Monthly Archives: August 2017

Server Updated!

As is typical each Thursday there's a patch. This week was no different! Get the low down on the improvements below. Devblog 174 - August 24 2017 NEW Added Bradley APC to launch site FIXED [...]

Server Updated! Wiped!

Our new wipe schedule is in effect so today, being the second Thursday of the month it's a wipe day. Also, is an update to the server as is typical each Thursday so get the [...]

Store has launched!

The Bumfuzzler Modtopia Store has just launched! For right now, you can purchase the Veteran, Allegiance and VIP levels for quick access to groupings of powerful mods and kits! We'll be adding other products to [...]

4 New Mods, TP Change, more!

I've added a couple of new mods to the server and upped daily teleports! NightLantern: Type '/lantern' to toggle automatic lanterns on and off. For VIPs, you don't need fuel for lanterns for that's extra [...]

Server Updated!

As usual on Thursdays, the server has been patched and it's back up and running. This was not a wipe, just an update. Below you can find a list of the changes to Rust this [...]

New Site Design!

I've been working on a new site design quietly behind the scenes - shh! Don't tell anyone. Anyway, between you and I (/leaning in) it's mostly done! :) There's a number of things I still [...]