzzlerbuild wipes today – 6/11
  • Bumfuzzlernation wipes Tuesday – 6/13
  • Bumfuzzlertopia wipe Thursday – 6/15
  • All servers wipe Thursday – 7/6

As always I’ll post in Discord when the wipe happens.

Have fun out there!

As always thanks to all you Bumfuzzlers who are ever so faithful and supporting. I leave you with some various Rust news.