Lusty, Bot Nerf, Loot, Remover

What an awesome bunch of updates do I have for you Bumfuzzlers! :) Check a look see here! Lusty Map The in-game map now shows quite a few more items including unmanned cars! Hopefully this [...]

Autodoors, RaidNotes & Bots

Been working on a few things here and there and listening to feedback! Please give me all you got! I'll do my best. Autodoors - by default it's off, but if you type /ad [time] [...]

Agents, Soldiers & Scientists!

Be careful! Agents, Soldiers and Scientists are now guarding the monuments and even airdrops! They mean business and they will kill on sight! They'll give you some loot if you kill them though. Keep in [...]

Server Update, Wipe!

First Thursday of the month brings a wipe, a new patch and some changes! The main server change this wipe is that we went back to a 3000 size map, upping it from 2500. It [...]

Info & Trapper Mod Updates

Last week I forgot to mention the following updates: Added the Custom Chat Command plugin. Now the following commands give information - /server, /info, /website, /help or /admin The Trapper plugin was fixed not to harm [...]

6 mods, new VIP lvl, more!

Hey Bumfuzzler! There are TONS of changes since I last posted! We've got 6 new plugins, a new VIP level called Legitimate and several adjustments based on some of the feedback you've given me! If [...]

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