Hey Bumfuzzlers! This week we’ve got a bunch of polishing going on, but not entirely tweaks! There’s some cleanup in aisle 9, a new raid alarm feature, server list changes, Discord giveaways, Raidable Base fixes, unlimited fuel fixes, and water base adjustments. Oh, and today’s wipe! Read on for more info!

Raid Alarms

The old Raid Alerts stopped working due to the author taking a permanent vacation from dealing with the issues.

C4 Explosive Suit

So, someone suggested I check out a new plugin that uses the Rust+ mobile app.

This plugin is supposed to alert you on the Rust+ app about a raid without requiring that you setup the smart alarms. This way it’s a big easier to manage.

Type /raidalarm in game for more info and sign into the Rust+ application! That should be it!

I’ve implemented it on Bumfuzzlertopia and Bumfuzzlernilla to be earned at Level 8 (/loyalty). Let’s see how it works! Please give me some feedback.

Thanks to Invincible for the feedback.

Bumfuzzlertopia Cleanup

Bumfuzzlertopia has a lot of plugins and probably more than you know.


So I went ahead and disabled a bunch that wasn’t being used to improve performance.

  • loot scanner
  • turret info
  • turret lock
  • visual cupboard
  • old school quarries
  • sleeper animal protection
  • Rustnet
  • automated searchlights
  • remote turrets

I’ve also cleaned up the website a bit, groups and permissions, as well as the Loyalty messages to hopefully ensure there’s no misleading information out there.

My guess is you didn’t even know they were there and won’t miss them!

Server List Names

Made some minor changes to the server names in the server list.

Strange Picture

Hopefully, the names stand out a little bit more now:

  1. [US] BUMFUZZLERNILLA – 3x|Super Skins|Raid Shield|…
  2. [US] BUMFUZZLERTOPIA – 3x|Max5|Kit|TP|Insta|Super Skins…

It’s always hard to choose what to put in the title, but the hope is that players will take notice of it.

If there’s something not in the title that you believe should be, let me know!

Discord Giveaways

For the last several wipes I’ve been running giveaways.

Giveaway Contest

There’s one running right now!

The last couple we’ve had Willow winning the Pirate Booty package and country_Chawbacon winning the Drone Pilot package. Congrats!

With this wipe, you can win Electric Dream (2 weeks), Car Genius (2 weeks) or Raid Shield Charge 12 hours!

Join Discord and get your name on the list.

Raidable Bases

Wood bases are a bit too easy to raid.

Rust Raid

There were a few raidable bases made of wood that you could crouch under the foundations. I’ve since changed them to stone.

I believe now there should be no Raidable Bases that spawn in wood. I think with the resources at 3x, it’s rare anyone would build in wood anyway.

Thanks to Kreeperlink for the feedback

Unlimited Fuel

At level 29 (/loyalty) players are supposed to get unlimited fuel with the mini.

Pumping Fuel

Unfortunately, it wasn’t working when you used the /mymini command.

Now it should work!

If you grab yourself the Frequent Flier package you’ll have unlimited fuel at any level, spawn a mini, summon a mini to your location, and even put code locks on your mini and more. Check out the store to support the server! You’ll get the benefits on any Bumfuzzler server.

Thanks to Kreeperlink for the feedback

Water Bases

The Pirate Booty package required a bit of balancing.

Water Bases

To prevent people from building so far out into the water, I’ve lowered the distance from shore from 900m to 700m

Check out the Pirate Booty package in the shop and support the server. You’ll get perks for everything related to the water!

Thanks Kreeperlink for the feedback.

Things to Come

Been crazy busy, but I am quietly working on a few things that will be major!

Messy Server Room

I’m looking forward to sharing what I’ve been working on.

Stay tuned for a bunch of new stuff coming soon.


Tomorrow it’s a mid-month wipe on Bumfuzzlertopia.


The server will wipe between 3 and 4 pm EST and it’ll be a map wipe only. If you want to vote on the map, get yourself over to Discord. I’ll post in Discord when I start the wipe and let everyone know when it’s finished.

Thanks as always for your patronage. Keep having fun out there!

Here’s some of the latest Rust news for ya.