I’ve added a couple of new mods to the server and upped daily teleports!

  • NightLantern: Type ‘/lantern‘ to toggle automatic lanterns on and off. For VIPs, you don’t need fuel for lanterns for that’s extra special bumfuzzlery 🙂 Thanks to Browntown for the suggestion!
  • BuildingBlocker: We had a vote and 50+% of you said you didn’t like people building in building blocked areas. Unfortunately, they put icebergs in the game so I had to enable ladders, but twig structures are blocked!
  • Booby Traps: Veteran, Allegiance and VIP groups now have Booby Traps that can be set in doorways and on boxes! There are grenade, beancan, explosive, landmine, beartrap, raditation, shock and fire traps! Type ‘/trap
  • Duelist: Now you can jump into 1v1s and Team Deathmatches! Type ‘/queue‘ to make yourself available ‘/duel ladder‘ to see the leaderboards and ‘/duel‘ for more info!
  • Daily teleports have now doubled!. Everyone gets 20 daily to start with, veteran gets 24, allegiance 30 and vip 40! Thanks to MrNiceGuy for the advising me about the buzz on the server!

Enjoy everyone and keep giving me feedback!