Hey Bumfuzzlers! Map size changes, new referral rewards, personal raids, jackhammer & chainsaw super skins, storage improvements, inventory on death, and so much more! Read on!

Rewards for Referrals

Many of you bring players to the server, and that’s really appreciated, but now you’ll get a little more appreciation.


There’s a brand new referral system that allows you to invite players and get rewards if those invited players reach certain achievements.

Here’s how it works:

  • You ask someone to join the server
  • Once they join, you type /ref invite <name>
  • They type /ref accept

Now, depending on the server there will be different requirements and slightly different rewards.

  • Bumfuzzlernilla
    • The invitee must play for 5 hours and gather 50,000 resources
  • Bumfuzzlernation & Bumfuzzlertopia
    • The invitee must play for 5 hours and gather 100,000 resources
  • Bumfuzzlerbuild
    • The invitee must play for 5 hours and gather 500,000 resources

On all servers, both the inviter and invitee get the following items:

  • 100 loyalty points
  • Yankee Uniform Super Skin Combo
  • Panda Bear 2x Assault Rifle
  • Black Widow 2x Long Sword
  • Sergeant 1.5x Pickaxe
  • Love Hurts 1.5x Hatchet
  • Bumfuzzlernilla, Bumfuzzlernation, and Bumfuzzlertopia give 3 supply signals
  • Bumfuzzlerbuild gives 7 supply signals

That’s a pretty nice set of rewards!

Players can invite up to 8 other players.

To check out the interface, type /ref and invite all your friends!


Facepunch added a couple of new items a few patches ago.

Brick Wall

The Flash Bang and Molotov Cocktail now stack on all servers.

In other stacking news, on Bumfuzzlerbuild I’ve made everything stack to 6,000.

Thanks to Tezza9899 – NUG and bo2scooby for the feedback.

Supply Signals

On Bumfuzzlerbuild I’ve made a change to supply signals.

Plane Cargo Drop

Going forward you won’t find supply signals spawning in the loot.

You will however find supply crates falling from the sky periodically.

Thanks to VanillaGorilla219 for the feedback.


There have been some performance issues with the server Bumfuzzlernilla was hosted on.


The server didn’t have a lot of memory and with each patch, Rust requires more or less memory. This was causing stability issues with the server and it’s recently been crashing since it’s running out of memory – depending on the patch.

To resolve this I initially tried to reduce the number of plugins that were running on the server, but lately, it never seems like it’s enough and it’s causing the server to be configured in a way I never wanted.

Then I started disabling several plugins related to packages in the shop. Prior to now, if you purchased packages in the shop, they would work on all Bumfuzzler servers. Many of them, but not all, worked on Bumfuzzlernilla. I really didn’t want to do that as it gives players less value.

Then I disabled a lot of admin plugins that I need to manage the server. That didn’t seem like enough either.

I got tired of watching the server crash and burn every other day so I took it down and moved it over to the same server Bumfuzzlernation and Bumfuzzlerbuild are on. I got sick of keeping up the hope that the next patch would help.

You can find Bumfuzzlernilla now at showing as Bumfuzzlernilla in the Rust browser.

The old server in an attempt to make it useful is now running in Hardcore mode. You can find that server in your listing as Bumfuzzlercore at

If you have issues connecting, check out this article to give you info on how to connect.



As mentioned, Bumfuzzlernilla’s old location is now running in Hardcore mode.


In case you’re not familiar with Hardcore mode, here’s what you can expect:

  • The team system was disabled
  • Disabled the map for both the G key and the death screen. No way to see your last death location either
  • Removed safe zones
  • Removed peacekeeper NPCs and sentries from “safe zone” monuments
  • Global chat is now disabled
  • Added local chat instead. Displays messages from players that are near you within a radius of 100 meters
  • Compass is now disabled
  • Contacts are now disabled. The game does not remember players you’ve seen, and you can’t mark any of them as friendlies or enemies
  • Rust+ and its features are now disabled
  • Disabled crawling when wounded
  • Map seed is no longer sent to Steam servers and won’t show up in F1 menu
  • Hardcore servers will wipe both map and blueprints each month
  • Max amount of sleeping bags for each player is now limited to 5

You can find the server at Have fun!


Car Genius Storage

The Car Genius package gets an increase in storage capacity.

Car LIft

Now instead of the previous 7 rows and 42 slots, you’ll have 8 rows and 48 slots!

Not bad considering I believe the default is 2 rows and 12 slots.

You can pick up the Car Genius package over at the store to support the server.

Here are some of the other features in Car Genius:

  • Spawn your own car (/mycar 2|3|4) cooldown 2 hrs
  • Call car to your location (/mycar fetch) cooldown 60 sec
  • Ability to destroy your car (/mycar destroy)
  • Show a list of presets (/mycar common list)
  • Modify car w/presets  (/mycar common load <name>)
  • Claim ownership of a car (/vclaim, /vunclaim)
  • Unlimited car fuel
  • Car does not decay
  • Car automatically starts its engine
  • Car spawns with tier 3 engine parts
  • Car storage increased to 8 rows per storage module (48 slots)

Some nice features indeed!

Inventory on Death

Maybe it doesn’t make sense to lose your inventory when you die on Bumfuzzlerbuild.


I’ve made it so, that as you level up, you’ll unlock different perks which will help you hold on to your inventory.

  • Level 6: Retain 25% of your inventory on death
  • Level 9: Retain 50% of your inventory on death
  • Level 18: Retain 75% of your inventory on death
  • Level 21: Keep your backpack after death
  • Level 22: Retain 100% of your inventory on death

Thanks Willow for the feedback.

Pirate Booty Storage

The Pirate Booty package also got some bumps in storage space.

Pirate Booty

Here we have quite the expansion in storage across all types of watercraft!

  • Kayak: now has extended storage
  • Kayak: from 7 rows and 42 slots to 8 rows and 2 stashes giving you a total of 96 slots.
  • RHIB: from 7 rows and 42 slots to 8 rows and 3 boxes giving you a total of 144 slots.
  • Solo Submarine: from 7 rows and 42 slots to 8 rows and 1 stash giving you a total of 96 slots.
  • Duo Submarine: from 7 rows and 42 slots to 8 rows and 2 stashes giving you a total of 144 slots.

Some massive loot storage bumps considering the average default storage of all of these, I think is 24 slots.

You can pick up the Pirate Booty package over at the store to support the server.

Here are some other features of the Pirate Booty package:

  • Build water bases up to 400m from shore
  • Build water bases using up to 64 foundations
  • Rowboats, Rhibs, and Submarines have unlimited fuel
  • Rowboats, Rhibs, and Submarines no longer decay
  • Kayaks, Rowboats, Rhibs, and Submarines have 8 rows of storage (48 slots)
  • Kayaks and Duo Submarines have 2 additional stashes
  • Rhibs now have an additional 3 boxes
  • Solo Submarines now have 1 additional stash
  • Oxygen bar displays air levels when diving (/diving)
  • Ability to set oxygen level alerts for diving (/diving)
  • Claim ownership of submarines (/vclaim, /vunclaim)
  • Includes Pirate Booty Kit
    • Pirate Outfit
    • 4 large wooden Pirate boxes (style 1)
    • 4 large wooden Pirate boxes (style 2)
    • 4 small wooden Pirate boxes
    • 4 sheet metal Pirate doors (style 1)
    • 4 sheet metal Pirate doors (style 2)
    • 8 Pirate rugs
    • 4 Pirate bear rugs
    • 2 hobo barrels
    • 4 skull door knockers
    • 4 large candle sets
    • 4 small candle sets
    • 8 cobwebs
    • 2 Coffin boxes
    • 2 Skull trophies
    • 1 human enemy skull to crush

Server Pages

Now under Servers on the webpage, there’s a page for each server.


These pages are still in their infancy, but I’ll be adding more information there over time. At least for now you can find general feature information and connection details there.

In addition, I’ve started, and possibly finished, a command list. You can find it here.

The commands don’t specify which are available on what server, but most should be the same across Bumfuzzlertopia, Bumfuzzlerbuild, and Bumfuzzlernation.

I know a lot of you have asked about this so hopefully, it satisfies the need.

The server page must still be updated for the latest Bumfuzzlernilla move.

Frequent Flier Storage

Players purchasing the Frequent Flier package will also see quite a storage increase.


Both the minicopter and the scrap transport helicopter are getting a kick in the boxes.

  • Minicopter: from 1 stash and 48 slots to 4 stashes giving you a total of 192 slots.
  • Scrap Transport Helicopter: from 1 box and 48 slots to 2 boxes giving you a total of 96 slots.

You’d think this would be the opposite considering the size of the vehicles, but that’s just what’s possible lol

You can pick up the Frequent Flier package over at the store to support the server.

Here are some other features of the Frequent Flier package:

  • Spawn your own minicopter (/mymini) cooldown 2 hrs
  • Call your minicopter to your location (/fmini)
  • Ability to destroy your minicopter (/nomini)
  • Unlimited minicopter fuel
  • Minicopter does not decay
  • Added Minicopter stash with 4 stashes of storage (192 slots)
  • Added Scrap Helicopter box with 2 boxes of storage (96 slots)
  • Place code locks on your mini (/lockit.code)
  • Place code locks on your scrap helicopter (/lockit.code)
  • Claim ownership of a minicopter, scrap helicopter (/vclaim, /vunclaim)

This package is surely a fan favorite.


Frequent Flier Fetch Repair

Why repair your mini all the time?


Now when you own the Frequent Flier package, your minicopter will not only automatically teleport to your location (/fmini), but it will be automatically repaired as well!

You can get the Frequent Flier package in the store.


Backpack Size Increase

At Loyalty (/prestige) level 28, players would normally receive the largest backpack.

Storage Monitor

This extra large backpack provides the player with 7 rows of storage.

Now there’s an even larger backpack!

At Level 29, players will receive a backpack with 8 rows of storage.

This is quite a lot more for all those would-be bloods!

Plant Growth

Plants seem to grow a little too slow for the Bumfuzzlerbuild crowd.

Oak Tree

I’ve doubled the rate of plant growth on Bumfuzzlerbuild so now you can garden like maniacs!

Thanks to M3nT4L for the feedback.


It appears Quests (/q) has been having issues.


I’ve put in place a potential fix which I hope works. If not it may be on its deathbed 🙁

Thanks to CelticFoxx for the feedback.

Super Skin Combos

There’s a new combo on the scene in support of a fellow Bumfuzzler.

Our very own Fatman creates skins, so I thought I’d surprise him with a Super Skin Combo called Fatman Flames made of his very own creations.

It consists of 5 separate Super Skins:

  • Fatman Muffs
  • Fatman Headgear
  • Fatman Waistcoat
  • Fatman Waders
  • Fatman Underdaks

When assembled it will give the player the following buffs:

  • Max Health Bonus (75%)
  • Radiation Resistance (75%)
  • Wood Gather Boost (25%)

Keep up the good work Fatman! I hope you find your combo 🙂

New Skins

In addition to the new Fatman Flames Super Skin Combo…

I’ve added a few of Fatman’s garage doors to Skinbox (/skinbox)

New fancy skins thanks to Fatman!

Discord Integration

Not too long ago I added some new Discord integration to Bumfuzzlernation.


Well, it’s time I added it to Bumfuzzlerbuild and the new Bumfuzzlernilla as well.

To recap, here’s the skinny of it:

  1. Type /dc join <discordname> on the server
  2. You’ll get a DM in discord requiring you to confirm the link

Once you’re linked, the following will happen:

  • 3 Supply Signals in-game
  • Access to chat with the server from Discord in the new #build-server-chat channel
  • Automatic sync between loyalty levels and groups in Discord

Also, at first, I added only levels 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30. Now I’ve added every loyalty level. Now you’ll always have a Discord loyalty level regardless of what level you are.

More features to come soon! Make sure to join Discord!

Thanks to Sharticus for the feedback.

Map Size Changes

It seemed many of the maps on Bumfuzzler servers were missing something.

Globe Map

Above ground railroads!

Due to this, I’ve increased the map size to support them on Bumfuzzlertopia, Bumfuzzlernation, and Bumfuzzlerbuild.

Thanks for the feedback Fakiee.

Personal Raids

If you want to test your base, how better to do it than with waves of NPCs attacking it?

Rust Raid

Previously I only added it to Bumfuzzlertopia, but now I’ve extended it to Bumfuzzlernation and Bumfuzzlerbuild.

You unlock easy difficulty at Level 12 (/prestige) and from there, you unlock harder and harder challenges.

  • Level 12: Easy Difficulty
  • Level 14: Medium Difficulty
  • Level 18: Hard Difficulty
  • Level 26: Expert Difficulty
  • Level 27: Nightmare Difficulty

I would strongly recommend you play the harder difficulties with teammates unless you have some serious defenses.

Once the NPCs get to your Tool Cupboard, the challenge is over! Protect it at all costs.

Thanks to Myerr for the feedback.


The amount of searchlights you can have is limited to ensure Rust doesn’t become an FPS battle.

Prom Event

However, I can understand a limit of 4 searchlights per base might be a little low.

So, searchlights per base have been upped to 8 with an overall cap of 20.

This means if you have multiple bases, you can have 8 per base, but overall on the map, you can’t have more than 20 regardless of how many bases you have.

Thanks for the feedback Fakiee.

Raidable Bases

The NPC bases need some lovin’.

C4 Explosive Suit

I made a few changes:

  • Removed M249 from Easy, Medium, and Hard loot.
  • Removed all special items from loot like rat masks, Frankenstein parts, etc.
  • Recalculated all of the loot in the Tool Cupboards

On Bumfuzzlerbuild where you can buy Raidable Bases:

  • After Tool Cupboard is destroyed, the base will despawn in 15 minutes
  • Increased the number of purchasable bases prior to cooldown from 1 to 3 bases
  • The cooldown is now 5 minutes

You can purchase bases to raid on Bumfuzzlerbuild using the /buyraid command.

Thanks for the feedback Myerr, Ostrander, Shloshed and Fakiee, Country_Chawbacon for the feedback.

Bumfuzzlernilla Wipe Cycle

As I said earlier, Bumfuzzlernilla was just moved


However, just before I made that decision to make that move, I changed the wipe cycle and that will stick for future plans.

Despite having a poll on this a while back where players asked for a weekly wipe, lots of people have asked since to make the wipe cycle longer.

So it’s now gone in the other direction and wipes will happen every month on the 1st Thursday.

Thanks to Jimbozinya for pushing the topic again and to others who chimed in.

Jackhammer Super Skins

It’s time to break out the power tool Super Skins!

Snake Skin

There are now 3 new Super Skins for Jackhammers.

  • Military Grade 1.25x gather rate
  • Rock Booster 1.25x gather rate
  • Stone Pecker 1.5x gather rate

Jackhammer Super Skin Military GradeJackhammer Super Skin Rock BoosterJackhammer Super Skin Stone Pecker

Thanks for the suggestion Fakiee.

Chainsaw Super Skin

In addition to Jackhammers, I figure why not bust out a chainsaw too?

Player Skins

There’s only one since I could only find one chainsaw skin. Why is that? Weird.

  • Hot Chain 1.5x gather rate

Chainsaw Super Skin Hot Chain

Thanks for the suggestion Fakiee.


Skinbox was still having issues and I wasn’t getting any usable response from the author.

Skin Barn

As it appears, the plugin stops working every so often but works well if you restart it.

So I set it to restart on a schedule. So far, so good.

Let me know if you have any issues.

Upcoming Wipe

As always wipes are upon us!

Bathroom Stalls

However, as of now, no wipes until Thursday 10/6. Typically that wipe will happen between 2 and 4 PM Eastern time depending on when Facepunch drops its monthly Rust patch.

As always thanks to all you Bumfuzzlers for all your support. I hope you continue to enjoy the servers.

Here’s some of the latest news in the Rust world.