Here’s the low down on the update. Also, we performed a wipe and went with a 2500 size map for testing. So far might be a little too much raiding so we’ll be going with a 3000 size next week.

Devblog 175 August 31 2017

  • FIXED Fixed occasional occludee related errors
  • FIXED Fixed new explosions not affected by fog
  • FIXED Fixed lighting going dark sometimes; e.g. mining ores
  • FIXED Fixed cave entrances sometimes closed in low graphics quality
  • FIXED Fixed texture memory leak from paintable signs
  • FIXED Fixed various bugs with the roof side walls
  • FIXED Fixed bradley getting stuck by turning around in tight areas
  • FIXED Moved props from launch site that were getting the APC stuck
  • FIXED Fixed Bradley lights on gibs
  • FIXED Fixed Bradley lights on during day
  • FIXED Fixed NRE’s when using ‘spawn bradleyapc’ command
  • FIXED Fixed Helicopter muzzle flash always aiming up instead of at target
  • FIXED Bradley coax actually aims directly at targets now
  • UPDATED Disabled engine-side dynamic batching
  • UPDATED Stripped some unused assets
  • UPDATED Optimized coroutine yield instructions
  • UPDATED Adjusted some memory pool buffer sizes
  • UPDATED Optimized file storage system
  • UPDATED Optimized texture processing library
  • UPDATED Optimized storage container hashing
  • UPDATED Optimized paintable signs
  • UPDATED Tweaked decor spawns
  • UPDATED Improved Oil Fireball effect
  • UPDATED Improved Explosion effect for Heli/Bradley
  • UPDATED Improved Debris effect for helicopter damage
  • UPDATED Improved helicopter searchlight visuals
  • UPDATED Bradley health doubled
  • UPDATED Bradley heals after 5 minutes of no damage
  • UPDATED Bradley loot table updated – far fewer explosives
  • NEW Learnable recoil patterns for Thompson/SMG
  • NEW Damage effects for Bradley