It’s the 3rd Thursday of the month so it’s update and wipe time! It’s time to get to Rusting and enjoy some of the new features!

Last week they promised mountable chairs, but this week they delivered! There’s some new performance and graphics improvements and, they’ve added a test vehicle for admins! 🙂 Looks like they have all sorts of plans for vehicles coming up!

They’re planning some nice upgrades to icebergs

It appears hair is finally getting closer to reality

Check out the full list of updates below.

Devblog 178 September 21 2017

NEW Test Vehicle (admin only) added
NEW Added new EAC launcher
NEW Chairs are mountable and provide 100% comfort
NEW Added grass shadow casting feature
NEW Added shadow quality option with new penumbra shadows feature
UPDATED Made grass meshes size more realistic
UPDATED Reduced managed memory usage
UPDATED Overhauled entity parenting
UPDATED Improved server side eye verification (less false positives)
FIXED Fixed Sentry/Helicopter shooting like a shotgun with low fps
FIXED Fixed world serialization checksum problems (loading times)
FIXED Fixed map exploit
FIXED Fixed flashlight attachment shadows all over the place bug