Kit Menu, Nachos and Patch!

Today was the customary Thursday patch (wipe next week) and it's just been applied for your gaming pleasure. You can find the changes down below. Also however, there were a couple of server changes I [...]

RunningMan, Metabolism & Pills

Here's a few more updates for ya, ya Bumfuzzler! The RunningMan plugin will now provide better rewards. Rewards Wood from 0 to 100,000 Rewards Stone from 0 to 100,000 Rewards Metal Ore from 0 to [...]

6 mods, new VIP lvl, more!

Hey Bumfuzzler! There are TONS of changes since I last posted! We've got 6 new plugins, a new VIP level called Legitimate and several adjustments based on some of the feedback you've given me! If [...]

Store has launched!

The Bumfuzzler Modtopia Store has just launched! For right now, you can purchase the Veteran, Allegiance and VIP levels for quick access to groupings of powerful mods and kits! We'll be adding other products to [...]

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