First Thursday of the month brings a wipe, a new patch and some changes!

The main server change this wipe is that we went back to a 3000 size map, upping it from 2500. It appeared the population to raiding ration was a bit high so we’ll see how 3000 works out. As far as issues after the wipe, the only issue I know of is that RUST:IO doesn’t work as it appears the patch caused an issue with it and the scientists, soldiers and agents are still not in the game as Facepunch has still not completed their recent changes with the AI system.

Please find the patch notes below.

Devblog 176 September 07 2017

  • NEW Upgraded to Unity 2017.1
  • NEW Added Item Information Panels
  • NEW Added Gas Station
  • NEW Added Supermarket
  • NEW Added monument placement priority (Launch Site)
  • UPDATED Updated food items having missing sounds when consumed
  • UPDATED More item description updates and fixes
  • UPDATED Bradley can drop 12 tech trash in crates
  • UPDATED Increased default map size to 4000
  • UPDATED Improved cliff terrain texturing
  • FIXED Fixed Bradley shooting players through the rocket factory roof
  • FIXED Fixed scope/helmet overlays visible in third person
  • FIXED Fixed UI texture leak
  • FIXED Fixed crash when closing the game
  • REMOVED Removed crappy gather ability from swords etc