Hello Bumfuzzlers! I need to make you aware of some recent changes to the server! As usual I’ve been toiling away at configuring the server to make the experience more enjoyable for you 🙂

Here’s a list of some changes, updates and informational tidbits for ya.

  • Metabolism – I’ve been trying to create a bearable, yet interesting balance of food and water requirements. It appears to me that in Rust you can run around forever without needing food or water much and I personally feel it should be more of an issue. So, over the last 2 weeks I’ve been fiddling with metabolism to ensure people are forced to eat and drink. TIP: You can fish in water with spears and fish is a great source of food and water 🙂
  • Bumfuzzler General Shops – I’ve taken the first stab at configuring stores where people can receive and trade resources of the basic types. They are positioned near either coast and can be seen easily using a craft-able map. Kudos to the players who took advantage of my initial lack of protection on them and raided them for resources lol You Bumfuzzlers! lol Thanks for DjRYFY who requested this.
  • Instant Research – Cowboy suggested the 10 second wait to research was a bit tedious so I accommodated him by making research instantaneous. Thanks to Cowboy for his suggestion.
  • Pilot Eject – I’ve added a new event called Pilot Eject where the SuperHeli malfunctions, the pilot ejects and some lucky player can look the pilot and the SuperHeli cargo.

  • Loyalty – I’m noticing some issues with loyalty were players are not added to the VIP groups as they’d expect. I suspect it might be due to players having symbols in their name, but I’m unsure. If you find your loyalty points don’t match your permissions to plugins, let me know.
  • Kit changes – I’m working on redesigning the kits and am making small changes as I go. Now certain kits will have longer cooldowns and will have a max number of uses per wipe. For instance, the build kit now has more items in it, but the cooldown is 1 day and you can only use it 3 times per wipe. The Trump and Hillary kits can only be used 3 times per wipe now.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and feedback. I’m so glad you’re all enjoying the server. Please contact me if there’s anything you need!