Skin Perks, Stacks, Loot

I've been dying to share this one with you Bumfuzzlers :)  We've got skins, super powers, new stacking abilities and loot adjustments! Let's not waste any time :) Skin Perks There are skins, that will present themselves [...]

Night Bonus, Warp, Bots

We're wiping tomorrow both the map and blueprints so get ready with some server updates! Here's some of the changes of the last week or so. Alpha Christmas New plugin that will help control the [...]

Print & Warp Master Sale

I've created two new packages to ease the wipe while giving you that do-good feeling of donating to a worthy cause :) With this package you will get the following: Access to all blueprints immediately. [...]

Ride Horses, Bots, Craft

As always, updates to the server are ongoing and today I've got a few gems for ya. Rideable Horses Added When you're within 10 meters of a horse, use the /stophorse command to tame her. [...]

Quarries, Ice Home, Run man

Aside from updating a few plugins here and there, I've made a couple of tweaks to hopefully balance things out a bit and make sure things are working as expected. Quarry Multipliers I realized that [...]

Lusty, Bot Nerf, Loot, Remover

What an awesome bunch of updates do I have for you Bumfuzzlers! :) Check a look see here! Lusty Map The in-game map now shows quite a few more items including unmanned cars! Hopefully this [...]

Suspension, Bullet Damage

The cars have had an overhaul in physics and should now be more responsive when driving. They even include some clever hand braking updates that will allow you to power slide around corners like a [...]

Subscribe Kit, Turbo, Spawns

I've been Bumfuzzlering again Bumfuzzlers and because of that, you've got some new awesome game play goodies coming your way! Here's the low down! RANDOM SPAWN POINTS Added Random Spawns plugin! Now up to 1,250 [...]

Get your motor running :)

Time to ride Bumfuzzlers! We've got cars! :) You can jump into any of the 4 seats in the car using the activate key and jump out using spacebar. The other controls will be shown [...]

Autodoors, RaidNotes & Bots

Been working on a few things here and there and listening to feedback! Please give me all you got! I'll do my best. Autodoors - by default it's off, but if you type /ad [time] [...]

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