I’ve been Bumfuzzlering again Bumfuzzlers and because of that, you’ve got some new awesome game play goodies coming your way! Here’s the low down!


  • Added Random Spawns plugin!
  • Now up to 1,250 random spawn points will be created across the map to ensure newly spawning players don’t get bunched up in one place along the shores!


  • Added Turbo Gather Plugin!
  • Now players can boost their gathering rates for a period of time!
  • This affects even Quarries!
    • Everyone: Type /turbo to get a 1.25 times gathering rate for up to 5 minutes with a cool down of 4 hours.
    • VIPs: Type /turbo to get a 2 times gathering rate for up to 10 minutes with a cool down of 2 hours.


  • Added Subscriber Kit!
  • Includes 4 Satchel Charges, 2 C4 Explosive, 10 Rockets and 1 Rocket Launcher!
  • Type /kit and click arrows to the last page to redeem it!
  • Must do both of the following tasks to gain access!
    • Click Subscribe at the top of the webpage (You can login with Steam!)
    • Join the Bumfuzzler Modtopia Steam Group!


  • Added Player Report Plugin!
  • Added for Veteran, Allegiance, VIP groups!
  • Now when you die, if you believe the person who killed you is exploiting the game or hacking, you can easily report them with a click of a button.
  • Bumfuzzler, your friendly admin, will receive a ticket so please don’t spam him 🙂

Hope you enjoy all of the updates! You’ll be seeing more and more changes coming!

Thanks for being a Bumfuzzler! 🙂