Month: November 2017

Trump, Wipe, Item Limits

Trump, Wipe, Item Limits

As always, it’s all about Rust and you Bumfuzzlers! 🙂 We have some new changes to the server that I wanted to make you aware of them! So here we go!


Trump Tower Tickets

Now when you find Trump Tower or Hillary House, it will automatically give you access to kits! All you have to do is make sure to enter the zone enough to see the alert that you’ve officially found it and boom! You’ll have access to kits. This should be a much needed improvement that saves me administration and gets you Bumfuzzlers the kits right away without delay!

The message you get when being added to the permission group needs some work. I’m working on that.

Item Limits

Thanks to some salty individuals wasting my morning, I’ve limited certain items on the server to avoid the possibility of lag to the server and to players alike. The following items are now limited per player with the following counts.

  • Camp Fire: 25
  • Skull Fire Pit: 25
  • Ceiling Light: 25
  • Search Light: 25
  • Tuna Light: 25
  • Furnace: 25
  • Large Furnace: 25

Player Challenges

Due to popular demand, recently by DHJ Doge [GW] specifically, I’ve changed tag limit from 3 to 6. This doesn’t control how many categories you can lead in. It changes only how many titles show next to your name. If it becomes a mess I’ll change it back, but let’s see.

Don’t forget! Leading in various categories will earn you valuable kits! See /pc and /kit for more information.

No Server Wipe

ATTENTION: There is no wipe tomorrow! This month just so happened to have 5 Thursdays so if we’re wiping on 1st and 3rd Thursdays, there’s no wipe today. The next wipe will be on December 7th and we will be wiping blueprints as it’s the 1st Thursday of the month.

As always Bumfuzzlers, please have fun and enjoy the server, keep giving me feedback! It helps me improve the server.

Crash, Santa, Nerfs

Crash, Santa, Nerfs

I’ve made a few changes to the server in recent days and wanted to keep you up to date! Check it out Bumfuzzlers!

North Pole

Thanks to soundklown, one of our resident Bumfuzzler VIPs, some issues with Santa’s place were brought to the forefront and I “think” I fixed them. I’ll have to review tonight if I have time. Apparently after finding himself trapped at the North Pole when daylight struck and the magical doors shut, he was able to get out through trickery! We’ll we can’t have any of that 🙂 I’ve since changed things around to make that hopefully impossible.

Additionally, to make it harder to get all the loot, all the boxes have been fixed with code locks! The code for them is hidden in two different places within the building. Also, keep in mind, not every box will have items in them each time you go. They replenish on timers anywhere between 1 hour, 6 hours, 12 hours, 1 day and 2 days.

Elves Upped

They were a little weak. I mean, they are protecting the North Pole. I’ve upped them in a few categories like health, damage, accuracy and range. I hope they give you more trouble. I think after the next wipe, I’ll be widening the zone so players can’t put turrets so close to the building. This will make it more difficult.

Dodge Nerfed

I’ve lowered the values on various attire with the dodge attribute. Apparently there were a couple too high and some players were near invincible because they dodged every shot. Even if you now have all of the wearables enabled, you can’t get higher than 26% dodge. Special thanks to DHJ Doge for pointing out this flaw!

Also, keep in mind the way dodge works. You don’t literally dodge the shots from other players. The damage just simply doesn’t register. Keep this in mind when other players don’t take damage even when you feel  you’ve headshotted them. Also watch the chat for messages that the player has dodged the attack.


Originally, for Allegiance and VIP loyalty groups, snap traps would automatically reset after 15 seconds. After a discussion with DHJ Doge (thanks again for the feedback) I’ve changed this to 5 minutes as it would be a bit overpowered if someone put traps all over their base. Additionally, while VIP traps (snap traps and landmines) wouldn’t damage themselves or friends, it’s now been extended to clan mates as well.


Over the last couple days we had a couple of crashes. After working with my service provider it turns out we were hitting the RAM ceiling. They’ve extended it and I’ll be monitoring it. I’m sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused. I’m not sure what caused the RAM feeding on the server side. Possibly it’s due to adding those Elves and Santa’s North Pole which includes some new functionality. Regardless, my goal is to make your time on the server as fun as possible and crashes are not fun, so please know I’m on top of it as best I can be. Let me know if you have any issues. Special thanks to Maddawg, DHJ Doge, DJRYFY, soundklown and MattieMajestic for keeping me updated on server performance.

UPDATE: I was told by my provider: “Unfortunately the more recent Rust updates have caused higher than normal RAM consumption. The limit was increased by 1GB in this case. Whether this helps over the long term I cannot indicate.” We’ll see how it goes I guess.

As always I am so appreciative of the feedback you all give me. It really helps make the server better. Please continue getting me feedback, asking questions and breaking things lol Thanks Bumfuzzlers!

Friends, Perks, Elves

Friends, Perks, Elves

I’ve got some updates for you Bumfuzzlers! Here’s a list of some recent additions to the server!

Skin Perks

I’ve added 6 more Skin Perks to the server and my hope is you’ll find them useful! Here’s a list of them along with some pictures so you can easily identify them.

  • Skullcrusher (Hammer) 15% less resources
  • Campaign (Cap) 10% dodge
  • Madness (MP5) 2x damage to animals/players
  • Red Rag (Bandana) 15% dodge
  • The Doge (Bolt Action Rifle) 2x damage to animals/players (Thanks to Doge for suggestion)
  • Samurai (Bandana) 10% dodge


Over the next few weeks I’ll be adjusting their power and rarity. For now I’m just adding them in.

Santa’s Elves

If you venture up to the North Pole or are hanging out in the Snow Biome, you may run across some of Santa’s little helpers. Unfortunately, they’re a bit cranky from all the work old Saint Nick is making them do. I originally disabled the North Pole event, but testing has proven to be successful so it’s on like Donkey Kong! Doors open at 22:00. Don’t be late and don’t get trapped inside!

Friend User Interface

I’ve added a graphical interface for friends that makes it really easy to add/remove friends, send teleport requests and trade. It’s really awesome! Just type /fmenu and it will open up the menu. From there it’s pretty easy to understand. Hope you enjoy it! This improvement was made possible by the latest, very gracious donation by MattieMajestic. Thanks for your generosity!

I hope all you Bumfuzzlers enjoy the updates! Please provide feedback and comments about the server! I’ll be continuing to make changes so stay tuned! 🙂

Bulletproof, Panels, Minigame

Bulletproof, Panels, Minigame

Thanksgiving is no exception Bumfuzzlers! The patches must flow and flow they have 🙂

That post image is from the upcoming monument called The Junkyard. It looks pretty awesome and a great idea. Seems like it would be fun to explore for sure. Here’s a few more pictures of it.

Also more talk about half walls as part of Building 3.0. This should make for some far more dynamic buildings.

Take a look at the adjustments made to the tree mini game. They made it a little more manageable. No longer will you have to play ring around the rosy with the tree! lol

Admire animations seem to be coming along! This will go nicely with the latest Skin Perk addition to the server. Now not only will you get perks from certain variations of items based on skin, but you can also admire them!

As always, I’ve highlight my personal picks for important bullet items! Enjoy!

Devblog 187 November 22 2017

  • NEW Add ability to define custom falloff/spread/spatial blend curves on a sound by sound basis
  • NEW New tree sounds
  • NEW Added locational armor information when hovering over player preview
  • NEW Added Bulletproof Glass
  • NEW Added Explosive information panel
  • NEW Added Armor Information panel
  • NEW Added Seed information panel
  • NEW Added Weapon Mod information panel
  • UPDATED Ensured that the save coroutine does not crash when entity serializations throws an error
  • UPDATED Window bars inserts are thinner (improved visibility)
  • UPDATED Removed occluder meshes from building blocks (performance, memory usage)
  • UPDATED Removed some unused components (memory usage)
  • UPDATED Netting has larger ladder volume to allow climbing over frames
  • UPDATED Dud explosives fall off moving objects
  • UPDATED Fallen dud explosives never explode on pickup
  • UPDATED Tree Minigame X’s start relative to initial hit
  • UPDATED Tree Minigame X’s rotate less each hit
  • UPDATED Can wear bandana with Bucket/Wood/Riot Helmet
  • UPDATED Tree Minigame X’s only rotate in one direction
  • FIXED Fixed spinner been placed in building block areas
  • FIXED Fixed ghosting/trail in inventory player preview caused by temporal anti-aliasing
  • FIXED Fix volume jump when a sound that’s already fading out is told to fade out again
  • FIXED Fixed Explosives thrown on other explosives not attaching
  • FIXED Fixed dud explosives acting as garry’s mod thrusters
  • FIXED Fixed quickcraft lag when looting lots of items
  • FIXED Fixed lag from map doing processing even when closed
  • FIXED Bone Armor now protects legs as well as chest
  • FIXED Bandana and wolf headdress protection reduced
  • FIXED Fixed arrow protection being different than bullet protection
Santa, Christmas, Night

Santa, Christmas, Night

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house. Not a creature was stirring, not even a Bumfuzzler! Indeed, Christmas time is upon us which means goodies from good ol’ Saint Nick for all you good (and bad lol) Bumfuzzler boys and girls! And where does Santa make the toys you ask?? At the North Pole in the Snow Biome! Where else?

Inside the Santa’s secret workshop in the North Pole are many, many boxes filled with everything from small goodies like resources to large goodies like Perks and boom booms! Even the many stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that Santa and elves would be asleep without care!

The trick to the North Pole is that the doors and boxes are magical! The doors won’t open for explosives and they won’t open with a code or a key! They only open at night when the elves are sleeping! The boxes in the North Pole will not always have items in them because they’re magical as well! Today one box may be empty, but in an hour, the next day or a week later, it will have some of the most sought after goodliness on Bumfuzzler Modtopia! Just as the Clause’s were nestled all snug in their beds with visions of sugar-plums dancing in their heads, you show up to take their loot!

Be careful though! The doors automatically open at night, but they automatically close during the day. If you don’t get in and out quick, you may get locked in with the elves and they aren’t very friendly to people trying to steal their hard work! Then again, maybe the elves aren’t what you should be worried about. Others are bound to want that loot as well 😉

Good luck Bumfuzzler! “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!”

(Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American brothers and sister Bumfuzzlers! May you have an amazing day of food, family and gratitude for all the special things in your life!)

Discord, Presents, Airdrop

Discord, Presents, Airdrop

Quick update for you Bumfuzzlers on some of the latest changes to the server!


Santa is coming so you all better be good! He’s keeping track! 🙂 In the meantime, stockings were nerfed a little because the loot was a bit too OP and the Christmas present glitch where presents were spawning in the air should now be resolved.

Loot Tables

The airdrop loot was substandard and not in line with the rest of the server. They’ve now been adjusted, but will need some tweaking as will the loot overall. Regardless, you should be happier with what you get from them! Don’t forget to vote regularly so you can get additionally daily supply signal!


In addition to the loot tables being adjusted, I’ve changed some behaviors of the airdrops.

  • Shoot em down: For one, you can shoot them down now! It requires 10 shots. This is great if you’d like to force them to the ground faster so you can get out of there with the goodies!
  • Signal Multiple Crates: Now when tossing supply signals, you may get more than 1 supply crate! This is random so it shouldn’t give you extra crates all the time, but certainly once in a while. This may need some tweaking which I’ll do over time.
  • Scheduled Mass Airdrop: Lastly, at various times, you’ll find mass airdrops inbound with up to 3 crates at a time! Enjoy the goodies!


Many of you might not know, but we have a Discord server. I won’t lie, I don’t manage it well or often, and I don’t participate much, but it does exist so you can all jump in and communicate as you’d like. Eventually I’ll find time to invest more of my energy into it, but I’m not sure when that’ll be. You can join the server by using this link:


Last, but not least, for all you Americans out there, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! For our Canadian brothers and sisters I offer belated wishes! Please have a wonderful time with friends and family, good food and safe times.

For all the others, please have your own feast with pumpkins and corn on the server! Maybe setup a table with some chairs, a campfire and relax 🙂

Thanks to all you Bumfuzzlers for continuing to make the server fun! I appreciate your continued support!


Trees, Perform, Sound

Trees, Perform, Sound

Alright you Bumfuzzlers! It’s the one of the two wipiest times of the month – the second Thursday of the month – so the world is reborn and loot is for the taking. I originally wasn’t planning on wiping blueprints, but I figured, since I wasn’t even sure if I had the right way to do it, I should try it this wipe. Normally we’ll be doing it once per month on the first Thursday of the month.

To me the biggest update has to do with trees as there’s now a mini game the true. However the falling aspect of the tree we’ve had for a while here at BumfuzzlerModtopia. The big difference is now we’ll have better effects, trees can be knocked down by explosions and no one will get kicked for fly hacking when standing on top of the tree! 🙂

Here it is in action!

My favorites highlighted below for your pleasure 🙂

Devblog 186 November 16 2017

  • FIXED Failsafe for occasional stuck bush rustle sounds
  • FIXED Fixed song shuffling
  • FIXED Fixed repeated phys impact sounds when an item is stuck inside something
  • FIXED Fixed occasional attempts to unload music clips that aren’t loaded yet
  • FIXED Fixed projected decals not showing sometimes
  • FIXED Fixed player motion blur popping when swapping LODs
  • FIXED Fixed beard sometimes not showing
  • FIXED Fixed hair motion vectors; used in motion blur and TSSAA
  • FIXED Fixed hair-related memory leak
  • FIXED Fixed TSSAA on inventory player preview
  • FIXED Fixed TSSAA related black sludge
  • FIXED Fixed TSSAA related water shoreline flickering
  • UPDATED EAC SDK update
  • UPDATED Cave reverb tweaks
  • UPDATED Beenie hat deforms hair when worn
  • UPDATED Workbench can no longer be locked
  • UPDATED Improved TSSAA performance and reduced GPU ram usage
  • UPDATED Trees can be knocked down by explosions
  • UPDATED Trees yield half res during harvesting and half as finishing bonus
  • NEW Added Tree Minigame
  • NEW Added Falling Trees
More Skin, Turret Info

More Skin, Turret Info

I’ve got some more goodies Bumfuzzlers! VIP levels have a new plugin to see AutoTurret activity and we have a bunch more skins to discover in the world full of damage, dodge and gather perks!

Skin Perks

There are now 18 new skin perks on the server for a total of 27! Find these items out in the loot scattered around the world and enhance your player!

I’ve been tweaking the settings on all of these and will continue to balance them in rarity and advantage. Check em out!

Turret Info

For Allegiance and VIP levels, we have a new plugin called Turret Info. This plugin allows you to inspect any of your turrets and find out how many kills it has and who as well as who is authorized for the turret. Check out these commands and the video to see how it works:

/turret auth (Check the authorized players in said turret)
/turret kills (Check the players killed by the turret)
/turret clear (Clean the list of players killed by the turret)

Enjoy Bumfuzzlers! And remember, tomorrow is a wipe. Blueprints stay, Player Challenges go!


Skin Perks, Stacks, Loot

Skin Perks, Stacks, Loot

I’ve been dying to share this one with you Bumfuzzlers 🙂  We’ve got skins, super powers, new stacking abilities and loot adjustments! Let’s not waste any time 🙂

Skin Perks

There are skins, that will present themselves to you through normal loot, that have special powers. Yes, I said special powers 🙂 Some items will give you more damage to players, animals or buildings, others will give you more gathering rate, some will reduce the amount of resources you need to upgrade and they’ll even given you dodging ability. AND!!! they are cumulative meaning if you have more than one item, it will give you even more advantage!

Here are some of the Skin Perks:

American Sniper: Bolty with 2x damage to animals and players
Apache: Hatchet with 2x gather rate
Golden Claw: Pickaxe with 2x gather rate
Hellraiser: Assault Rifle with 2x damage to animals and players
Joker: Metal Facemask with 25% chance of dodging damage
Kryss: Longsword with 2x damage to animals and players
Scorched: Boots with 25% chance of dodging damage
Shark: Rocket Launcher with 2x damage to players, animals and buildings
Supreme: Hammer reducing resources required to upgrade by 50%

Get a good gander at how they look below. When you equip any of these items, it will let you know with a message.

I’ll be adding more, but this system is in testing so please let me know if you have any issues, have lag or anything else. Also, right now the chance you’ll get these is high. This may be adjusted as testing concludes. We’ll see!


Btw, we are the only server to have this setup because I’m working with the plugin author to test the way the items spawn in the world.

Stacks Extended

Thanks to the very generous donation from MattieMajestic, I was able to extend the stacking ability on the server.

  • Items that wouldn’t stack before like doors and corn, now do.
  • They’ll stack in higher numbers
  • Integrity of skins is observed. For instance, if you have multiple skins for doors, you won’t be able to stack them and in turn lose your unique skins.
  • You will save tons and tons of box and inventory space! 🙂

Loot Adjustments

As usual the loot is a major task and takes tweaking, but I made some progress due to some time I found from who knows where lol

  • SuperHeli, SuperBradley, Barrels and Boxes have much more improved, more unique items, better quality items and higher quantity.
  • There is more variance now so sometimes you’ll find 2 items in a barrel, sometimes 3. Same with other items.
  • I still have more work to do on this, but at least it’s now much better.

Thanks to all you Bumfuzzlers who patronize the server on a regular basis. I hope you’re having a blast and enjoy the new features I’m adding.

Please also check out our store and recognize that profits are going directly back into the server for improvements!

Research, Hairy, Sounds

Research, Hairy, Sounds

Thursday has come around and it’s patch time Bumfuzzlers! And we have some goodies like new sounds, new looks and cheaper researching!

Here’s a list of all the updates including. My favorites are highlighted, but what’s weird is hair isn’t in the list even though the site says the following “Currently in game are two hair styles per gender, two facial hair styles and eyebrow and body hair.” So I guess we’ll see!

Devblog 185 November 09 2017

FIXED Fixed flame turret been lockable
FIXED Stance recoil no longer affects xbow/bow
UPDATED New nail gun sounds
UPDATED New garage door sounds
UPDATED Nailgun nails embed themselves in objects + retrievable
UPDATED Nailgun nails no longer damage structures
UPDATED Nailgun nails have larger radius (easier to hit targets)
UPDATED HV Arrow is now a default blueprint
UPDATED Oil Refinery is cheaper to research
UPDATED Searchlight is cheaper to research
UPDATED Large Medkit is cheaper to research
UPDATED Miner Hat is cheaper to research
UPDATED Chainlink fence/gate is cheaper to research
UPDATED Prison Wall/door is cheaper to research
UPDATED Double Sheet Doors are cheaper to research
UPDATED Floor Grill is cheaper to research