Howdy Bumfuzzlers! It’s Thursday which means patch! It’s the second week of the month which means wipe! (Don’t worry, I didn’t wipe the blueprints. I’ll do that on the first wipe of the month only) So what goodies do we have this week?

It appears we now have a BBQ which acts like a large campfire for now and new player faces. There’s been some changes to workbench tiers and also admins have hair? 🙂 Oooh, I must mess with this when I have time!

As always you can find the updates below with the ones I feel are most important to know about, highlighted!

Enjoy! 🙂

Devblog 182 October 19 2017

  • NEW Added BBQ deployable
  • NEW Added network encryption (currently disabled)
  • NEW Added hair items (admin only)
  • UPDATED Player’s foot now uses IK to align to surfaces properly.
  • UPDATED Optimization. Reduced resolution of dozens of environment textures
  • UPDATED Updated player models
  • UPDATED Updated player preview
  • UPDATED Item description updates and fixes
  • UPDATED Bear rug, Rug and Table can no longer be picked up when building blocked
  • UPDATED Bear rug, Rug and Table requires hammer to be picked up
  • UPDATED vm hatchet update
  • UPDATED Disabled server backups by default (add +backup startup parameter to enable)
  • UPDATED Python requires tier 2 workbench
  • UPDATED LR300 fire rate increased 10%
  • UPDATED Reduced water reflection gaps
  • UPDATED Reduced shadow from weapons carried on the back onto view model
  • UPDATED Ladder hatch requires tier 2 workbench ( green crate spawn)
  • FIXED Hapis Island exploit fixes
  • FIXED Two sided hanging sign & landscape picture frame unlocked if player has Steam item
  • FIXED vm bow aiming issues
  • FIXED vm weapon attachments now positioned correctly
  • FIXED Fixed some skins not unlocking parent items (boonie/bandana/cap)
  • FIXED Fixed water reflection related shader errors on OSX and Linux
  • FIXED Fixed shadow cascades sometimes ignored when switching quality