As is typical each Thursday there’s a patch. This week was no different! Get the low down on the improvements below.

Devblog 174 – August 24 2017

  • NEW Added Bradley APC to launch site
  • FIXED Fixed culling false positives
  • FIXED Fixed material related performance bottleneck
  • FIXED Fixed large furnace lower LOD looking too dark
  • FIXED Fixed LOD transition popping in high external wall
  • FIXED Fixed a material memory leak
  • FIXED Fixed ores missing partially broken stages on lower LODs
  • FIXED Fixed only being able to harvest debris from certain angles
  • FIXED Fixed smoke trails disappearing too soon after rocket explosion
  • UPDATED Improved performance for overlay effects (e.g. hurt, cold)
  • UPDATED Improved performance for Tone-mapping, FXAA, Sharpen and Vignette
  • UPDATED Updated multiple descriptions
  • UPDATED Paper map now despawn in 5 minutes down from 20 minutes
  • UPDATED Reduced sky brightness slightly
  • UPDATED Greatly reduced GC allocations throughout the game
  • UPDATED Optimized the internal memory pool
  • UPDATED M92 Horizontal recoil halved