Quick update for you Bumfuzzlers on some of the latest changes to the server!


Santa is coming so you all better be good! He’s keeping track! 🙂 In the meantime, stockings were nerfed a little because the loot was a bit too OP and the Christmas present glitch where presents were spawning in the air should now be resolved.

Loot Tables

The airdrop loot was substandard and not in line with the rest of the server. They’ve now been adjusted, but will need some tweaking as will the loot overall. Regardless, you should be happier with what you get from them! Don’t forget to vote regularly so you can get additionally daily supply signal!


In addition to the loot tables being adjusted, I’ve changed some behaviors of the airdrops.

  • Shoot em down: For one, you can shoot them down now! It requires 10 shots. This is great if you’d like to force them to the ground faster so you can get out of there with the goodies!
  • Signal Multiple Crates: Now when tossing supply signals, you may get more than 1 supply crate! This is random so it shouldn’t give you extra crates all the time, but certainly once in a while. This may need some tweaking which I’ll do over time.
  • Scheduled Mass Airdrop: Lastly, at various times, you’ll find mass airdrops inbound with up to 3 crates at a time! Enjoy the goodies!


Many of you might not know, but we have a Discord server. I won’t lie, I don’t manage it well or often, and I don’t participate much, but it does exist so you can all jump in and communicate as you’d like. Eventually I’ll find time to invest more of my energy into it, but I’m not sure when that’ll be. You can join the server by using this link: https://discordapp.com/invite/37uNKRX


Last, but not least, for all you Americans out there, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! For our Canadian brothers and sisters I offer belated wishes! Please have a wonderful time with friends and family, good food and safe times.

For all the others, please have your own feast with pumpkins and corn on the server! Maybe setup a table with some chairs, a campfire and relax 🙂

Thanks to all you Bumfuzzlers for continuing to make the server fun! I appreciate your continued support!