Server Update, Wipe!

First Thursday of the month brings a wipe, a new patch and some changes! The main server change this wipe is that we went back to a 3000 size map, upping it from 2500. It [...]

Server Update! Wipe!

Here's the low down on the update. Also, we performed a wipe and went with a 2500 size map for testing. So far might be a little too much raiding so we'll be going with [...]

Server Updated!

As is typical each Thursday there's a patch. This week was no different! Get the low down on the improvements below. Devblog 174 - August 24 2017 NEW Added Bradley APC to launch site FIXED [...]

Server Updated! Wiped!

Our new wipe schedule is in effect so today, being the second Thursday of the month it's a wipe day. Also, is an update to the server as is typical each Thursday so get the [...]

Server Updated!

As usual on Thursdays, the server has been patched and it's back up and running. This was not a wipe, just an update. Below you can find a list of the changes to Rust this [...]

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