Hey Bumfuzzlers! There are some goodies waiting for you! New Earl features, linking to Discord, sleeper protections, worldwide floods, purchasing raidable bases, code lock more items, and various fixes and tweaks to improve your experience! Read on!



What’s wrong with a little natural disaster or two?


Now on Bumfuzzlerbuild and Bumfuzzlernation, every so often, a bad storm will roll in and there will be some flooding.

You can expect to get fair warming, eventually hear an air horn, see messages, and then the world will flood! Not completely of course, just partially. You may want to rethink that coastal summer home.

This video will give you an idea of what it will look like.

So break out the floaties and get ready to swim. Don’t freak out, the flood won’t last that long.

Thanks for the suggestion Willow.


Buying Raids

On Bumfuzzlerbuild, it’s PVE so there’s no raiding, but sometimes that can be a bummer.


So now, you can buy raids and a base will be spawned just for you to destroy!

Type /buyraid and then choose which level base you’d like to buy from the menu that appears.

The costs are as follows:

  • Easy: 250 RP
  • Medium: 500 RP
  • Hard: 750 RP

To get RP, simply earn Economics through playtime, breaking barrels, or selling special weapons, and then type /s to enter the store and use the Exchange feature to trade money for RP.

It’s an equal exchange from Economics to RP or in other words 1 to 1.

Have fun storming the castle! 🙂


Discord Link

For a while, I’ve wanted to link up Discord and the servers, but…


…I’ve been unable to do this on Bumfuzzlertopia or Bumfuzzlernilla because of the host I use. However, Bumfuzzlernation and Bumfuzzlerbuild are completely open so I have more freedom to do this.

So as an initial test, I’ve set up Bumfuzzlernation to allow the linking of gaming accounts with Discord.

Here’s how it works:

  • Type /dc discordname#xxxx in-game
  • You’ll receive a PM
  • Click the button to link the account
  • Done!

Once linked the following will happen:

  1. Based on the loyalty group you have on the server, you will automatically be linked to the corresponding group in Discord. Right now the supported Discord groups are:
    • Native (Level 5)
    • Legitimate (Level 10)
    • Veteran (Level 15)
    • Allegiance (Level 20)
    • VIP (Level 25)
    • Blood (Level 30)
  2. You’ll automatically be added to the Verified group in Discord and the Verified group on the Server
  3. You will receive a reward for linking your account
  4. If you boost the Discord server with Nitro you’ll receive a reward
  5. Your nickname from the server along with your clan tag will be synced from the server to Discord
  6. You’ll have access to the nation-server-chat server channel where you’ll be able to chat with players on the server from Discord

I’m still working on the rewards so they may not work at the start of the wipe, but I will try my best. More integrations in the near future!

Stay tuned and link up!

Storage Sorter

There were a few issues with the sorting controls for various storage containers.

Boxes in Warehouse

For starters, the sorting UI would overlap the furnace splitting UI when accessing furnaces. I’ve fixed that by removing the furnace from sortable storage.

I’ve also made the following changes:

  • Removed campfire as being sortable
  • Removed furnaces as being sortable
  • Added vehicle storage to be sortable
  • Added dropbox to be sortable
  • Added mailbox to be sortable
  • Fixed wooden box not being sortable
  • Fixed small stash not being sortable

Hopefully that will ‘SORT’ things out if you know what I mean 🙂


Remover Tool

In some cases, it appears the requirements for removing building components weren’t as strict as they could be.

Deck Wood Foundation

Now the Remover Tool (/remove) uses a 3-tier process to understand if you should be able to remove a building component.

– You have Tool Cupboard access OR
– You own building locks associated with the item OR
– You are in a clan or on a team with the owner

This should hopefully ensure people can’t remove things they shouldn’t be able to.

Thanks to MenacE for the feedback.


Looting Sleepers

On Bumfuzzlerbuild, players are supposed to be nice! It’s PVE!

Offline Raid

But it’s Rust and players are mean lol

To combat the meanies, I’ve configured the server so that sleeping players can no longer be looted. Sweet dreams.

Thanks to Willow for the feedback.


Player Ranks

Bumfuzzlernation and Bumfuzzlerbuild had their player statistics screwed up.


I had to reset the stats on both servers to fix it.

Going forward, it should be good.

Thanks for the feedback Ross.


Super Bradley

For some reason, the Bradley wasn’t dropping as many crates as it was supposed to.


It was dropping 3 crates instead of the 6 it was expected to drop.

Now that should be fixed.

Thanks to MenacE for the feedback.


Code Lock Up Shop

On Bumfuzzlerbuild there’s no raiding since it’s PVE, but that won’t stop someone from raiding a furnace or two, unless…

Door Lock

…you could code lock the following items to prevent those prying eyes from messing with your goodies.

  • Composters
  • DropBoxes
  • Vending Machines
  • Small Furnaces
  • Large Furnaces
  • Small Oil Refineries
  • BBQs
  • Large and Small Planters
  • Hitch & Troughs
  • Mixing Tables

And so now you can place code locks on all these items.

Thanks for the feedback Photoshopfreak.



We all love Earl, but of course, he can always use some upgrades.


Earl now has the capability to recognize your name, the name of your clan, and the country you’re from.

He won’t always use that information, but from time to time, he’ll use it in his responses to you.

To test it, you can ask him the following questions:

  • What is my name?
  • Who am I?
  • Do you know me?
  • What is my clan?
  • What clan am I in?
  • Tell me my clan?
  • Where am I from?
  • Where do I live?
  • Tell me my country?

Here’s an example of an awesome exchange:

  • 07:23 PM [United States] KilledAppleJuice
    • Response: I’m good KilledAppleJuice. Thanks.
  • 07:24 PM [United States] KilledAppleJuice
    • Message: NOT YOU EARL SILLY
    • Response: You know what’s silly? Sandals and socks.

Additionally, Earl does a better job of sending private messages that only you, as the player, will see.

For instance, if you type !online to see how many players are online, you’ll get a message directed only towards you and you’ll immediately realize it’s a message only for you based on the way it’ll be marked.

Have fun with Earl! He’s one of a kind 🙂



Turns out you could buy and buy at Bandit Camp and Outpost but never get a thing.

Smokey and the Bandit

That should now be resolved. Buy what you want and you’ll actually get it!

Thanks for the feedback from Willow, Sorrowthief, and ZaMizetto



Some people get a nasty message when they try launching Skinbox.

Player Skins

When typing /skinbox and then dragging an item into the SkinBox container, the message reads “There are no skins setup for that item” and this happens for all items.

I’m trying to determine what’s causing this issue, but currently, SkinBox is out of order.

Thanks for the feedback MenacE



All Bumfuzzler servers will be wiping today around 3-4 PM EST when Facepunch releases their patch.

Rust Wipe

The wipe will reset blueprints, economy and the map.

One slight change will be that Bumfuzzlernation, Bumfuzzlerbuild, and Bumfuzzlertopia will move from a map size of 4000 to 4250  to ensure they’ll take advantage of the above-ground trains.

Thanks as always for your support. I truly appreciate you Bumfuzzlers as always! Enjoy the servers and have fun out there!

Here’s some of the recent stuff going on with Rust.