Hey Bumfuzzlers! Happy Halloween! Sorry for the lack of communication lately. I’ve been overly busy. Trying my best to keep up my Bumfuzzler duties! In this installment, we have a bunch of goodies to tell about! We’ve got scrap helicopter storage, more sleepers, the spooky Halloween event has arrived, SuperSkin nerfs on raiding, underwater loot improvements, generator purchasing availability, Outpost & Bandit Camp price changes, ways to improve fishing, SAM site goes airfield and lots more!

Tesla Coil for Life

As you know, I’m a big fan of traps and specifically base defense.

Now when Tesla Coils discharge, they don’t take any damage. At the very least it will make it less annoying to fix them. At the very most, it will help protect your base time and time again. Now you just need to find a generator.

Also, type /trap for a list of other traps you can create such as fire traps! You get those at Level 16 (/loyalty) and others as you level up!

Extra Scrappy

Shouldn’t the scrap helicopter be a touring loot machine? Yeah, I think so too.

That’s why I’ve added two boxes to it. Now you can use it to gather some serious loot!

Sleeping Beauty

Many times players will die, disconnect and then, their ‘existence’ is in limbo.

Now, when someone dies and disconnects, they’ll automatically become a sleeper somewhere on the map. For those who enjoy discreetly offing everything you come in contact with, this should be fun.

I’m unsure if killing a sleeper will cause them to spawn as a sleeper somewhere else. I guess we’ll find out.

Haunted House

It’s around that time of year when you kiddies ask for candy! You have to have somewhere to trick or treat!

The Haunted House has emerged in the woods with loot for everyone!

You’ll have to arrive at the witching hour to get in. Make sure to pack some ghoul repellent!

SuperSkin Adjustments

SuperSkins could use a slight reasonable tweak to avoid the truly OP raiding situations.

Rocket Launchers will no longer be found in 1.5x and 2.x varieties. All the same Rocket Launcher SuperSkins will continue to exist, but they’ll all be 1.25x.

This will give you a slight advantage, but it won’t allow you to level a base with ease.

In the future, we’ll see if items like Grenades or Satchel Charges should go the same route, but for now, let’s see how this change goes.

Thanks for the feedback Doc.

Underwater Loot

Apparently, underwater loot isn’t worth much these days so I took the first step to make it better.

Now the Underwater Advanced and Underwater Basic crates should not only have better loot, but it’ll have slightly better loot than their land equivalents.

Thanks for the feedback AxelsAntagonist

Generating Electric

A few weeks ago I made the Small Generator more scarce, but now it’s probably too scarce. I still want to keep it fun to find in loot, but there was a suggestion to use a different approach and I like it.

Now you can find the Small Generator for sale at the Bandit Camp. Right now you’ll be able to pick it up for 350 scrap.

Thanks for the feedback Evil Deeds

Outpost & Bandit Camp

Now that I added the Small Generator, I took a look at the prices of things at the Outpost and Bandit Camp.

I’ve lowered many of the items considerably. You should go shopping! 🙂

Calling Fisherman

You can catch fish if you’re hungry. Just poke a spear in the water and you’re bound to catch something. Depending on some factors you may have better luck though.

The following will give you increased luck in catching fish!

  • Wearing a Boonie Hat
  • Having a Pookie Bear in your inventory
  • Fishing between 6 AM and 8 AM or between 4 PM and 7 PM (16 and 19)

So if you start jamming a spear into the water while wearing a Boonie Hat with a Pookie Bear in your inventory at 5 PM, you’re going to be the fisherman of the year!

Lock-on Targets

Locking on with a rocket can help ensure you hit your mark!

If you didn’t know, all you need is a smoke rocket and a launcher, just ADS on something and it’ll tell you when it’s locked on. You can also craft smoke rockets using /craft.lockon. It’ll take one basic rocket and 1 tech trash.

Now, the lock on rockets have been extended to work with the following items:

  • NPC (newly added)
  • RHIB (newly added)
  • Rowboat (newly added)
  • Attack Helicopter
  • CH47
  • Minicopter (newly added)
  • Scrap Transport (newly added)


Heli Happenings

There were a couple situations with the SuperHeli and Chinook that needed attention.

  • The /callheli command you get access to at Level 17 (/loyalty) that allows you to call in the SuperHeli wasn’t working. Now it works.
  • When buying the command to kill the Chinook from the store (/s) the CH47 would simply despawn. Now it should crash as expected.

Thanks to Evil Deeds and kungfoozball for the feedback.

Boosting Gather

In case you didn’t know, you can temporarily boost your gather rate to 1.25x for 2 minutes every 4 hours (/turbo)!

And at level 23 (/loyalty) you’ll automatically get a boost when you kill animals! If that’s not enough for you, at Level 25 (/loyalty) you’ll get a 1.5x for 5 minutes with a cooldown of 2 hours (/turbo).

There was an issue with some of the functionality at a couple of levels, but now that’s fixed.

Thanks to Doc and Matt for the feedback.

Airfield Air

As you know I’ve added SAM sites at some of the monuments.

Now I’ve gone and added them to the Airfield. Don’t hate.

There were some reports of malfunctions and sporadic behavior. Now they should reset every 30 minutes so hopefully, that’s resolved.

Thanks to Matt for the feedback.

Server Restarts

It was happening, then it wasn’t and then it was sometimes…

It really needs to go back to restarting each night. You’ll get a notification at 3:30 AM EST that it’ll restart in 30 minutes, then 2 minutes later it’ll be back up.

Thanks Matt for the feedback.


The next wipe will be coming on Thursday 11/7. There will be a patch from Facepunch so I’m subject the time they release the patch. I’ll bring more news about it as it comes nearer.

Thanks as always Bumfuzzlers! Please continue to let me know if there are any issues and give me feedback! The server is constantly changing to provide a better experience!