Everything is on sale in the shop at seriously crazy prices!

Wipe Kits from $0.99 – $3.95

Start the wipe with armored doors and furnaces, along with up to 500k wood, 250k stone, HQ, Metal Ore and more! These kits are the perfect way to begin a wipe, comfy, in your pajamas, in a new smelling base, secure at all points while everyone else is outside searching for a nut! Get more information in the shop.

VIP Loyalty from $2.95 – $19.95

Unlock up to 27 plugins like Life Stealer which gives you health when you take health from another player or Trapper which prevents you from being hurt by your own landmines and snaptraps – which automatically reset to catch your next victims! There’s too much to list here, so go check out the shop and click on the different loyalty tiers! Get more information in the shop.

All the proceeds from kits and loyalty go right back into the server to give you access to new plugins and features!

Your patronage is appreciated!