Hey Bumfuzzlers! We’ve got new features like Convoy and save announcer, recycler increases, backpack & stacking changes, updates to packages, Freddy and Jason improvements, smelt speed increases, tons of other adjustments, a bunch of fixes, and more! Read on!


A new feature has come to the servers (all but Bumfuzzlernilla) which I think is a great addition.

Vehicle Convoy

Here’s a good overview here:

In summary, a truck is transporting a locked crate along the road. The convoy is accompanied by NPCs who drive sedans, as well as the Bradley and a Patrol Helicopter. When attacked, the convoy stops moving for a specified time. If the truck carrying the cargo is destroyed, the event will be lost. When all accompanying vehicles are destroyed, it will be possible to open the locked crate. And yes, there are NPCs to stand in your way.

There are varying degrees of difficulty for convoys so the Bradley and Patrol Helicopter aren’t always involved. You can determine difficulty by the color circle that shows up on the map where the convoy is located.

Lots of loot out there on this one! Enjoy!

Save Announcer

I’m bringing back a good ol’ plugin to announce map saves.

Globe Map

Now when the map saves, on any Bumfuzzler server, Earl will let you know with a quick message.

This way if you do experience lag, you’ll know that’s what it’s from.

Recycler Speed

On Bumfuzzlerbuild, recycling is important as the loot is 20x.


I’ve tripled the speed of recycling.

This also covers personal recyclers you can craft once you reach Level 18 (/prestige).

Now, all that 20x loot should be easy to break down.

Thanks for the feedback SINDIKAT.

Furnace Smelting

I saw some feedback on how smelting was expected to be faster on Bumfuzzlerbuild.


I get it. It’s a 20x build server. Furnaces should smelt fast.

I’ve adjusted it from 3x to 5x.

Thanks GeauxTigers195! for the feedback.

Chainsaw Gather Rate

It seems on Bumfuzzlerbuild and Bumfuzzlernation, the Chainsaw gather rate wasn’t working as expected.


Now things have been adjusted so the chainsaw should yield more results.

I didn’t test this one, so let me know if it’s not.

Thanks Fiinesssed for the feedback.

Stacking Size

Again on Bumfuzzlerbuild, stack size was a bit low.

Brick Wall

I’ve raised it by 5 times. That should be enough to make sure you can carry all your stuff.

Thanks for the feedback SINDIKAT.

Raidable Bases

It appears Raidable Bases were having issues on the Bumfuzzlernation and Bumfuzzlerbuild servers.

Rust Raid

Now Raidable Bases work fine and dandy.

Thanks Shloshed for the feedback.

Voting for Servers

It appears Bumfuzzlernation and Bumfuzzlerbuild weren’t set up to allow voting.


That should be fixed now.

To get voting information type /vote on any Bumfuzzler server. It’ll direct you to the website’s voting page. Once your vote goes through, type /claim on the server for your reward!

You’ll receive an assortment of items like currency, teas, etc.

Thanks for supporting the server!

Thanks Willow for the feedback.


On Bumfuzzler servers with Backpacks (all but Bumfuzzlernilla), there’s a toolbar icon allowing fast access to it.


That icon has been moved from the right side to the left and it’s been given a new icon!

The move was prompted by feedback that the backpack icon conflicted with the AbsolutSorter plugin when players are accessing boxes.

I’m sorry I don’t remember who asked for this, but nonetheless, thank you for your feedback!

Water Bases

I’ve made some adjustments to how far from shore players can build.

Water Bases

It seems like even at the highest levels, you couldn’t build that far offshore.

Here are the changes I’ve made:

  • At Level 10 (/prestige) distance from shore was changed from 20 meters to 75 meters
  • At Level 28 (/prestige) distance from shore was changed from 200 meters to 300 meters

Outside of Prestige, you can extend the distance with the Pirate Booty package. The package greatly extends the ability to do everything water-related like building bigger and further out water bases, water vehicles with unlimited fuel, they don’t decay, have additional storage, and give access to the Pirate Booty kit!

Have fun storming the seas!

Thanks Cannonfodder for the feedback.

Car Genius

The Car Genius package allows you to spawn your own modular car among other things.

Car LIft

It also allows you to load various presets onto an existing car chassis.

I’ve added the following presets:

  • LargeCamper
  • SmallCamper

This means you can automatically change any 3 or 4-slot modular vehicle into a camper! And if you change your mind you can change it to any of the other presets!

The Car Genius package also gives you the following benefits:

  • Spawn your own car
  • Call car to your location
  • Claim ownership of a car
  • Unlimited Fuel
  • The car does not decay
  • Engine Automatically starts
  • Car spawns with tier 3 parts
  • Apply a preset to an existing car
  • Increased car storage

Pick up the Car Genius package and support the server!

Remember, packages work on all servers so if you purchase one, you can use it on any of our 4 servers.

Feature Pages

The Bumfuzzler servers have a lot of features that are unique, so players may need some help understanding them.


So I’ve started to create feature pages for these features to better explain them.

Here’s what I’ve created so far:

I still have a few more to create such as Raid Sympathy, Prestige, Super Bradley, Super Heli, and Earl.

They’ll come in time. Meanwhile, read up Bumfuzzlers! 🙂

Transportation Storage

There are a whole lot of updates to transportation-related storage in packages.


There have been updates to many of your favorite packages in the store to accommodate upgraded storage.

  • The Car Genius package already had increased storage, but now it’s been extended to the camper (42 slots)
  • The Pirate Booty package now allows rowboats, RHIBs, and submarines to have 7 rows of storage (42 slots)
  • Horses in the Gallop King package now have two extra stashes of storage (42 slots)

That’s a lot of added value for these packages, making it so much easier to loot.

Again, remember, packages work on all servers so if you purchase one, you can use it on any of our 4 servers.

Freddy and Jason

Freddy and Jason are back and they’re now on all servers.

Freddy Krueger

Now you’ll be afraid everywhere!

Freddy and Jason may act slightly differently because the plugin used to control them had to undergo a complete rewrite. This is due to Facepunch changing the way Rust’s AI worked.

So let me know if they act funny or give you too many nightmares 🙂

Sliding Doors

Did you know you could create sliding doors?

Armored Door

Once you hit Prestige level 11 (/prestige), you’ll unlock sliding doors. Once you do, simply look at a single hinged door and type /sdoor, and boom, it’s now a sliding door!

Thing was, they weren’t auto-closing. It seems an update screwed with the integration with the auto doors plugin.

I was able to fix this, but unfortunately, it’s hard-coded and has no integration with the auto doors plugin. Going forward, all sliding doors close automatically and you can’t turn them off like other doors.

Thanks isuelt – The Builder for the feedback.

Store Shenanigans

It turns out some lovely Bumfuzzler patrons received free packages for a time.


If you purchased packages recently and their time limit ended, it appears your access was never removed after the 2 weeks or 1 month you purchased them for.

I think I’ve fixed this.

If you find you don’t have the abilities that you expect or that you’ve paid for, please contact me right away and I’ll get that fixed.

If you lost abilities you had but didn’t actually pay for, please feel free to support the server in the store.

Christmas Presents

On Bumfuzzlertopia, there have been some complaints about Christmas presents for a while.

Presents in Shopping Cart

Why? Well, since they only spawn when players are online, they can give player locations away.

So I’ve finally decided to disable the presents from spawning at the player. They’ll still spawn under a Christmas tree if you have one and stockings will work as always.

Hopefully, that’s enough for Santa’s boys and girls 🙂

Thanks isuelt – The Builder for the feedback.

P.S. – Bumfuzzlertopia is the only server that has this plugin running because it’s somewhat temperamental, but I do like the plugin so I may extend it to other servers.

Raid Shield

The goal of Raid Shield is to protect non-aggressive players against aggressive players. However, sometimes it protects everyone.

Raid Shield

In hopes to shift the power towards the meek, I’m making a change.

NOTE: These changes are bittersweet since I disabled Raid Shield shortly after due to some issues I discovered and haven’t been able to test yet. So these changes are still viable, but the plugin isn’t enabled right now. Once it’s enabled it will take effect.

I’ve modified the penalty times for crafting raiding materials and also raiding:

  • Crafting penalties for raiding materials have gone from 1 hour to 2 hours
  • Penalties for raiding a base have gone from 1 hour to 2 hours
  • Penalty time added for each teammate in your clan or team went from 30 minutes to 1 hour

What does this mean? Here are a couple of scenarios.

  1. If you craft raiding materials or raid a base, your shield will stop charging for 2 hours giving you less protection when you sign off.
  2. This penalty will also affect when your shield turns off after going offline. Not only will it not charge while you’re online, but it won’t turn on if you have a charge when you sign off.
  3. The more teammates you have, the more your penalty will affect. For instance, if you are solo and you raid, you will be penalized for 2 hours. If you have 3 people on your team and your raid, you will be penalized an extra 1 hour for every teammate which means you’ll be penalized for 4 hours.

Hopefully, this ensures large groups and aggressive players will not receive the full benefits of Raid Shield.

Also note, for players who purchase Raid Shield packages they’ll get some great benefits like faster and higher charges, but with that, the penalties will be even higher as those have doubled too. With the Raid Shield packages, the penalties are 4 hours for crafting and raiding and the teammate penalty bonus is 2 hours. It’s assumed you’re buying that package because you want to be peaceful. If you’re not, I have to ensure you don’t get benefits in that situation.

Hopefully, this helps out the farmers and role players on Bumfuzzler servers and still allows aggressive players to be aggressive.

Outstanding Issues

There are always a few outstanding issues it seems with Rust.

Broken Washing Machine

There were some memory issues with Bumfuzzlertopia so several plugins were disabled, but at this time they’ve been enabled again.

Every once in a while we have memory issues because Rust’s patches from time to time will require more or less memory. Given that the server has a limited amount of memory, this can require freeing up memory elsewhere – in other words, disabling plugins.

We shouldn’t have these issues on Bumfuzzlernation and Bumfuzzlerbuild where memory is less of an issue.

Rust+ Companion App

The mobile app wasn’t working on Bumfuzzlernation and Bumfuzzlerbuild.

Rotary Phone

Now that should be resolved and the app will pair as expected.

Thanks to whoever pointed this out. Sorry, I can’t remember!


Turns out there were some issues with kits on all servers.

Kit Knight Rider

When typing /kit on Bumfuzzlernilla, Bumfuzzlertopia, Bumfuzzlernation, and Bumfuzzlerbuild, you’d see kits that don’t apply.

For instance:

  • Bumfuzzlertopia is the only server with political kits, but they were showing on all servers.
  • Some kits being shown didn’t apply to any server.

Now, this is resolved. You’ll only see kits that matter to you so you can more easily choose the kits you want.

Thanks to Nick for the feedback.

Capping FPS

I’ve been trying to improve the performance of the servers.


Part of that is capping FPS at 100 frames per second. According to Facepunch, players shouldn’t notice any difference either way.

Tell me if they’re wrong.


Turns out this wasn’t working on Bumfuzzlernation or Bumfuzzlerbuild.

Discordonomics is an event where a code is shown in Discord that can lead to moolah in-game.

In Discord, you’ll find the Discordonomics channel under Events > Discordonomics.

Once you see the chat message in-game that there’s an event, go to that channel and grab the code to use in the game. You’ll be rewarded with economics that allow you to buy items in-game.

Bumfuzzlerbuild PVE

It seems there was an issue with Bumfuzzlerbuild’s PVE setting.

Raid Protection

That issue allowed raiding and killing of players which of course is the very opposite of what PVE is supposed to be!

Now that situation has been resolved so PVE should work as expected and you can go about your business building without the threat of violence.


In just a couple of days, on Thursday, May 5th, all Bumfuzzler servers will wipe.


As always, on the 1st Thursday of the month, Facepunch drops a patch and we wipe all of the servers to accommodate it. Maps, Blueprints, and economy where applicable will all wipe.

Typically the patch drops around 2-3 PM EST. The wipes can be expected a short time after.

As always, thanks to all you Bumfuzzlers for all your support and feedback! Please have fun out there and let me know if you need anything.

Here is some of the latest Rust news on what Facepunch is up to.