What are Super Skin Combos?

Super Skin Combos extend Facepunch’s Rust by allowing players to receive boosts for wearing a specific set of attire. These Super Skin Combo sets may come in sizes of 3, 4, or 7 items and will give varying boosts and dodging abilities.

Super Skin Combos

How do Super Skin Combos Work?

Super Skin Combo items spawn out in the Rust world and can be found by any player. Once the items are found, they can be assembled into a single set in order to receive the full benefits or boosts the Super Skin Combo provides. These boosts require that each and every Super Skin Combo item is equipped that is part of the set.

Each Super Skin Combo item in itself is a Super Skin so it will provide some level of dodging ability.

Super Skin Combos come in sets of 3, 4, and 7 items. Typically when the Super Skin Combo has more items, it will have more powerful boosts and typically the items may have higher percentages of dodge.

Super Skin Combo Indicators

When you find an item that is part of a Super Skin Combo, regardless if the item is equipped or in your inventory, you will receive a message letting you know how many of the Super Skin Combo items you have in your possession, how many are not equipped, and what the name is of the Super Skin Combo they’re a part of.

In the example below, the player has found 5 of the 7 required items for the Super Skin Combo called Golden Maniac, and 5 of those items are not equipped.

Super Skin Combo Found Item

Once you have found all the required items for a given Super Skin Combo you will receive a message explaining all the pieces of the Super Skin Combo, the effects equipping this Super Skin Combo will give you, and the name of the Super Skin Combo.

In the example below the player has found the Golden Vest, Golden Petticoat, Golden Dome, Golden Chain, Golden Stitches, Golden Rusties, and Golden Guardians. The Super Skin Combo will give the player effects relating to Health, Radiation, Wood, and Scrap gathering. The Super Skin Combo name is Golden Maniac.

Super Skin Combo Found Set

Once you have equipped all the required pieces of a Super Skin Combo you will receive a message explaining all the pieces of the Super Skin Combo, the effects you’re currently receiving from this Super Skin Combo, and the name of the Super Skin Combo.

Super Skin Combo Equipped

Super Skin Combo Effect Indicators

In the message below, notice the number in the parenthesis after each effect.

  • (1) will indicate a 100% increase so Golden Maniac will provide you with 2x the normal health and 2x the normal radiation protection
  • (0.25) will indicate a 25% increase so Golden Maniac will provide you with a 25% boost in wood gathering and scrap gathering

Super Skin Combo Equipped

The 4 effects you receive from the Golden Manian Super Skin Combo will be indicated in the interface as can be seen below where it says ‘4 Boosts Active’

Super Skin Combo Boost Indicator

Also, how many boosts you have enabled can be seen when you press TAB to view your character’s outfit statistics which is represented by the number 4 and 3 upward arrows.

Super Skin Combo Boost Indicator

Super Skin Combinations

There are over 35 different Super Skin Combinations you can equip in 3, 4, and 7-item varieties.

You can find a complete list of Super Skin Combinations here.

Super Skin Combo Commands

Type /superskincombo to check if you’re wearing a Super Skin Combo and if so, what the status of the combo is.

Super Skin Combo Tips

Super Skin Combos with 7 items are challenging to find, but you may consider asking other players if they have your missing pieces and trading for them. If you have pieces to other combos they may be willing to trade for them.

With 7 item Super Skin Combos, your entire attire Hotbar will be filled, but finding a Super Skin Combo of 3 or 4 items allows you to add 3 or 4 additional clothing items. You are not required to only wear those 3 or 4 items. You can add any other clothing in addition to it.

Super Skin Combo items also have Super Skin abilities. For instance, the Military Hero Super Skin Combo has 4 items which each have a 3% dodge. This means you not only get the boosts from the Super Skin Combo but also a total of 12% dodge.

Notice that each item within a Super Skin Combo has the same first word. This helps you easily understand items that may be part of a combo. For instance, Golden Rusties and Golden Dome are both Super Skin Combo items that are part of the Super Skin Combo called Golden Maniac.