Hey Bumfuzzlers! More unique features and improvements! Server restarts and wipe schedules, rewards for rejoining after restarts, night bonus and gather rate fixes, Prestige GUI updates, Bumfuzzlernilla unlocks, and more! Read on!

Server Restarts

With the new Bumfuzzlernation server, I wanted to better organize server restarts.


Now the servers will restart at the following times:

  • Bumfuzzlernilla restarts at 2AM and 2PM EST
  • Bumfuzzlernation restarts at 3AM and 3PM EST
  • Bumfuzzlertopia restarts at 4AM and 4PM EST

Restarting the servers twice a day is best for performance so we’ll do that across the board.

And now if you happen to be online during a restart, a new unique feature will reward you for it! Read on!

Restart Rewards

When Rust servers restart, there’s a tendency for players never to sign back on because they don’t feel like reconnecting. I understand.


But now I’m hoping that will all change!

Now, if you are signed on when the server begins its scheduled restart countdown, or if I have to restart the server for any reason, signing back onto the server after the restart within 15 minutes will earn you a reward. That’s the least I could do to ease the inconvenience, right?

Your reward will be a set amount of Super Skins from the complete list of Super Skins! Never know. You might get yourself a Super Skin Combo!

Special thanks to Invincible05 for helping me test this new feature!

Riding Animals

Unfortunately, this thing was acting buggy and the author took what appears to be a permanent vacation.

Player Riding Bear

Riding animals can sometimes result in the animal being unresponsive or sometimes it’ll attack you. Quite the unexpected result!

For now, at least, I’ve disabled the plugin. If I can, I’ll enable it again once I have a solution.

Thanks Kreeperlink and Osmosis for the feedback.

Freddy & Jason

With Halloween upon us it’s time Bumfuzzlernilla had something to be afraid about.

Jason Vorhees

That’s right! Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees are coming to a field near you Bumfuzzlernilla players!

For now, they’re about half the health as they are on Bumfuzzlertopia and Bumfuzzlernation, but don’t get cocky! They’re superhuman!

Have fun out there and watch your backs!

Wipe Cycles

Thanks to some voting in Discord by you Bumfuzzlers, the wipe cycle for Bumfuzzlernation has been finalized.

Bathroom Stalls

Here are the wipe cycles for all servers:

  • Bumfuzzlernilla – wipes 1st Thursday ~2-4PM EST and every week from 2nd Saturday ~7-9AM EST
  • Bumfuzzlernation – wipes 1st Thursday ~2-4PM EST and 2nd Tuesday ~7-9AM EST
  • Bumfuzzlertopia – wipes 1st Thursday ~2-4PM EST and 3rd Thursday ~2-4PM EST

Hopefully, the offset in wipes and the synchronization of loyalty points will make it easier for you Bumfuzzlers to jump back and forth between servers during the month if you want to.

As always I’ll announce the wipe progress in Discord and post an announcement when the wipe is finished.


Facepunch released their patch for Halloween and it’s pretty cool!


Check it out!

Have fun out there! Frankenstein looks really awesome!

Thanks Invincible05 for the suggestion.

Night Bonus

It turns out it wasn’t enabled on Bumfuzzlernation.

Torch light

Now it is. At night you’ll get a 4.5x gather rate.

I think I need to consider how to make nighttime just a little spookier 🙂

Thanks to Willow for the feedback

Prestige GUI

I’ve been working on the Prestige UI a bit more (/prestige) on the heals of synchronizing points across all servers and it’s getting there.

Godfather Loyalty

Here’s what was done:

  • added close button
  • added forward and back buttons
  • changed font
  • elaborated on level descriptions
  • reorganized the spacing of elements
  • added text to explain that points synchronize on all servers

Check it out! It’s pretty, pretty purty!

Prestige GUI

Hopefully, the UI makes things easier for players to understand what they have access to and what’s coming up next for them.

The website can be somewhat challenging to follow, but also it requires you to deal with that outside the game.

I may eventually scrap the information on the website in the factor of providing information about all the plugins on the servers.

Bumfuzzlernilla Unlocks

With the synchronizing of loyalty points (/prestige) it’s time I gave Bumfuzzlernilla a few more unlocks.


Here are some of the new unlocks

  • Level 5: Automatic split resources in furnaces for faster burning
  • Level 7: Reskin items you’re holding or looking at (/reskin)
  • Level 8: Receive raid alerts via the Rust+ App without electricity (/raidalarm)

Type /prestige to see what level you are and keep in mind, loyalty points never expire and they synchronize across all servers!

I will be adding more unlocks, but I have to be thoughtful about it since I don’t want Bumfuzzlernilla to be too modded.

Nation Packages

It turns out I didn’t enable packages on Bumfuzzlernation! Doh!


Be design it’s expected that packages you purchase from the online shop work on Bumfuzzlernilla, Bumfuzzlertopia, and Bumfuzzlernation with a few exceptions. Unfortunately, I missed a setting so if you purchased a package it wouldn’t work on Bumfuzzlernation.

That is now fixed! So for instance, if you purchase Frequent Flier, you will have all the awesome minicopter features you want on all 3 servers.

If by some chance you repurchased a package that didn’t expire so that it would work on Bumfuzzlernation due to this issue, let me know. I can try to refund it.

Check out the other packages at the store and support the server!

Thanks to MenacE for the feedback.

Gather Rate

Bumfuzzlernation had some issues with the gather rates, but they should be fixed now.


Gather rates are set to 3x during the day and 4.5x during the night. This should be enough to stoke those furnaces.

Thanks to Willow and Invincible05 for the feedback


The first Thursday of the month approaches!


This means Facepunch will release their patch as always and we’ll wipe all three server maps, blueprints and economy where applicable.

Typically they drop the patch between 2 and 4 PM EST so you can expect the wipe to happen not so long after.

I’ll post in Discord when I start and finish!

As always, you guys rock and I appreciate all the feedback, help, and loyalty to the servers. I hope you have the best time out there in Bumfuzzler land 🙂 Don’t forget to take note of the wipe schedule mentioned earlier and check out Bumfuzzlernation! If you time your game time just right, you’ll be able to catch each second wipe since Bumfuzzlernation wipes on Tuesdays and Bumfuzzlertopia wipes on Thursdays!

Here’s some Rust goings-on so you can stay up to date on what Facepunch is up to.