Hey Bumfuzzlers! Big news! Bumfuzzlernation, loyalty sync and user interface, info menu changes, Shield Boost boosts, farming entity count increases, water base adjustments, changes to smelting, a moo Super Skin Combo, and much more! Read on for full info!

Loyalty & Prestige

Loyalty points have been a staple of Bumfuzzler servers for a while. Now they’re getting a kick in the pants.

Godfather Loyalty

There are two major updates to the Prestige functionality – a new GUI and Synchronization.

  • Now there’s a GUI to provide you with the following information
    • Your loyalty points & current level
    • Browse through all levels and unlocks
    • Understand how many points remaining until the next level

No more having to understand unlocks on the website. You can do it right from in-game! This GUI will improve over time, but this is a starting point meant to ensure it provides a functional goal – communicate to players what they have unlocked and what they will unlock.

In the coming weeks, I’ll likely expand the unlocks on Bumfuzzlernilla and rewrite some of these descriptions to elaborate on what you get.

Prestige GUI

The other feature is an extremely unique one! Your points are automatically synchronized across all Bumfuzzler servers! That gives you the freedom to try out other Bumfuzzler servers without any worry about having to start over from zero points.  It’s even more important given the very next topic we’ll be talking about.

  • Loyalty points now synchronize across all Bumfuzzler servers
    • Play on one Bumfuzzler server, join another, you’ll have the same points
    • All points will automatically synchronize to other servers
    • Any loyalty points you purchase will automatically exist on all servers

Consider buying some loyalty points in the shop and supporting the servers! They’ll be transferable to the new Bumfuzzlernation!

I’m considering adding more levels past 30 eventually for all you bloods! What unlocks do you think I should add? How many levels?


So, I’ve been quietly working on a new server which will eventually become a couple of servers since it’s on a new dedicated box.


Why would you play on Bumfuzzlernation? Well, for the most part, Bumfuzzlernation will be a copy of Bumfuzzlertopia, but there will be some major differences especially in performance. It’s got far more CPU and RAM power so I’m hoping it’ll be much more stable. Additionally, I have a lot more control over every aspect of the server which is great.

Also, given the fact that loyalty points are completely synched between Bumfuzzlertopia and Bumfuzzlernation, it makes it really easy to give it a try.

This wipe schedule as of now is 1st and 3rd Thursdays similar to Bumfuzzlertopia, but I expect I’ll change that up soon so it’s varied a bit. I can’t escape that first Thursday of the month, but for the second monthly wipe, I’ll probably make it either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday.

Here are some other differences.

  • Sulfur will no longer be reduced, much more sulfur
  • Charcoal production will be set to defaults, faster smelting for charcoal
  • Removed the following plugins (for now)
    • Christmas event
    • Duelist
    • Pets
    • Proximity scanners
    • Raft
    • Rust.net
    • Automated Searchlights
    • Remote Turrets
    • Zlevels
  • Pro-American stuff, but no political items
    • No Trump Tower, Hillary House, Biden Bunker, etc.
    • Zombies will have random gamer names

Why did I remove zlevels?
I wanted to make the server a 3x server for everyone. Zlevels means the server becomes more like 4x or 5x and veterans have a clear advantage over new players.

Removing this has allowed me to restore the Sulfur to 100% mining and also to restore charcoal production to its defaults. On Bumfuzzlertopia, it takes a lot to create charcoal. Here it won’t.

With Super Skins and Super Skin Combos, plus the new Super Skin Crate event, 3x should be more than enough.

Why did I remove these plugins?
These plugins aren’t used that much and some of them have been problematic. I want to focus more on custom plugins instead of fixing niche plugins. The more time I spent on all these other plugins – updating, troubleshooting, and fixing them, the less time I have to create original content that will differentiate the server.

If there’s a plugin you liked that I’m removing, let me know why I should keep it.

Why did I remove political items?
Each wipe is a lot of work for me since I have to place them manually, but also, it ensures the server only appeals to 50% of people since Trump can be somewhat polarizing. I want to have the server appealing to as many people as possible.

I expect eventually I’ll create some custom monuments that players can find for kits. I just have to come up with them.

What will happen to my loyalty points?
As mentioned your loyalty points will synchronize across every Bumfuzzler server – Bumfuzzlertopia, Bumfuzzlernilla, and Bumfuzzlernation (and any other servers I bring up). Regardless of what server you play on, it will take the new points you earn and sync them across to all the other servers.

Will my purchased packages work on Bumfuzzlernation?
Yes. If you’ve purchased packages, they will work on Bumfuzzlernation just as they worked on Bumfuzzlertopia. I am working on making every purchasable package and kit available on all servers, but for now, Bumfuzzlertopia and Bumfuzzlernation work the same.

I’m hoping this will give everyone a great experience. I’m sure some of you are torn since Bumfuzzlertopia might have been your home for a very long time, but I hope you’ll give the new server a try and provide me with feedback. I’m hoping there will be a lot less lag, no unexpected restarts and that will mean we can more easily raise the population. Of course, I have a lot to learn as it’s a new setup for me, but I’ll do my best to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.

Info Menu

I did a little work on the info menu (/info) you see when you join the server.

Restaurant Menu

Here is what I’ve done.

  • Removed wipe countdown from wipe tab and polished it up.

Welcome Panel Wipe

  • Added some other packages to the package tab to fill it out a bit more.

Welcome Panel Packages

  • Implemented the info menu on Bumfuzzlernilla

Hopefully, this will ensure everyone has the best possible info about how the servers work and what’s available.

To access the info menu at any time, just type /info!


I’ve made a couple of changes that’ll hopefully ensure things are more organized.


Here’s what I’ve added/changed:

  • A New feedback channel for suggestions
  • Split up polls and map voting into separate channels
  • Renamed a couple channels – polls > polls-vote-here & clan-lfg > looking-for-group
  • A new category called Server Channels
  • Created 3 channels – Bumfuzzlertopia, Bumfuzzlernilla, & Bumfuzzlernation
  • Created 4 voice channels – Nation One through Nation Three
  • Removed a couple of voice channels
  • Removed some group channels like veteran, allegiance, and VIP. They weren’t being used

I’ll keep polishing this setup just like anything else.

Shield Boost

The Raid Shield Boost package in the shop is getting some tweaking!

Raid Shield

With this package you’ll get the following:

  • Raid Shield charges twice as fast (1 hour of playtime = 2 hours of charge)
  • Raid Shield charge limit 6 hours higher (18 total hours)

Pretty good deal if you want to avoid being raided.

I thought some tweaking was in order. The shield now:

  • Turns on after someone raids you in 10 minutes instead of 15 minutes. This is a further reduction from the default setting of 30 minutes.
  • Turns on 2 minutes after going offline instead of 5 minutes. This is a further reduction from the default of 10 minutes.

No doubt this makes the Raid Shield Boost package even more of a must-have!

It’s a great way to support the server!

Thanks Willow for the feedback.

Survey Charges

It appears there were some straggling survey charges in some kits.

Mining Quarry

I didn’t realize that and since we haven’t had quarries for a long time, I’ve removed them to avoid confusion.

We’ll see if quarries make a comeback in the future, but for right now, let’s keep things simple.

Thanks to Hippothotamus for the feedback.


Originally, I limited some entities to try to reduce the possibility of lag.


Planters were one of those items.

I’ve raised them from 10 to 28 so people can have larger farms if they’d like.

Happy planting!

Thanks to Willow for the feedback.

Calling Heli

Unfortunately, it’s time.

SuperHeli Helicopter

The /callheli command has been officially disabled.

We’ve had issues with it dropping crates, loot not being good, etc. for a while now. I’ve been struggling to get it to work right and it’s sucking my time away for no major benefit.

You can still purchase the Super Heli in the store (/s) on Bumfuzzlertopia and Bumfuzzlernation.

Water Bases

It appears the distance players could build from shore was a bit off.

Water Bases

It appears the plugin uses units instead of meters and each unit is 14.33 meters so this means me having set 700 (what I thought was meters) for the Pirate Booty package, which turns out to be 10,031 meters! Ugh, not sure why they set up the plugin to act like that. They could have set up the configuration to use meters, but internally use units, but hey, is what it is lol

Now we should have distances like this:

  • Level 10 = 20 meters from shore
  • Level 22 = 150 meters from shore
  • Level 28 = 200 meters from shore
  • Pirate Booty = 400 meters from shore

This should be far more realistic.

Check out the Pirate Booty package as a good way to support the server and be a master of the seven seas!



On Bumfuzzlernilla I’ve adjusted the smelting slightly.


The byproduct of smelting was set to 40% and the speed was at 1.2.

Now the byproduct is 100% and the speed is at 1.5.

I think given it’s a 3x server this is reasonable.

Thanks Rowley for the feedback.

Super Heli Spawns

There was talk about the Super Heli having too much of a presence.

Rust SuperHeli

So I changed a couple of things.

  • SuperHeli lifetime changed from 20 to 15 minutes
  • SuperHeli spawns between 2 and 4 hours.

Not sure why all of a sudden it was acting funky, but now it will be around less and spawn less too.

Thanks to

Super Skin Combo

I’ve added a new Super Skin Combo to the mix.

Super Skin Combos

It’s called Moo Cow! As if you couldn’t guess 🙂 It’s moo to the server. Get it? LMAO

Super Skin Combos Moo Cow

You’ll be able to find this moo Super Skin Combo out in the wild, but also in the Super Skin Crate.

It consists of the following items:

  • Moo Mask
  • Moo Plate
  • Moo Pants
  • Moo Boots
  • Moo Hoodie
  • Moo Gloves

…and gives you the following bonuses.

  • Max Health Bonus (100%)
  • Radiation Resistance (100%)
  • Wood Gather Boost (25%)
  • Scrap Gather Boost (25%)

That is a nice boost! 🙂

You can find a list of all the Super Skin Combos here and get more information on how they work.

Thanks to Hippothotamus for the feedback.

Harassing Players

I guess harassment and stalking aren’t necessarily words people will automatically understand.

Harassment, Stalking, Bullying

So I figured I’d define them further.

For the purposes of Bumfuzzler servers, stalking and harassment can be defined as going above and beyond to target a player.

Here are some examples

  • Doxxing or attempting to leverage a player’s personal information for the purposes of intimidation or harassment.
  • Publically revealing real names, locations, IP addresses, etc. even if they are publically shown.
  • Conspiring multiple non-team players or teams to gang up on, expose, or otherwise bully a player.

It’s simply not cool and it causes players to leave the server as their experience is ruined. If your goal is to scare players away by torturing them or intimidating them, then you’re not going to play here.

If you ever forget the Bumfuzzler definition, it’ll be referenced in the rules when typing !rules in chat or specifically when typing !harassment.


We just wiped all the servers this past Thursday for the patch!


Bumfuzzlernilla, Bumfuzzlertopia, and Bumfuzzlernation all wiped.

Facepunch dropped an interesting Rust patch with some quality of life stuff and missions.

Next wipes will be as follows

  • Bumfuzzlernilla 10/16 @ ~8 AM
  • Bumfuzzlertopia and Bumfuzzlernatioon 10/21 @ ~3 PM

I’ll post in Discord when I start.

You can vote on which maps we’ll use in Discord in the map-vote-here channel!

As always, thanks to you all for the support and feedback. It’s really extremely helpful. For those of you who continue to support the server, it’s truly appreciated. Continue to have fun out there!

Here’s some latest Rust stuff.