“You are the most hands-on owner I have ever seen. Thank you!” – Squidwart
“I love the server!” – Happy
“Really enjoying the server admin” – DjRYFY
“By far the best admin i have played with. Most admin are not active and they play and cheat” – MrNiceGuy
“Getting back in to the game and honestly I don’t play on any server but yours. Best one I’ve found” – MIDNIT3
 “I love this server <3” – Nutty -iwnl
“Great server you manage” – TwiztedOutlaw
you have an awesome server!” – Cowboy
Ok i will! Love the server btw lol” – ☯Black❤Heart☯
really nice server” – TAITO
“best Rust owner I have ever met… why? Very much invested and it shows !” – Freyja
best admin 🙂” – Obey Mike Opp
“++++++++++best rust owner ever++++++” – ♔.DalilaPuddingGamer♔
“+rep best owner ever” – SmolBol
niceeeee you have such a good server” – DjRYFY
Just wanted to complement the server you got goin’ and the sayings are true, you are a very good admin! You’re by far the best I’ve come across, and well; you’ve made a loyal member” – Maud Pie
“have thoroughly enjoyed all the work you have done to make our game time experience an amazing one… I am crazy for your server … I have l so much fun “ – Freyja
I like your server a lot” – puppyslasher
“I’m loving this server though” – Squeamish
“hardest working server owner I know lol” – DjRYFY
“Thanks man, great server” – Orion
“actually, how do you get a pet, and thank you, love your server” – Charley
“great server love it” – Rabbit
“I love you man. I’m donating so much when i get payed” – Raven
“loving the warpmaster by the way” – DjRYFY
“thank you for making an awesome server” – MattieMajestic
“No problem. So far the server is awesome. Having a blast! Great job!” – ControlledHate
“AWESOME server, love the mods 😀 Love it, Im gonna main it” – Chester BEENington
“Thanks for being an EPIC Admin :D” – Hodgecat30
“getting back on your server as my main server to use. love the server” – Hollowed Allied
“I love the community you have on the server they were trying to help me also” – DylanLAF
“I’m absolutely LOVING it right now. I didn’t know half these mods even existed. Mind Blown! Great job all around.” – CannonFodder
“Btw, your Kits…where do I even start. You did an absolutely amazing job with them.” – CannonFodder
“No problem You’re by far the best server owner I’ve met” – Orion
“this server is so awesome” – MattieMajestic
“yeah this server is sick” – longdongsilver
“he gives a Bumfuzzler about his server, that’s why I say this. Cool guy”
– Freyja
“Great job on your server” – WRecKLeSS
“i love this server” – BERETA AND QUE OTA KING
“awesome. i love this server” – CocaCola Zero
“Keep up the good work, server is mint” – Strelok
“gotta say your server is pretty wicked man. Heavy modded but it meshes really neatly. Great job.” – ATaXiA
” nice to see a non-toxic owner and server now-a-days” – ATaXiA
“i dig this server a lot” – CAPTAIN_SWERVE.BLOOD
“LOL Bumfuzzler you’re the man” – QuestionablePuncH
“Server!!! Me luv you long time ;)” – CannonFodder
“loving both your servers!” – Xantosh
“thx for checking up #BestOwner2018” – Bob Ross
“Does an amazing job. Always around to fix issues!:steamhappy: – WRecKLeSS
“thx so much for being an active owner, always listen for problems, fixing them as soon as possible” – KBkiller18
“…your server is my favorite out of the ones I’ve tried.. Keep it up!!!” – Doc
“It’s appreciated man. Your server is the only one I can play on lol” – Joeperry
“alright thank you! never had a cool admin” – Sneeze
“Bumfuzzler is a great Admin, always checking in and listening to concerns/suggestions” – Cannonfodder
“I and my wife love this server have a nice plugins” – Lichh
“honestly man, i cant imagine how you can make the server any better” – longdong
“I’ve been searching for a server to play on kinda permanently for a long time, this one seems to be just right” – Rumguzzler
“i love this server, i have been getting my crew to come check it out.” – c0de|
“this is the coolest server :)” – Three-Fingered Willie
“Server is great, developed well as always with a good community it seems” – Windyson
“thx :smiley: also great server @Bumfuzzler” – kreeperlink
“@Bumfuzzler Your server is one of my favorite I’ve ever played on” – Victor
“…continued thanks for the awesome server”– Milk
“btw great server been playing for 7-8 hours striaght lmao” – Corey21m
“I’ve never played on a server like this one, and the community so far has respected me and welcomed me and given me all the help I could ask for.” – ironGrandy
“Jesus Christ bum, the more I play your modded server, the more astounded I am at the effort you’ve put into everything…. easily hands down the BEST , most polished server I’ve seen yet. kudos to you” – holydiver
“thanks for the server! crazy amount of detail(s)” – (dank)darkmatter
“Bumfuzzler, I love the work you put into this server, so thank you for that!” – ironGrandy
“I <3 bumfuzzler – ironGrandy
“I wish all servers on Rust would have a community like you’ve made” – Hodgecat30
“I tried other servers last night and I must say they suck” – Reaper2980, “yup” – CannonFodder
“I’ve never played on a server where the admin is as helpful and communicative as you are. awesome server” – TheDonPizan
“this server is really neat” – Waylander
“appreciate all you do and love this server” – arronmax2012
“this server is fun.” – Jeebus
“An Admin/Owner as active as you is what every server really needs” – Hodgecat30
“Loving the server :trump_smile: – NormsterG14
“yo I’m starting to love this server” – Snuffinator
“Yeah, I love it =) There’s just so much to enjoy on this server. I think that you’re the best admin I’ve ever seen in all of my time on Rust.” – Cannonfodder
“thank you for running an awesome server” – Howdy
“I really like how the server actively adapts and I now have another update blog to follow” – hur2rld
“try to find a lower ping server that even comes close to the mod support on bumfuzzler. there’s like none” – AxelsAntongonist
“server is great” – TheFireChef
“this server is awesome” – [IoTa] Zeta
“this is just mind-blowing, hard to absorb, like its a whole new game” – Yahweh♛
“man I love ur server” – Legit
“this server fun i even like the name Bumfuzzler” – adi.norm02
“you are a genius. I’m going to hang around more often here, seeing all the good stuff it will slow my roll to be server hopping so much” – Freyja
“just gotta say this server is awesome and deserves more then all the others” – [IoTa] Zeta
“Hello admin. Sweet server you got here.” – Country_Chawbacon
“Best server I’ve seen in a long while” – Matt