Month: September 2017

Blueprints, Pickups, Ladders

Blueprints, Pickups, Ladders

Yesterday, we updated the server with a patch and there was a bunch of improvements and changes you need to know about! You can get the summary in this nifty video and check out the highlighted features at the end of this post. Enjoy ya Bumfuzzler! πŸ™‚

Devblog 179 September 28 2017

  • NEW Added RAM usage to perf text
  • NEW Can pick up empty furnaces
  • FIXED AK47 world model not displaying some skins correctly
  • FIXED Fixed parenting on bradley and heli loot crate fireballs
  • FIXED Fixed large furnace placement being blocked under floor grills
  • UPDATED Updated EAC launcher
  • UPDATED Only wooden ladders, twig foundation and twig floors can bypass building privilege
  • UPDATED Tweaked barricade placement rules, damage volumes and collision meshes
  • UPDATED Tweaked external wall and gate placement rules, damage volumes and collision meshes
  • UPDATED Eliminated GC allocs from player model LOD refreshes
  • UPDATED Increased external gate open and close animation speed
  • UPDATED Raw and spoiled meat no longer goes straight to belt when picked up
  • UPDATED Wooden ladders can be stacked to 5
  • UPDATED Wooden ladders can be repaired
  • UPDATED Furnace costs 100 wood less, spawns with no wood
  • UPDATED Can pick up empty fridge
  • UPDATED Can pick up empty large & small wood boxes
  • UPDATED Can place shelves over existing boxes
  • UPDATED Can change skins of boxes at repair bench
  • UPDATED No longer need map item to open map
Get your motor running :)

Get your motor running :)

Time to ride Bumfuzzlers! We’ve got cars! πŸ™‚

You can jump into any of the 4 seats in the car using the activate key and jump out using spacebar. The other controls will be shown to you on entering. It’s currently set so you can ride around with up to 3 other people and only friends or clanmates can enter the car when you’re in it. I believe you can shoot from the car too! Oh boy, you’re all going to love this πŸ™‚

Only 5 cars will be available at any given time, they will spawn near monuments typically at the end of roads. Check out this video on how they work! Ride on Bumfuzzlers!

Steam, Goog, Face, Tweet

Steam, Goog, Face, Tweet

At last! I’ve opened up the website for comments, made it easier to register and login and keep updated on Bumfuzzler changes and events!

Now will allow you to easily login and register using your Steam, Google, Facebook or Twitter account! No more bothering with additional accounts! Simply click Login on the lower right and you’re on your way!

Hopefully this brings all the Bumfuzzlers closer together πŸ™‚

More great things coming!!!

Autodoors, RaidNotes & Bots

Autodoors, RaidNotes & Bots

Been working on a few things here and there and listening to feedback! Please give me all you got! I’ll do my best.

  • Autodoors – by default it’s off, but if you type /ad [time] your doors will automatically close after that time. For instance /ad 5 where 5 is 5 seconds. You can set it up to 30.
  • RaidNotes – For a while it’s been saying Player 1 raided Player 2 with 39988 rockets lol Well, it’s been difficult to fix so now it simply doesn’t list the weapon or number of weapons.
  • Bots – I’ve been trying to balance the bots at the monuments. I’ve lowered the accuracy, range and damage of them significantly. Some people say they’re OP others say they are fun and some feel they’re just right. Let me know. Special thanks toΒ [IKEA] LetMeCringe for helping me adjust them.
  • TimeOfDay – this isn’t extremely useful right now. You can type /tod to give you time of day information. I’m in the process of using this to create a night gathering bonus. Been having some issues getting that to work, but we’ll see. For now you have another wrist watch πŸ™‚
  • Loyalty – I’m still having issues with loyalty. Sorry for the pain, but if you find you aren’t getting what you expect, in terms of mods or kits, please let me know.

Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions! πŸ™‚

Sit, Vehicles, Bergs & Beards!

Sit, Vehicles, Bergs & Beards!

It’s the 3rd Thursday of the month so it’s update and wipe time! It’s time to get to Rusting and enjoy some of the new features!

Last week they promised mountable chairs, but this week they delivered! There’s some new performance and graphics improvements and, they’ve added a test vehicle for admins! πŸ™‚ Looks like they have all sorts of plans for vehicles coming up!

They’re planning some nice upgrades to icebergs

It appears hair is finally getting closer to reality

Check out the full list of updates below.

Devblog 178 September 21 2017

NEW Test Vehicle (admin only) added
NEW Added new EAC launcher
NEW Chairs are mountable and provide 100% comfort
NEW Added grass shadow casting feature
NEW Added shadow quality option with new penumbra shadows feature
UPDATED Made grass meshes size more realistic
UPDATED Reduced managed memory usage
UPDATED Overhauled entity parenting
UPDATED Improved server side eye verification (less false positives)
FIXED Fixed Sentry/Helicopter shooting like a shotgun with low fps
FIXED Fixed world serialization checksum problems (loading times)
FIXED Fixed map exploit
FIXED Fixed flashlight attachment shadows all over the place bug

Agents, Soldiers & Scientists!

Agents, Soldiers & Scientists!

Be careful! Agents, Soldiers and Scientists are now guarding the monuments and even airdrops! They mean business and they will kill on sight! They’ll give you some loot if you kill them though.

Keep in mind they are a work in progress and may act erratic at times and there’s a good chance after a patch they may stop working again. Unfortunately this is the nature of Rust and until FacePunch completes this portion of the code it may be a bit rocky.

Also, in order to get these to work I had to disable the mod that buffs the Bradley and it’s loot so you may see a decrease in that for a while until the conflict can be worked out. I felt the bots were worth it.

Enjoy ya Bumfuzzler! πŸ™‚

Player Challenges Kits!

Player Challenges Kits!

If you’ve been a Bumfuzzler for long enough, you’ll have noticed people sometimes have tags next to their names like [Archer] or [Assassin] or [Lumberjack]. These titles mean that those people have topped the leader boards (access the leader boards using /pc) in some area of game play. Well up until now, being on top didn’t get you anything. Now it does!

I’ve added a kit for each of the following leader board categories to reward those who excel at being a Bumfuzzlering Bumfuzzler! Simply type /kit and choose the associated kit from the list!

Here are the categories.

  • Players killed [Murderer]
  • PVP Kill distance [Sniper]
  • Blade kills [Swordsman]
  • Melee kills [Fighter]
  • Revolver kills [Gunslinger]
  • PVE Kill distance [Deadshot]
  • Bow kills [Archer]
  • Headshots [Assassin]
  • Rockets fired [Rocketeer]
  • Structures repaired [Handyman]
  • Structures built [Architect]
  • Wood gathered [Lumberjack]
  • Plants Gathered [Farmer]
  • Ore gathered [Miner]
  • Weapons crafted [Gunsmith]
  • Animal kills [Hunter]
  • Clothes crafted [Tailor]
  • Explosives thrown [Bomb-tech]
  • Players healed [Medic]

If you’re leading in any of those categories, type /kit and collect your reward! Enjoy the goodies! πŸ™‚

Keep in mind, the player challenges reset each wipe!

Kit Menu, Nachos and Patch!

Kit Menu, Nachos and Patch!

Today was the customary Thursday patch (wipe next week) and it’s just been applied for your gaming pleasure. You can find the changes down below.

Also however, there were a couple of server changes I hope you’ll enjoy πŸ™‚

  • Added new graphical kit menu. Use /kit for easy access to all the kits on the server.
  • Airdrop will now and forever be referred to as a Nacho Shipment! πŸ™‚ Toss a signal and you’ll see what I mean lol
  • I’m still finding some issues here and there with Loyalty assigning the proper VIP Levels. Please let me know if you feel you didn’t receive the proper perks.

And now for the patch…

177 September 14 2017

NEW New tank sounds
NEW Combat log now indicates when someone is killed or wounded
UPDATED Download skins in background rather than waiting for them in loading screen
UPDATED Updated EAC API & SDK (fixes “EAC Disconnected” error)
UPDATED Client no longer stalls while spawning the map from cache
UPDATED Eliminated some GC allocations from nested coroutines
UPDATED Improved lighting: direct light now softer and ambient lighting less saturated
UPDATED Improved shadow casting: reduced floating shadows and light leaking
UPDATED Vending machines drop no loot + 25% increased health
UPDATED Autoturrets no longer have magical long range after something is targeted
FIXED Occludable sound voice limiting perf fix
FIXED Fixed game manifest download sometimes silently failing
FIXED Fixed official server list sometimes being shown as empty
FIXED Fixed ragdoll messed up level of detail
FIXED Fixed fly swarm not following ragdoll
FIXED Fixed another error thrown by culling on RetrieveAndApplyVisibility
FIXED Fixed visibility error when joining a server after finishing a demo play

Water, Stores Pilots & Kits!

Water, Stores Pilots & Kits!

Hello Bumfuzzlers! I need to make you aware of some recent changes to the server! As usual I’ve been toiling away at configuring the server to make the experience more enjoyable for you πŸ™‚

Here’s a list of some changes, updates and informational tidbits for ya.

  • Metabolism – I’ve been trying to create a bearable, yet interesting balance of food and water requirements. It appears to me that in Rust you can run around forever without needing food or water much and I personally feel it should be more of an issue. So, over the last 2 weeks I’ve been fiddling with metabolism to ensure people are forced to eat and drink. TIP: You can fish in water with spears and fish is a great source of food and water πŸ™‚
  • Bumfuzzler General Shops – I’ve taken the first stab at configuring stores where people can receive and trade resources of the basic types. They are positioned near either coast and can be seen easily using a craft-able map. Kudos to the players who took advantage of my initial lack of protection on them and raided them for resources lol You Bumfuzzlers! lol Thanks forΒ DjRYFY who requested this.
  • Instant Research – Cowboy suggested the 10 second wait to research was a bit tedious so I accommodated him by making research instantaneous. Thanks to Cowboy for his suggestion.
  • Pilot Eject – I’ve added a new event called Pilot Eject where the SuperHeli malfunctions, the pilot ejects and some lucky player can look the pilot and the SuperHeli cargo.

  • Loyalty – I’m noticing some issues with loyalty were players are not added to the VIP groups as they’d expect. I suspect it might be due to players having symbols in their name, but I’m unsure. If you find your loyalty points don’t match your permissions to plugins, let me know.
  • Kit changes – I’m working on redesigning the kits and am making small changes as I go. Now certain kits will have longer cooldowns and will have a max number of uses per wipe. For instance, the build kit now has more items in it, but the cooldown is 1 day and you can only use it 3 times per wipe. The Trump and Hillary kits can only be used 3 times per wipe now.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and feedback. I’m so glad you’re all enjoying the server. Please contact me if there’s anything you need!

Server Update, Wipe!

Server Update, Wipe!

First Thursday of the month brings a wipe, a new patch and some changes!

The main server change this wipe is that we went back to a 3000 size map, upping it from 2500. It appeared the population to raiding ration was a bit high so we’ll see how 3000 works out. As far as issues after the wipe, the only issue I know of is that RUST:IO doesn’t work as it appears the patch caused an issue with it and the scientists, soldiers and agents are still not in the game as Facepunch has still not completed their recent changes with the AI system.

Please find the patch notes below.

Devblog 176 September 07 2017

  • NEW Upgraded to Unity 2017.1
  • NEW Added Item Information Panels
  • NEW Added Gas Station
  • NEW Added Supermarket
  • NEW Added monument placement priority (Launch Site)
  • UPDATED Updated food items having missing sounds when consumed
  • UPDATED More item description updates and fixes
  • UPDATED Bradley can drop 12 tech trash in crates
  • UPDATED Increased default map size to 4000
  • UPDATED Improved cliff terrain texturing
  • FIXED Fixed Bradley shooting players through the rocket factory roof
  • FIXED Fixed scope/helmet overlays visible in third person
  • FIXED Fixed UI texture leak
  • FIXED Fixed crash when closing the game
  • REMOVED Removed crappy gather ability from swords etc