Month: October 2017

Garage, Spooky, Perform

Garage, Spooky, Perform

Thursday’s patch is here and there’s a couple of goodies in there, but mostly performance updates which can never go wrong.

The Garage Door gets my vote as the best feature of the week, but Halloween items are also very nice!

As always I’ve highlighted what I think are the highlights below.

Devblog 183 October 26 2017

FIXED Barbeque can no longer be placed in monuments
FIXED Barbeque no longer clip through walls
FIXED Fixed client bone follower performance regression
FIXED Fixed some visual issues with the halterneck
FIXED Fixed permanent Debris Field markers
FIXED Fixed BoneFollower 1 frame delay
FIXED Fixed AutoTurret server lag
NEW Garage door frame block
NEW Added Scarecrow deployable
NEW Added network encryption (enabled by default)
NEW Added encryption server convar (0-2 for various protection levels)
NEW Added Halloween Collectables
NEW Added Skull Fire Pit
UPDATED Replaced the ladder leading to LS roof with walkways
UPDATED Optimized network stream read / write
UPDATED Optimized network RPC parameter handling
UPDATED Optimized network queue iteration
UPDATED Optimized server logging
UPDATED Optimized server garbage collections
UPDATED Double shotgun deploys quicker
UPDATED Wall Netting cheaper + default BP
UPDATED Item drop chances equalized for each tier

Print & Warp Master Sale

Print & Warp Master Sale

I’ve created two new packages to ease the wipe while giving you that do-good feeling of donating to a worthy cause 🙂

With this package you will get the following:

  • Access to all blueprints immediately. No researching needed!
  • Freedom from the workbench. Craft wherever you want to!

Click here to buy Print Master! Only $2.95!

Here are all the features in this package:

  • Set up to 25 homes locations!
  • Teleport home or to others 250 times per day!
  • Wait only 30 seconds between teleports!
  • Wait only 3 seconds until teleport triggers!
  • Use ‘/tpb’ to teleport back to your previous location immediately!

Click here to buy Warp Master! Only $2.95!

Both packages are good for 2 wipe cycles and can be combined with other packages!

Loyalty Autokits

Loyalty Autokits

Dying is less of a big deal if you have loyalty! When you respawn you’ll be geared up already!

Now there’s a major new perk for loyal Bumfuzzlers! As you earn loyalty points and you move to different loyalty groups, you’ll also get upgraded gear when you spawn. For instance, VIPs spawn with full armor, a Thomson with ammo, Salvaged tools, 10 syringes and more! Take a look below at the loadouts for the different groups!

All VIP Groups are currently on sale and available in our shop for purchase!

Legitimate (420 Loyalty points)

Veteran (1,440 Loyalty Points)

Allegiance (2,880 Loyalty Points)

VIP (10,000 Loyalty Points)

Earn loyalty points through gameplay to automatically receives these autokits or stop over at our shop and buy yourself the loyalty points you need!

Ride Horses, Bots, Craft

Ride Horses, Bots, Craft

As always, updates to the server are ongoing and today I’ve got a few gems for ya.

Rideable Horses Added

When you’re within 10 meters of a horse, use the /stophorse command to tame her. Then press your use key to mount it and off you go! Space bar will get you down 🙂 Check out thi

Monument Bots Added

There are now bots at other monuments!

  • 1 Lighthouse keeper at each lighthouse
  • 1 Gas Station Attendant at each Gas Station
  • 1 Checkout Clerk at each Super Market

BBQ Grill Food Added

Now when you grill you won’t just be standing there like a Bumfuzzler! Open that grill and see all the glorious meet crusting up in the sun!

Instantcraft Added

You should see some increased speed in crafting.

Blueprint manager Added

We’ll be wiping blueprints the first wipe of each month! This baby will give a bit more control over the process.

Bounty Fixed

The plugin is now fixed! Place a bounty on your enemies…or friends lol

Quarry Output Modified

Originally it set high at 5 times, but after having it at 2 times for a bit I realized that was low and now it’s set to 3 times.

Enjoy the updates Bumfuzzlers! Please provide me with feedback on this changes and on anything else you’d like to see!

BBQ, New Faces, Hair

BBQ, New Faces, Hair

Howdy Bumfuzzlers! It’s Thursday which means patch! It’s the second week of the month which means wipe! (Don’t worry, I didn’t wipe the blueprints. I’ll do that on the first wipe of the month only) So what goodies do we have this week?

It appears we now have a BBQ which acts like a large campfire for now and new player faces. There’s been some changes to workbench tiers and also admins have hair? 🙂 Oooh, I must mess with this when I have time!

As always you can find the updates below with the ones I feel are most important to know about, highlighted!

Enjoy! 🙂

Devblog 182 October 19 2017

  • NEW Added BBQ deployable
  • NEW Added network encryption (currently disabled)
  • NEW Added hair items (admin only)
  • UPDATED Player’s foot now uses IK to align to surfaces properly.
  • UPDATED Optimization. Reduced resolution of dozens of environment textures
  • UPDATED Updated player models
  • UPDATED Updated player preview
  • UPDATED Item description updates and fixes
  • UPDATED Bear rug, Rug and Table can no longer be picked up when building blocked
  • UPDATED Bear rug, Rug and Table requires hammer to be picked up
  • UPDATED vm hatchet update
  • UPDATED Disabled server backups by default (add +backup startup parameter to enable)
  • UPDATED Python requires tier 2 workbench
  • UPDATED LR300 fire rate increased 10%
  • UPDATED Reduced water reflection gaps
  • UPDATED Reduced shadow from weapons carried on the back onto view model
  • UPDATED Ladder hatch requires tier 2 workbench ( green crate spawn)
  • FIXED Hapis Island exploit fixes
  • FIXED Two sided hanging sign & landscape picture frame unlocked if player has Steam item
  • FIXED vm bow aiming issues
  • FIXED vm weapon attachments now positioned correctly
  • FIXED Fixed some skins not unlocking parent items (boonie/bandana/cap)
  • FIXED Fixed water reflection related shader errors on OSX and Linux
  • FIXED Fixed shadow cascades sometimes ignored when switching quality
Quarries, Ice Home, Run man

Quarries, Ice Home, Run man

Aside from updating a few plugins here and there, I’ve made a couple of tweaks to hopefully balance things out a bit and make sure things are working as expected.

Quarry Multipliers

I realized that the Quarries were set to multiply by 5x which was a bit high. I’ve set this back down to 2x. I’ll adjust it as needed, but I think 2x is still valuable enough to put up a quarry. Let’s see how it goes.

Iceberg Homes

Saintbob brought to my attention that homes on Icebergs didn’t work! I had no idea. Well, now it’s fixed so thanks Saintbob! 🙂

Running Man Rewards

The rewards for surviving, or staying in your base like a wussy seemed a bit high so I reduced them. I’ve set them as follows:

Wood: 0 – 50000
Stone: 0 – 50000
Metal Ore: 0 – 5000
High Quality Metal Ore: 0 – 2500
Cloth: 0 – 5000
Leather:  0 – 5000

So it’s a random setting. You never know what you’re going to get. The killer gets double this amount. I’m considering really sweetening the deal for killers to make them really go for the kill!

Driving Cars

Sorry, but I disabled the ability for the car driver to drive and shoot. Passengers can still shoot however. I call shotgun! 🙂

If you have any feedback at all, please let me know!

Coords, Elite Drop, Stone Spear

Coords, Elite Drop, Stone Spear

As always, Thursday brings updates and while there’s not anything major, here are several smaller updates that may add up to something good. I’m interested to see the new Map Coordinate feature for instance. Also it appears the Bradley will now drop Elite creates and certain items like the Stone Spear will now be a default blueprint. That and other balances might make for a nice updates.

The server has been updated! Enjoy! 🙂 As always I’ve highlighted in orange the updates I find to be important.

Devblog 181 October 12 2017

  • NEW Upgraded to Unity 2017.1.2
  • NEW Added debug.log convar to toggle log output
  • NEW Miner / Candle Hat provides protection
  • NEW Caves have a good chance of spawning stone tools
  • NEW Added toggled map grid coordinates (off by default)
  • NEW Added Debris Field marker on map when heli/bradley is destroyed
  • NEW Boonie/Bandana/Cap provides minimal protection instead of none
  • NEW Miner hat has emissive blinding flare
  • NEW Added radial map marker (mod support)
  • FIXED Pickaxe vm – Fixed hands intersecting when aim running
  • FIXED Fixed launchsite exploit allowing to hide in the wall
  • FIXED Big cleaver vm – Fixed hands intersecting when aim running
  • FIXED Satchel charge wm- Fixed wrong texture appearing when thrown
  • FIXED Satchel charge vm – Fixed arms clipping when thrown
  • FIXED Beancan grenade vm – Fixed arm clipping when thrown
  • FIXED Bone club vm – Fixed popping from throw cancel to idle
  • FIXED m249 vm – fixed arms clipping at max FOV
  • FIXED Fixed packet exploit to bring down servers
  • FIXED Fixed stone ore scarcity
  • FIXED Sawnoff shotgun vm – Fixed arm clipping at max FOV
  • FIXED Fixed indoor shadow issues introduced by viewmodel shadow changes
  • FIXED Fixed missing viewmodel shadow feet
  • FIXED Fixed node hotspots invisible during med-high fog
  • FIXED Fixed some water reflection artifacts
  • FIXED Fixed not being able to pick up items outside of any TC
  • FIXED Fixed Vending Machines not displaying if item for trade is a blueprint or not
  • FIXED Fixed Steam Inventory Items not unlocking their blueprint
  • FIXED Miner hat no longer emissive to other players when switched off
  • FIXED Fixed workbench status everywhere exploit
  • FIXED Fixed candle hat having a 30m light radius (!)
  • FIXED Fixed peacekeeper turrets not firing
  • UPDATED vm hierarchy and folder structure
  • UPDATED new vm arm mesh
  • UPDATED All viewmodels set to use base mesh vessel, all anims contain anim data only
  • UPDATED Bow vm – anim tweaks
  • UPDATED Salvaged axe, hammer & icepick vm – Removed attack2 lerping blends
  • UPDATED Water jug vm – removed static left hand in view when thrown at max FOV
  • UPDATED Sawnoff shotgun vm – Removed wobble at end of deploy anim
  • UPDATED Ak47 vm – Updated base pose, transition additions
  • UPDATED Increased speed of outro anim blend on ironsights
  • UPDATED Supply signal vm folder restructure
  • UPDATED Only allow drinking when water has certain depth
  • UPDATED Improved water intersection test performance
  • UPDATED Added process memory usage to system info
  • UPDATED Tweaked high external wall and gate deploy volumes
  • UPDATED Reduced scrap tier of many decorative items
  • UPDATED Can now pick up research / repair benches
  • UPDATED Broken items now have a minimum recycle yield of 10%
  • UPDATED Items now remove attachments/ammo when recycled
  • UPDATED Sewing kit is made of less rope (less recycle yield)
  • UPDATED Lantern and Tuna Can Lamp provide more light
  • UPDATED Lantern costs 25 Metal Fragments (was 40)
  • UPDATED Less fuel / hqm in caves
  • UPDATED Small/Medium wooden signs default blueprints
  • UPDATED Stone Spear default blueprint
  • UPDATED Workbench radius tripled
  • UPDATED Workbenches can be rotated with hammer
  • UPDATED Radsuit leaks small amounts of radiation at NPP/LSR
  • UPDATED Lowered HQM yield from heli/bradley gibs
  • UPDATED Satchel has slightly less chance to be a dud
  • UPDATED Flamethrower Requires Workbench Tier 2
  • UPDATED Hoodie/Pants require 75 scrap to research ( Was 250 )
  • UPDATED Snow Jacket/vagabond more common and much cheaper to make
  • UPDATED Elite crate spawns half as much stuff
  • UPDATED Elite crates spawn every 2 hours instead of 20 min at LSR
  • UPDATED Bradley drops elite crate loot
  • UPDATED Hapis site B now has a chance to spawn elite creates
  • UPDATED Cluttery deployables drop as blueprints instead of full items
  • UPDATED Bradley begins healing much slower
  • REMOVED Bolt rifle vm – removed unused anims
Lusty, Bot Nerf, Loot, Remover

Lusty, Bot Nerf, Loot, Remover

What an awesome bunch of updates do I have for you Bumfuzzlers! 🙂 Check a look see here!

Lusty Map

The in-game map now shows quite a few more items including unmanned cars! Hopefully this makes it easier for you to get your ride on 🙂

  • Gas station monuments
  • Super Market monuments
  • Bradley Tank position
  • Unmanned car positions

Remover Tool

I can’t tell you how many times I forgot I had the remover tool still active and removed something I didn’t mean to. Now when you activate the remover tool, it disables your active item and won’t let you reactivate it until the timer runs down or you disable it. Thanks to DjRYFY for this suggestion.

Loot Tables

Due to the new blueprint changes, I had to redesign the way the loot works. This will take a few weeks to get perfect – if that’s possible – and the changes Facepunch makes could increase that time. Please give me your feedback on what works and what doesn’t. Now, you can find at least 20 scrap in all containers and 3 – 4 different items. Hopefully all items will spawn in the world so you can make blueprints of them, but of course some are more rare than others.

Bradleys, Elite Crates and the Heli now all have 8 items per container! That’s some nice loot 🙂

Monument Bots

I reduced the Accuracy, Damage and Range of the bots you’ll find at all the monuments to make them less potent. Hopefully it’s a good balance between excitement and death! Please provide me with feedback on how they feel. I’ll continue to adjust them. Thanks to DjRYFY for this suggestion.

I hope you all enjoy the changes. It’s a work in progress as you know!

Benches, Blueprints, Progression

Benches, Blueprints, Progression

Welp, yesterday was another wipe patch and the update seems to be somewhat reminiscent because, yes, Blueprints are back!

So apparently you’ll now use research tables to craft blueprints with scrap. Once you have a blueprint, you’ll have to use one of 3 levels of workbenches to craft the items. See below for some pictures so you’ll get the idea.


I’ve highlighted what I think are the significant changes in orange below.

Devblog 180 October 05 2017

  • NEW Added Workbenches
  • NEW Added Blueprints
  • NEW Added ice lake monuments to the arctic biome
  • NEW Added new road generation algorithm
  • UPDATED Improved world serialization file format
  • UPDATED More efficient world serialization compression
  • UPDATED Improved water map encoding
  • UPDATED Can no longer block ladders with certain barricades (concrete, stone and sandbag)
  • UPDATED High external walls and gates require some space between parallel walls
  • UPDATED Vending machine + shopfront cost reduction
  • UPDATED Locked all items other than default blueprints
  • UPDATED Improved bus stop and power substation spawn rules
  • UPDATED T-shirt/longsleeve much cheaper don’t require sewing kit
  • UPDATED Can only repair items with blueprint
  • FIXED Fixed problems with drinking water from rivers and lakes
  • FIXED Invisible body no longer casting shadows on viewmodel
  • FIXED Fixed ambient occlusion around vegetation
  • FIXED Fixed player shadow projection noticeable on ceilings
  • FIXED Fixed sky reflection intensity mapping
  • FIXED Fixed motion blur ignored around on holosight reticle border
Sale! $0.99 Starter Kits!

Sale! $0.99 Starter Kits!

Everything is on sale in the shop at seriously crazy prices!

Wipe Kits from $0.99 – $3.95

Start the wipe with armored doors and furnaces, along with up to 500k wood, 250k stone, HQ, Metal Ore and more! These kits are the perfect way to begin a wipe, comfy, in your pajamas, in a new smelling base, secure at all points while everyone else is outside searching for a nut! Get more information in the shop.

VIP Loyalty from $2.95 – $19.95

Unlock up to 27 plugins like Life Stealer which gives you health when you take health from another player or Trapper which prevents you from being hurt by your own landmines and snaptraps – which automatically reset to catch your next victims! There’s too much to list here, so go check out the shop and click on the different loyalty tiers! Get more information in the shop.

All the proceeds from kits and loyalty go right back into the server to give you access to new plugins and features!

Your patronage is appreciated!