What are Rejoin Rewards?

Rejoin Rewards are an extension to Facepunch’s Rust which provides players with rewards for rejoining the server after a server restart to compensate them for the inconvenience of being disconnected due to server maintenance.

Rejoin Rewards Restart Server

How do Rejoin Rewards Work?

If you’re on any Bumfuzzler server when a restart is initiated, you’re automatically entitled to get rewards if you rejoin the server after its restart.

However, you must rejoin the server and claim your rewards before 30 minutes passes from when the server becomes available again.

Once you rejoin the server, you’re automatically eligible for rewards and you’ll receive a message that there is a reward waiting for you.

To claim your reward, after rejoining the server, type /ClaimRejoin.


Rejoin Rewards Indicators

Once the server countdown starts, you’ll be alerted about the rewards you’ll receive if you rejoin after the server restart.

Once you join the server after the restart, you’ll be reminded to claim your reward, along with instructions, every 5 minutes until 30 minutes pass or you accept your reward.


Rejoin Rewards Tips

Take advantage of these rewards by knowing when your favorite Bumfuzzler server restarts.

Each server restarts twice per day. Once in the afternoon or early evening and the other in the early morning hours.

To understand your favorite Bumfuzzler server’s restart times, type !restart in chat on any Bumfuzzler server.