Trees, Perform, Sound

Alright you Bumfuzzlers! It's the one of the two wipiest times of the month - the second Thursday of the month - so the world is reborn and loot is for the taking. I originally [...]

More Skin, Turret Info

I've got some more goodies Bumfuzzlers! VIP levels have a new plugin to see AutoTurret activity and we have a bunch more skins to discover in the world full of damage, dodge and gather perks! [...]

Print & Warp Master Sale

I've created two new packages to ease the wipe while giving you that do-good feeling of donating to a worthy cause :) With this package you will get the following: Access to all blueprints immediately. [...]

Lusty, Bot Nerf, Loot, Remover

What an awesome bunch of updates do I have for you Bumfuzzlers! :) Check a look see here! Lusty Map The in-game map now shows quite a few more items including unmanned cars! Hopefully this [...]

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