We’re wiping tomorrow both the map and blueprints so get ready with some server updates! Here’s some of the changes of the last week or so.

Alpha Christmas

New plugin that will help control the stockings and presents for all the good little Bumfuzzlers out there!

Z level Night Bonus

Now when night falls you should see a 25% boost in resources and a 50% in Z level points. This should hopefully it’ll be a harder decision to skip night every night.

Monument Bot Changes

The monument bot counts now range between 4 and 9 on the main monuments depending on the size and are only 1 on the smaller monuments like lighthouses. They had a tendency of clumping up in groups and becoming overly challenging (thanks Orion for feedback) It’s been fun watch the Zombie and other NPCs battle it out 🙂

Warp Master Package

I’ve added the GrTeleport mod to the server specially for the Warp Master package. Now people who purchase that package can teleport to any grid coordinate on the map! Just type ‘/grt b4’ and you’re off to the B4 grid area on the map.

Keep in mind all packages are good for 2 wipes and due to November having 5 Thursdays, you get 5 weeks instead of 4 this month! Warp Master is a steal at $2.95! Buy Warp Master or other packages & kits! Support the server!

Temp Disabled Plugins

Killfeed (shows kills graphically on right side of interface) & NightLantern (allows for automatic turning on and off of lanterns at sunset and sunrise) are disabled for now due to issues. I hope to have them back up soon.

Both of these plugins should now work fine. Let me know if otherwise.

Permissions Issue

Over the last week players have lost permissions twice due to a problem with a permission file on the server. I’ve been working on sorting out the cause of the issue. It’s not easy to track down, but I keep good backups. Let me know if you find any issues.