Benches, Blueprints, Progression

Welp, yesterday was another wipe patch and the update seems to be somewhat reminiscent because, yes, Blueprints are back! So apparently you'll now use research tables to craft blueprints with scrap. Once you have a [...]

Blueprints, Pickups, Ladders

Yesterday, we updated the server with a patch and there was a bunch of improvements and changes you need to know about! You can get the summary in this nifty video and check out the [...]

Sit, Vehicles, Bergs & Beards!

It's the 3rd Thursday of the month so it's update and wipe time! It's time to get to Rusting and enjoy some of the new features! Last week they promised mountable chairs, but this week [...]

Kit Menu, Nachos and Patch!

Today was the customary Thursday patch (wipe next week) and it's just been applied for your gaming pleasure. You can find the changes down below. Also however, there were a couple of server changes I [...]

Server Update, Wipe!

First Thursday of the month brings a wipe, a new patch and some changes! The main server change this wipe is that we went back to a 3000 size map, upping it from 2500. It [...]

Server Update! Wipe!

Here's the low down on the update. Also, we performed a wipe and went with a 2500 size map for testing. So far might be a little too much raiding so we'll be going with [...]

Server Updated!

As is typical each Thursday there's a patch. This week was no different! Get the low down on the improvements below. Devblog 174 - August 24 2017 NEW Added Bradley APC to launch site FIXED [...]

Server Updated! Wiped!

Our new wipe schedule is in effect so today, being the second Thursday of the month it's a wipe day. Also, is an update to the server as is typical each Thursday so get the [...]

Server Updated!

As usual on Thursdays, the server has been patched and it's back up and running. This was not a wipe, just an update. Below you can find a list of the changes to Rust this [...]

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