Thanksgiving is no exception Bumfuzzlers! The patches must flow and flow they have 🙂

That post image is from the upcoming monument called The Junkyard. It looks pretty awesome and a great idea. Seems like it would be fun to explore for sure. Here’s a few more pictures of it.

Also more talk about half walls as part of Building 3.0. This should make for some far more dynamic buildings.

Take a look at the adjustments made to the tree mini game. They made it a little more manageable. No longer will you have to play ring around the rosy with the tree! lol

Admire animations seem to be coming along! This will go nicely with the latest Skin Perk addition to the server. Now not only will you get perks from certain variations of items based on skin, but you can also admire them!

As always, I’ve highlight my personal picks for important bullet items! Enjoy!

Devblog 187 November 22 2017

  • NEW Add ability to define custom falloff/spread/spatial blend curves on a sound by sound basis
  • NEW New tree sounds
  • NEW Added locational armor information when hovering over player preview
  • NEW Added Bulletproof Glass
  • NEW Added Explosive information panel
  • NEW Added Armor Information panel
  • NEW Added Seed information panel
  • NEW Added Weapon Mod information panel
  • UPDATED Ensured that the save coroutine does not crash when entity serializations throws an error
  • UPDATED Window bars inserts are thinner (improved visibility)
  • UPDATED Removed occluder meshes from building blocks (performance, memory usage)
  • UPDATED Removed some unused components (memory usage)
  • UPDATED Netting has larger ladder volume to allow climbing over frames
  • UPDATED Dud explosives fall off moving objects
  • UPDATED Fallen dud explosives never explode on pickup
  • UPDATED Tree Minigame X’s start relative to initial hit
  • UPDATED Tree Minigame X’s rotate less each hit
  • UPDATED Can wear bandana with Bucket/Wood/Riot Helmet
  • UPDATED Tree Minigame X’s only rotate in one direction
  • FIXED Fixed spinner been placed in building block areas
  • FIXED Fixed ghosting/trail in inventory player preview caused by temporal anti-aliasing
  • FIXED Fix volume jump when a sound that’s already fading out is told to fade out again
  • FIXED Fixed Explosives thrown on other explosives not attaching
  • FIXED Fixed dud explosives acting as garry’s mod thrusters
  • FIXED Fixed quickcraft lag when looting lots of items
  • FIXED Fixed lag from map doing processing even when closed
  • FIXED Bone Armor now protects legs as well as chest
  • FIXED Bandana and wolf headdress protection reduced
  • FIXED Fixed arrow protection being different than bullet protection