Welp, yesterday was another wipe patch and the update seems to be somewhat reminiscent because, yes, Blueprints are back!

So apparently you’ll now use research tables to craft blueprints with scrap. Once you have a blueprint, you’ll have to use one of 3 levels of workbenches to craft the items. See below for some pictures so you’ll get the idea.


I’ve highlighted what I think are the significant changes in orange below.

Devblog 180 October 05 2017

  • NEW Added Workbenches
  • NEW Added Blueprints
  • NEW Added ice lake monuments to the arctic biome
  • NEW Added new road generation algorithm
  • UPDATED Improved world serialization file format
  • UPDATED More efficient world serialization compression
  • UPDATED Improved water map encoding
  • UPDATED Can no longer block ladders with certain barricades (concrete, stone and sandbag)
  • UPDATED High external walls and gates require some space between parallel walls
  • UPDATED Vending machine + shopfront cost reduction
  • UPDATED Locked all items other than default blueprints
  • UPDATED Improved bus stop and power substation spawn rules
  • UPDATED T-shirt/longsleeve much cheaper don’t require sewing kit
  • UPDATED Can only repair items with blueprint
  • FIXED Fixed problems with drinking water from rivers and lakes
  • FIXED Invisible body no longer casting shadows on viewmodel
  • FIXED Fixed ambient occlusion around vegetation
  • FIXED Fixed player shadow projection noticeable on ceilings
  • FIXED Fixed sky reflection intensity mapping
  • FIXED Fixed motion blur ignored around on holosight reticle border